Cebu Pacific told everyone of their piso sale in advance—we just didn’t notice

By Joshua Young

When did you find out about Cebu Pacific’s 3.3 piso sale? Most of us heard about it online the day before. But the airline actually told everyone ten days before that—we just didn’t notice it!

In their February 21 promo video on the #CEBSuperSeatFest, you’ll see people dancing on a March 2019 calendar. It isn’t very in-your-face, but the dates match up perfectly. And when I saw the video tonight, that’s when it hit me.

The yellow color for March 3, Sunday, stayed the same all throughout, even as other dates shifted from grey to orange to teal. This was no coincidence—it was an Easter egg that we all missed! (Or did some people realize ahead of time, and keep the secret to themselves?) Cheers to the Cebu Pacific social media and marketing teams for paying attention to those little details.  

Photo from Cebu Pacific Air

What else does the 46-second video tell us? Well, all the dates that light up in blue will have special sales going on. That’s every single day from today until March 31. Every. Single. Day.

So if you missed your chance at 3 Peso flights, check out this post to learn how you can score big on Cebu Pacific’s promo fares for the rest of the month—and maybe the rest of the year. There’s a bunch of tips for beginners, and pro weekend warriors can pick up a few insights as well!