Skip The Awkward Small Talk With This New Card Game—Get To Know Your Partner, Your Friends, Or Even Strangers!

There's nothing wrong with small talk. In fact, it's necessary. It's the first step to creating a connection! After all, you can't just talk about dreams, heartache, and regrets with a complete stranger.

But then again, moving forward is necessary.  Come on—you can't just talk about the weather all the time, right?  Imagine asking each other "what's up?" for over an hour! Eek. Just the mere thought of that makes me cringe!

In order to get to the next level, elevating discussions is a must. But let's face it: getting there can sometimes be tough, especially in the age of FaceTime and iMessage, where connecting with someone face to face is slowly becoming "lost art". And that's why you'll LOVE (yup, all caps and in bold) this new card game on the block: So Cards.

Designed by Miguel Luis Calayan, a Filipino film maker, photographer, and writer based in Amsterdam, So Cards is a collection of 52 questions meant for deeper discussions. You want to hear something cool? You know how documentary film makers only have a limited amount of time to get people to open up? Well, Miguel came up with these questions during his years conducting interviews for documentaries. (Yup, you won't be seeing a Which ice cream flavor are you? kind of question here! Lol).

How does it work?

Don't worry, you won't have to read an entire manual to learn how to play it! It's pretty simple. You just pick out a card and take turns answering it! This is an awesome way to get to know your friends, your family, your partner, and even yourself better. This is also a fun way to meet strangers—imagine bringing this to a house party! Time to bring out the wine and cheese!

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid to write about So Cards. However, I did get a free deck of cards for this blog review.

Okay, now let's try answering some questions!

Try reflecting on these questions too, okay? Please feel free to comment your answers below. This is a safe space!

Ready? Game!

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1. What's one thing you spend way too much money on?

I was about to say Potato Corner (LOL, no shame!), because seriously, I buy a tub of fries twice a week. I swear, it doesn't help that there's a Potato Corner stall in our office building AND in my apartment. HAHA!

But okay, to answer this question seriously, I guess I spend way too much money on two things.

First, on education—which is heart-breaking, because I also believe that education must be free and accessible to every person, rich or poor. It sucks that only the privileged get to pursue their studies! When I was young, I thought that some people were poor because they were too lazy to go to school—but now that I'm older, I've come to realize just how wrong and ignorant I was! The masses are hardworking people. The farmers, the jeepney drivers, the vendors at the wet market—they all wake up before sunrise and work for hours on end just to have food on the table.

According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, physiological needs (food, water, shelter) come first, and self-actualization comes last. And that's why we can't blame people who choose to go to work instead of going to school—they simply can't afford it. They can't afford the tuition fee. They can't afford the school supplies, the books, the uniforms. And they can't afford missing work and the opportunity to have something to eat—to survive from day to day. If only education were free and schools were more accessible (isn't it heartbreaking seeing children in rural areas having to swim across rivers just to get to school?), the world would be a better place.

Second, I spend way too much money on transportation! I'm still learning how to drive (remember this vlog episode?), and that's why I depend on Grab Car to get places. But it's just SO CRAZY how expensive the rates are! Oh, and let's be honest: commuting around Metro Manila via buses, jeeps, and trains isn't a hassle-free experience, either. Here's an idea: instead of putting all our funds in this stupid anti-drug war, we should allocate it to things that really matter. An efficient transport system! Free education! More public hospitals, especially in the provinces! Accessible health care for all! Okay, my rant is over!!! :) :) :) :) :) 

2. What are three traits you have that you'd wish to pass on to your kids?

Wow. Kids agad?? HAHA! Okay, first: my ability to laugh and stay positive through the hard times and even the awkward times!

Second: my people skills! People say they can easily warm up to me, and so far, it's been pretty helpful, especially at work. It's really nice to make others feel accepted and loved!

And lastly: my go-with-the-flow personality. If things don't go my way, I usually just end up winging it—and I think it's a life skill! LOL. Sometimes, spontaneity leads to the best things in life!

3. If you were a celebrity, what do you imagine tabloids and gossip columns would say about you?

"Hershey Neri: Kinain Ang Baon Ng Kaniyang Co-Star??"

4. Would you rather have a job that pays well or one that gives you a sense of fulfillment?

Oh, gosh. This is a tough one. My 20-year-old self would probably say sense of fulfillment, but now, I'd pick the more practical one and choose a job that pays well. After all, we can look for fulfillment in other things aside from our jobs. I'm actually writing this blog post on a work night past midnight! Yes, I may be losing precious hours of sleep, but blogging—sharing stories—is what keeps me alive. 

5. If you were part of a community that bartered instead of using money, what would you contribute?

I'd probably write articles, listicles, and blog posts. Although I'm not too sure if someone would trade water or a juicy slab of ribs for my ramblings. :)) 

So Cards 2.jpeg

How much does a deck sell for?

You can get your hands on one deck for only 15 USD—that's around 780PHP! Hurry up and place your orders, because the deadline for pre-ordering is on August 10! Buy your So Cards deck HERE!

For more information, check out So Card's official website here.

Would I recommend this game?

Yes, yes, and yes! I think it's a really cool concept—and it's a great way to get to know the people around you. My boyfriend and I actually played this together one afternoon—and we learned so much from each other. :) It's an awesome ice breaker, too! Bring this to your office, to your next drinking sesh, to every party! LOL.


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