It's a Hillbilly Christmas at the Neri's!

My sister flew all the way from States just to celebrate Christmas with us. And to make this year extra special, we decided to pull off a Hillbilly costume party!! Haha! 

The Hillbilly family:

The Neri family:

LOL! What is bibbo much?

Anyway, this was my OOTD... or OOTN. whatever.

Outfit details:
Woodcutter's hat: Nine West
Plaid polo: Anne Klein
Black skirt: Wet Seal
Belt: Crossings 
Gold socks: Forever 21
Boots: Zara

Putting on our costumes!

My sister and her fiance! :)

My other sister and her boyfriend!

........... just me. All alone. Yup.

The Tres Marias!

With the queen of the house! lol!

Howdy, fellaz!

Now for some family pictures! 

Yup, Yuki is family. 

With the boyfriends! (Hmm. I get what y'all are thinking. So stop rubbing it on my face, guys, haha)

The Neri sisters!

Yieee. This shot screams "pre-nup" all over the place.

I have this strong feeling that Yuki likes my sister's boyfriend more than me.
This can't be. 

Dinner tiiimmmee!! :)

My awesome mother and her wonderful cooking!

Christmas cups and spoons and forks and plates and everything else

Singing a big happy birthday song to Jesus!!! :D

Mom: For better health!
Us: cheers!
Dad: For more patients this year! (my parents are doctors)
Us: cheers!
Sister: Ipapa-renovate ang bahay!
Us: cheers!
everyone: CHEEERRRRSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahahahahahaha love you guys~

Hi, Yaya!! >:D<

Daddy giving a Christmas message :)

Gift-giving time!

What's Christmas without Christmas chocolates? Haha! 
Yay for Guylian (aka. the seahorse chocolate! lol!)

Lord, thank you for blessing me with my family! 
We may not be a perfect bunch, but that's what makes us love each other more. <3

Anyhoo, so that's how my Christmas eve went. 
Tell me all about yours! I'd be glad to hear from you :)

Merry Christmas, pals! Enjoy the holidays with your family, and don't forget the reason for this season! :) That is, how God gave his only son Jesus Christ so that we may receive the greatest GIFT of all- eternal life (John 3:16) Mwahhh! 

The Teenage Queen

Christmas 2012 in UP Manila: Facades


As a tradition in UP Manila, a facade-making contest is held annually all over the campus.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos of the facades of every college, but I do hope you get to bear with the few photos that I took:

What you're looking at right now is the facade that landed first place on this year's contest.
Other than the great contrast of colors, I also love how every single piece just "hung" perfectly in place. Haha, get it? No? Okay.. :(
Anyway, a big congratulations to the med students who worked their asses off in making their facade this beautiful! Idol! Wootwoot!


Their facade was honestly one of my personal favorites (and FYI, I only had two favorites, teehee).
They were able to utilize their area and resources really well! Everything was beautiful, down to the smallest props.
I'm pretty sure everyone who passed by their building saw how much effort the students put into this.
So, congratulations to the College of Public Health for winning second place! Clap clap clap!

Notice the super cute heart-shaped rain drops! heehee.

Define effort! Woot woot! 

I love how they hung silver doves all over the place. <3

This facade also looked hella amazing at night. Not only did bright lights flash outside the building, but a loud sound system also played my favorite Christmas songs from 5:30 pm til about 7 or 8pm! haha! 
Yup, kabog na kabog po sa bongga, guys! 

*at siyempre, being the complete gawky girl that I am, I danced my happy dance every time I passed by their building at night. LOL. I mean, who could resist dancing to Christmas songs? 
Everyone else but me? Okay .... :(


Soli Deo Gloria means "Glory be to God alone" in Latin.
True enough, I'm pretty sure you guys made the Big Man up there reaaaaal proud! 
Congratulations , CAMPers! Y'all were able to put up one very beautiful and colorful facade! :)
 It screamed out "happy vibes" all over. <3

Check out the windows! Super cute! 


Let me first share to y'all how my super bibbo college launched our facade!
The event, which we called the "Kick-Off Party", started at around 5:30 pm last December 3, 2012.
There were dancing, singing, and most of all, fireworks!!!! :D

Here's a super fun-to-watch video by Dex Galban that shows the highlights of the UPCN Christmas Facade Kick-Off 2012!! :) YAY!
Yup. Us Fighting Maroon Nurses sure know how to celebrate! ;)

Now on to more pictures of our facade:

A big congratulations to the UPCN Batch 2015 peeps for giving their all in making this super beautiful facade! Hands down, you all made us super duper proud!
Everything, down to the last detail, was made from love- and for me, that's what mattered the most. <3
Yup, nurse na nurse lang ang peg?! haha! 

I love how they included all of the colleges/main buildings (CAMP, CAS, CN, CPH, PGH, CM, CP, CD) here. 

I super love how they added lights covered with cellophane sheets along the walkway!
Oh, and there were also colored injections (that were actually pens) looped around the posts (and it's just so sad that they weren't seen in the photos) . Haha!
Aaaaand! Hands down sa effort! Just look at those phrases posted along the railings. <3 

As I've told you guys a million times before, I'm all about details. And this facade just screams out "WE PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS "--- and I LOVE IT. 
I wasn't able to help but coo out ooh's and aahh's upon checking out every decorations put up in the place. 

Well done, ates and kuyas of Batch 2015! Congratulations again!! :) Clap clap clap! >:D< 
Though , it does pretty much suck that you guys had to set up high expectations /standards for the next year! HAHA! OH NOOO. I still can't believe that my batch will be the next ones in charge of the facade come 2013. Yuuup. I fear that the only decoration we will ever get to put up is a banner that says "Merry Christmas" in front of the door. LOL, hopefully, that won't happen. Hopefully, the kind of "spirit" and energy that got into you guys would get into us, too. 



Right now, I hate myself for not being able to take shots of the facades of each college! *sigh* T_T
I reaaally wanted to share with y'all the rest of the amazing contest entries.
But anyhoo, this activity just proved to me that UP students are indeed well - rounded.
Matalino na nga, artistic pa!;)
*wink wink*

Congratulations to everybody! >:D<

The Teenage Queen

My Christmas 2012 Wishlist

Just because everyone else is doing it as well.

1. Oversized sweaters
 These have got to be on the top of my list. I mean, c'mon! It's cold December and it's (supposedly) that time of the year when we actually get the right to wear thick clothing. AND AND, I'm also really into knitted stuff right now.

These are some of my favorites:

2. Sandals
So there's this dress code in my college wherein we're not allowed to wear slippers (eg, flipflops). The only types of footwear allowed are flats/ sandals with hooks at the back/ closed shoes/ yougetwhatimean.
And to be honest, I dont really have much sandals in my wardrobe, so if you're planning to give me a pair this Christmas, I would love you forever. HAHAHAHAHA.
[btw, im a size 7 lolz]

                                                   Boho Sandals all from Forever 21

Some of my favorite looks:

3. Make-up! Make-up! Make-up!
Ever since I got into college, I got even more obsessed with make-up. Please help me add these to my collection? Hehe.

  •  Urban decay naked palette

  • Brows-a-go-go from Benefit

  • Bathina from Benefit

  • Matte lipsticks from Revlon (003 "Mauve it Over" and 013 "Smoked Peach") 

  • Face foundation (either from Shiseido or MAC) 
  • Bronzer
  • Mascara
4. School bags

                                       Aztec backpack from Forever 21

5. Leggings/tights/colored socks
Oh, c'mon! You all know how addicted I am to tights and socks, right? HAHA

6. Sunglasses

7. Slouchy beanies

8. Cute underwear

9. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks / Shopaholic Take Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella

10. Sneakers
And again, I'm a size 7. HAHAHA.

11. Boots
Size 8

12. Acid wash shorts

13. Arm candies, rings, watches, statement necklaces, etc. 

14. Dresses

15. Caps!

                                          FOREVER 21 MEN

16. A necklace with the word "Cristabel" on it.
Cristabel is actually my second name, and it means "Christ is beautiful". :)

17. A blogger bracelet from The Bead Shop


20. Highwaist shorts
21. Trousers/pants

23. Pumps/heels/wedges/statement shoes
24. A UP shirt/hoodie/sweater

The blue STATE U hoodie from UP MERCH ( please huhu

25. A black iPad 4. Teehee.
26. Lastly, anything that comes from the heart! I'm a sucker for anything sweet and sincere. 
To be honest, just a simple handwritten card is enough to make me beam with happiness <3 

 Anyhoo, let us not forget the reason why we call this month the season of giving:

Because God sent His only Son, JESUS CHRIST, to die for our sins
so that we ALL could receive the BEST GIFT OF ALL--- eternal life. :)

The Teenage Queen