New York: The City of Dreams #OOTD

No city has ever touched my heart like how New York touched mine. And, in the spirit of being cliche and all, let me add that I've also never been in love with a city until I met New York.  It was my first time to actually immerse myself in this beautiful place; our previous visits back when I was younger were only half a day long and usually, we'd just primarily go to the Statue of Liberty,  then visit Times Square for an hour, and then head home. 

But this year's visit was different. 

Our friend Lea, who's been living in NYC for a long time now, toured us around places we've never even been before. We watched a Broadway show. We walked (and walked and walked!!!) everywhere, rode subways, ate food New Yorkers ate, did more walking, and so much more.

Here, let me share you some pictures of our adventure:

A selfie with my main girl, Leighton Meester. Lol. We waited for her to exit Longacre theatre after her show, "Of Mice and Men". We also got a playbill signed by THE James Franco himself. Woot woot!

The original Shake Shack! Their burgers were okay, but their milk shakes were pure heaven! 

My Times Square OOTD!
Black top: Forever 21| Black shorts: Forever 21| Stockings: SM Dept Store| Shoes: Payless| Coat: Bayo| Bag: Michael Kors| Necklace: brand unknown

Times Square at day

... and at night!

On our second day, we walked the famous Brooklyn Bridge. It's a bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn, and it's quite long, too, but we didn't mind--- in fact, crossing a bridge has never been this fun! The view was wonderful!
Romper: Forever 21| Scarf: borrowed from my sister| leggings: department store| Shoes: Payless

The view from above

Welcome to Brooklyn! 

We also ate at Grimaldi's , the first ever oven brick pizzeria in Brooklyn.  It was one of the B E S T pizzas we've ever had, I swear! When you plan to visit Brooklyn, make sure to add this to your to-do list, okay? It's located under the bridge so it's easy to find.

Watch out, though. Because we experienced intense racism here. The white guy at the entrance who was maintaining the line treated us so poorly, just because we're Asians, but he treated white people so well. He even said something disrespectful to my sister. My eldest sister, being the strong woman she is, got very upset, and fought back. She asked him to apologize to him, but he didn't. So of course, my sister approached the owner of the restaurant and told him about the incident. The owner apologized to us and also mentioned that he's actually been receiving lots of complaints about the guy over at the entrance. He got really mad at the guy and felt so sorry. Later that night, we read reviews about Grimaldi's and a lot of people had been complaining about that same racist, short-tempered guy, too! Sigh. We just hope they do something about that racist guy.

But anyway, haha, yes, the food in Grimaldi's is GREAT. PERFECT PIZZA.

We also got introduced to the BEST soda ever! Stewart's Orange n Cream soda tastes like soda topped with creamy ice cream! Ahhh it's perfect <3 Really hope to find this particular brand again. I'm on a search to find some so I can take them home with me! lol

Check out the elevator buttons! hehe.

I could just walk around this city all day..

Empire State <3

                   I'm ending this post with a promise to go back here one day. To be honest, I  really can't imagine myself settling down in another country, because I do love Manila so so much. But I just can't help it; I left my heart in New York, and that's why one day, I'm coming back.Not for good though-- just for a little while. For internship, or for studies, or maybe even for work. I'd like to pursue a career here, maybe in one of the top PR firms or so. One day. I know it's a big risk to take-- there will be competitions, racism, failures, and what nots along the way-- but I just have a strong gut that it's a risk worth taking. I just pray that an opportunity knocks on my door so that one day, I could finally check this off my bucket list. 

I've never felt so inspired and determined. Just writing all about my "dream city" gives me the chills. What about you? Have you found your "dream city"?:)

(If you have the time, you could watch the 15-second video I made, which is a recap of our stay in New York!)

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