NYE 2014: Baguio Adventure, Floral on Florals, Fake Snow, and My Sorority Necklace :)

My family and I travelled all the way to Baguio for New Year's Eve. :)
We first went to EASTERN WEAVING, where we watched amazing women work on their looms and weave beautiful and intricate masterpieces.

They also had a store inside where they sold shoes, cloths, necklaces, bracelets, and all sorts of native stuff. My dad bought me and Ate Yas friendship bracelets for only 60 pesos each! :)

Then, we went to The Country Club to have a scrumptious lunch! :)

Right outside The Country Club was this big, fun children's activity ground where, apparently, (fake) snow fell.

We got out of the car and quickly ran up to the entrance where we were greeted by the lady guard who asked us "Ilan adults?" =)))) (yes, this was a children's place kasi HAHA)
I shyly and awkwardly replied "uhm... four."

After playing around with snow to a winter wonderland-themed Christmas music playlist, we headed over to Sky Cafe and La Presa. It was quite a long ride going there. We literally were so up high, we were already above the clouds!

After that, we had a mini picnic in the woods of Camp John Hay. 
Here's a quick OOTD :)

Top: Forever 21
Bottom: Forever 21
Cardigan: Forever 21
Watch: Aldo
Boots: H&M
Socks: Forever 21

I just can't help but fall in love with my pretty sorority necklace! Proud Sigma Alpha Nuan right here. Hehe. :)

After our mini picnic, we went back to The Country Club to play with snow. Again. :P

And that was how we spend New Year's Eve :)

How did you guys spend the last day of 2014? Tell me all about it below! :)

The Teenage Queen

Featured! Vikings Luxury Buffet: A Feast From the Sea

Y'all know how serious I can get when it comes to my food. 
I mean, c'mon! Eating is like, one of my best talents---and apparently, gaining weight, too. hihihihi. 

Anyway, I just want to share you one new buffet place I discovered just last February. It's called Vikings, and it's located near Mall of Asia. The best part? It's eat-all-you-can AND drink-all-you-can! Haha!

Vikings, which is open for 7 days a week, offers a lot of variety, from Japanese cuisine, to Chinese, to Western, to Filipino, to Italian, and to Korean as well. Its spacious venue has a capacity of 600 guests.  
They charge P688 for lunch on weekdays and P888 for dinner on both weekdays and  weekends. However, kids below three feet eat for free, and senior citizens 75 years old and above get a fifty percent discount! 

My photos don't do any justice at all, I'm sorry. HAHAHAHA!
 I wasn't able to take photos of every corner of the place just because  IT. IS. JUST. SUPER. DARN. HUGE--- and plus, I was too busy stuffing myself fat. Hihihi. Sooooo, I hope you could bear with these ones: 



The super star of the night: 
Yup, I'm a girl who takes her meat a whole lot seriously.


I just found this too cute, okay. HAHA!

Do you see what I see?
Yep. SEAFOOD. <3

My favorite <3

IDK what caught my attention first.

Deep-fried, anyone?

And for my favorite course of every meal:


This is heaven, I am not even kidding.

I will always be a sucker for putobumbong. <3

Taho! :)

Fun fun fun!

Oh darn. I did not just see that plate of red velvet cake............................... 
oh gahd i am craving for some right now =)))

Drink-all-you-can includes unlimited soda, beer, coffee, and fruit shakes!! woot woot! 

There's also a shabu-shabu pot on every table :D

We are happy customers with even happier bellies! woot woot!

Vikings is undoubtedly THE best buffet place in Manila!
They have great service and they serve such superb food! 
 I want to go back there again some time so I can take better photos and write a better review. Lol. Forgive me for this super lazy post. 
I'm just lazy as lazy cold possibly be, as of the moment. Oh, and school starts tomorrow, so... yippeee. :|

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post

Check their website HERE

Building B, By The Bay, Seaside Blvd. SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Manila. 

The Teenage Queen

Ano Man ang Pagsubok, Hindi Susuko.

I was honestly moved by this song. It reminded me to hope, to stand up, to hold on to one another, and to make a difference.

I recommend that you all watch this very inspiring and beautiful music video :)
I hope that it will touch your heart the way it touched mine. :)


Sige lang, sige!

The past few weeks have been tough  for us Filipinos.
Of course, there was the "Habagat" ( the Filipino term for south west monsoon)" that brought about meters-and-meters-deep floods, which also eventually led to landslides, destruction of homes and possessions, and worst, the loss of plenty of lives.
It was an Ondoy Part 2, a Noah-and-the-ark kind of scenario.
But this time, unlike before, it was different, because the people's attitude was different. It was as if the  "bayanihan" spirit (Filipino term for "the spirit of unity") was evidently inside of everyone's hearts.

Image source:  http://pangasinanpix.prepys.com/page/3/

Instead of moping and whimpering about the disasters that were happening, they actually STOOD UP and DID SOMETHING. 

Through their own little ways, they actually made a change. 

Some helped spread calls for rescue and hotline numbers; some opened their houses to the homeless; some actually waded through the waters to help rescue lives; and of course, some G A V E.
There were sooo many different relief operations that were started by different organizations, universities, colleges, schools, foundations, etc.

Poster made by Renzo Urquico
                   It was started by the students and alumni of The Seed Montessori School-  but that didn't mean that the relief op was restricted only to the "Seedlings"!
In fact, people from different schools and companies gave their donations and support to this cause - and for me, that was a very inspiring sight. It made me realize that people, despite all their differences, could actually come together and work as one.

                                                         August 9, 2012

***Special thanks to Moonleaf DON ANTONIO and School Stop DON ANTONIO for opening their doors to us! Thank you so much! More power to you!!****

The donations box first went looking like this...

but with the help of cheerful givers...

August 10, 2012

It eventually ended up looking like THIS.

"Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, FOR GOD LOVES A CHEERFUL GIVER (2 corinthians 9:7)" 

Seed students and alumni hanging out at Moonleaf Don Antonio to wait for more donations. 


Thank you, Moonleaf Don Antonio! :)

Thank you for this, School Stop Don Antonio!

Every little help counted.

Boys from batch 2013, Batch 2012 and Batch 2011  helped each other carry truck loads of relief goods into the van.

After eating dinner, we headed to the Seed Montessori School at around 8pm to sort and count the donated goods.

                                                      Say hi to senior Seed student Eunice!! :)

That's Topel demonstrating to us how to count the Sky Flakes crackers inside the pack......
Topel: Ganito kasi yan.... *bla bla bla*
Us: Wait, ano daw? =))

Belly having fun with the clothes!

                                                                     T E A M W O R K !! :)

Me and Madellaine :)

Serious mode: on ..................

.....Well, not really. We didn't help but have a good time, especially since Topel, the joker, was around. HAHA.

This is Topel and me doing our "WOW!!!! ULAAAAMMM!" faces. =))

We left the school at around 10:30 pm so that we could have enough rest for tomorrow's big day!

                                                         August 11, 2012

The volunteers (alumni, students AND teachers) went to The Seed Montessori School at around 8am to start packing.
It felt so great seeing the Seedlings as ONE that day. :) It made me miss highschool even more. <3

                         Representatives from different batches were helping one another!

Abundance in donations!! whooopeee! 

Our Vice Principal also stopped by to check on us. Thank you for the merienda, ma'am!! :)

Even our kuyas from Batch 2006 were there to help!! Amazing!

                                   With some of the teachers, students and alumni peeps :)

Haha!! Too. many. bags !!

Machong Jeje ang peg. =))))

Batch 2012 with Sir Aldwin and Teacher Maryse! :)

Sir Aldwin started the idea of using me as a "plastic bag rack". Soon enough, everyone else followed him, and I ended up looking like this.... 

HAHAHAHAHA! So that's  me, rocking "THE  LOOK". Haha! Victoria's Angels *with matching wings and hat* ang peg. =)))

There were plenty of goods that were delivered that day, too! What a pleasant surprise for all of us! :)


Boys being boys! 

Laughter amid all the haggardness. :) 
Helping out gives you such a wonderful feeling inside, don't you agree?

Oo, sa lampa kong ito, nakabuhat parin ako ng gamit kahit papano.. =))

See that L300 over there?? It was JAM PACKED WITH RELIEF GOODS . Asi in, J A M  P A C K E D!!!!
*** The L300 went straight to a church in Cubao right after. The relief goods will then be given to victims in Marikina , Cainta, etc. :)

You know what the amazing thing was?

We were originally expecting to just fill in 50 bags.
But with God's grace and provision, 

In fact, the results exceeded our expectations so much, that not all the bags were able to fit inside the L300!
We decided to donate the 20+ extra bags to Victory Christian Fellowship, because they were holding a relief operation as well.

Seedlings putting the extra bags in a van that was on its way to Victory QC branch!
 Thanks for lending us your van, Kim! :)

                                                               <3 I love these people!

Siyempre, ang TSMS Relief ay isang maliit na parte lamang ng isang malaking litrato.
Sa mga panahon  tulad nito mo makikita ang tunay na kabayanihan ng bawat Pilipino. :)

PILIPINAS, bangon tayo.


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