Statement Necklace Giveaway!! #theteenagequeengiveaway

LOVE these handmade statement necklaces from @simonesfashioncloset ? Well, good news! :) I'm giving away these cuties on Instagram! 

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1 person=1 entry, NO fake/giveaway IG accounts! Contest ends on January 26,2015

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Nourriture Juice (GIVEAWAY ALERT! Win Cleansing Juices Here!! )

With the marketing manager of Nourriture Juice PH, Ms. Gienah Soriano!

Hey, everyone! Guess who just came back from Zombieland? Lol. I haven't had any decent sleep the past two weeks. I swear, school work has been eating all of us alive. Thankfully, we just finished taking our last major exam a few hours ago-- one more exam and two last requirements til vacation, and we can finally call it a semester!

Anyway, I'm actually in the library as I write this, and I'm still too drained to do more studying, so please allow me to share with you my latest healthy finds!!!  

(which means "Food" in French)  offers 100% pure, fresh, and all-natural cold-pressed cleansing juices. 

What to love most about them? 
Nourriture Juice products are definitely more affordable compared to other brands (each bottle is sold for only 135 pesos!!!) , plus, they taste yummier/better than the others. :) I swear. Haha.

If you're into detoxifying, healthy living, and all that, you're sure to love Nourriture Juice! :)

"What is juice cleansing (aka juice fasting)? It is a short detox program that involves eating less solid food, but drinking more juices which cleanse your body while bringing back the enzymes and vitamins you need. This gives the body time to do a proper detox, cleansing every cell and freeing it from toxins and chemicals. The way it works is that by drinking only nutritional juices, the digestion improves and more vitamins and antioxidants are being absorbed into your blood, eliminating the unwanted compounds such as toxins and oxidation agents." -- Winter, D. 

* Facilitates weight loss
*Helps to detoxify body
* Strengthens immune system
*Increases energy
*Improves digestion
*Helps with mental alertness
*Unlocks all nutrients of raw food 


two (2) bottles of juice to jump your morning

AM Snack
One (1) bottle of juice

Two (2) bottles of juice and one (1) cup of organic tea

PM Snack
One (1) bottle of juice

Two (2) bottles of juice

One (1) cup of organic tea

A total of eight (8) bottles will be consumed for one (1) day

No solid or CANE (caffeine-alochol-nicotine-enery drinks)


One (1) winner will take home a 1-day cleanse worth 1,350 pesos inclusive of
  • 8 juice bottles
  • 2 detox tea bags,
  • and 1 thermal bag! 
The thermal bag is so cute! hihi

Organic tea


1. Like Nourriture Juice on Facebook 
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Take note: winner must be willing to pick up the prizes at any of the ff meet-up points- Taft, Paranaque, MOA


Below are the different flavors of their juices

But wait! More good news await you guys!

If you're interested in purchasing their juicing products, simply use the promo code "THE TEENAGE QUEEN" to get 5% off! Yay! Thank you so much, Nourriture Juice!

  Happy cleansing, everyone! Stay healthy :)


The Teenage Queen

The Teenage Queen turns 3: BROWHAUS GIVEAWAY CONTEST! Win a brow job!

The Teenage Queen blog just turned three last October, and since Christmas ~the best time of the year <3 <3 ~ is fast approaching as well, let's hit two birds with a stone with this one, shall we?

We're celebrating Christmas and the blog's birthday through the best way possible-- GIVEAWAY CONTESTS!! Yippee :)

Watch out for a series of fun and exciting giveaway contests for all of you to enjoy throughout the month of December. 

Big thanks to all the lovely sponsors for making this possible! Shoutout to Browhaus Manila, Azta Urban Salon, Simone's Closet, The Bead Diary, and so much more! :)



I am so honored and happy to announce this! Browhaus has always been my one and only go-to place for my brows, and it's just so awesome to know that 3 lucky readers will be getting a chance to get their brows done by the BEST brow architects in the country! #BrowGameOnPoint
(wow I just said brows like 5 times.. okay make that 6)


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 and tag three (3) friends

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Doing all of these will entitle you a total of 3 raffle entries :)

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Link to Instagram post ( Instagram this giveaway and tag @theteenagequeen #theteenagequeengiveaway #theteenagequeenXbrowhausmanila  @browhausmanila +15 entries)



PS. I just learned how to Photoshop like, tonight. As in literally just tonight. I was just working on my paper, and then, this happened. Lol I have an attention span of a goldfish HAHAHA. So yup. HAHAHAHAHAHA. SHARE LANG.


Don't these colors remind you so much of Snow White? :)

Watch: Style & Co
Bracelet: Bazaar
Purple bracelet (other wrist): A gift from my friend
Blue and gold bracelet (other wrist): Guess

Can you believe I bought almost every item I'm wearing now on bargain?
I bought the top at Divisoria (150 pesos), the jacket at an online thrift store (180 pesos), and the skirt at the tiangge area at the Gateway LRT station (180 pesos). Yep, everything for only 510 pesos! See, you don't have to buy expensive stuff all the time, girls. Thrift shopping is actually really fun, and it's very rewarding when you finally find something you like from all the treasure hunting ;)

I wasn't able to take a picture with my bag though, but here's a photo!
I'm so proud of my sister for designing this. She and her friend used to have an online shop called Bagellia Filipinas, and this was one of her store's bestsellers. :) It's called a bucket bag.

 Now, for the post that everyone's been waiting for. Remember my azta ombre hair makeover giveaway HERE?

Nako ha! You girls gave Ms. Meg of Azta Urban Salon a really hard time cause all your entries were so heart-warming daw! Bwahahaha. And because she can't just pick just 1 entry, here are the TWO winners of the Instagram contest!!!

Congratulations to
*drum rolls please!!*

@adaphobic and @saiiramos!!!! <3

1st place:

2nd place:

Thank you so much for your beautiful entries :) 

@saiiramos and @adaphobic will win an OMBRE HAIR MAKEOVER! Please email me at so I can get in touch with both of you :) You girls only have until SEPTEMBER 30 to claim your makeover :) 

Don't worry girls! Azta Urban Salon has more in store for you!

The following runner-ups will receive a FREE HAIRCUT from Azta Urban Salon SM JAZZ MAKATI branch! Yaaay! :)

 3rd place: Janica Sale
4th place: Bea Malabanan

Congrats girls! Please email me at to claim your prize:)


Maria Christina Gumatay 
Congratulations!! You won an ombre makeover :)

Runner up: Kaye Onate, you win a free haircut at Azta Urban Salon SM Jazz Makati branch!!

Congratulations, girls!!! And thank you so much to everyone who joined. 
Watch out for my next giveaway!! 

The Teenage Queen

My Azta Ombre Makeover: GIVEAWAY ALERT!

"Ano na naman ginawa sa buhok mo?", said my friend when she saw my #AztaStyleSessions post on Instagram. Just recently, a portion of my hair had been dyed red at Azta Urban Salon (see here: CLICK ), and 6 weeks later, I went to Azta (AGAIN) to get the ombre I've always wanted. (I swear, this hair coloring and styling thing is getting addicting, and I'm so glad I have a trusted go-to salon to leave all the makeover work to.)

Anyway, two weeks ago,  Ms. Meg of Azta Urban Salon sent us an invite to an exclusive ombre makeover style session. (Again, thank you so much for this experience, Ms. Meg!) Upon receiving it  After crazy-dancing out of happiness and excitement, I already knew that this was the "sign" I was waiting for (lol, ang drama!!! kainis!!!!!!!) I've always, always, ALWAYS wanted an ombre ever since it was a hit back in 2012. But, because you can never have both *sigh*, I had to choose between just perming or bleaching my hair, so I went for perming first. (Remember my perming experience care of, duh, Azta Urban Salon? View post HERE). But a year and 4 months have already passed, and it was time to do something new to my hair again. At first, I was scared to bleach my hair, but after consulting with Azta, I was like, "WHY NOT?? I'M IN GOOD HANDS, ANYWAY!"

September 10, 2014

We went to SM Jazz Makati, Azta Urban Salon's NEWEST branch, for our #AztaStyleSession. It was my first time to go to SM Jazz, and all I can say is that it's a great place to chill at because their interiors are so modern and chic. Azta's newly opened branch there was so nice as well! 

Inside Azta Urban Salon at SM Jazz Makati

First things first: selfies! lol.

With Ms. Meg of Azta Urban Salon 

With my blogger crush, Ava Te of !

With my favorite blogger to be with at events (awwww <3), the makeup expert Jirbie of !

We were greeted with cupcakes and Azta's signature milktea, a personal favorite of mine!

As you could see, my hair had uneven color. Some parts were black, and other parts were dark brown- this was because I dyed my own hair last November. After that, I realized I didn't have coloring skills at ALL lol, so I never dyed my hair by myself again :))

Now on to the makeover.

 Sir Jo is my all-time favorite hair stylist (he's from  the Azta Eastwood branch), and I just wasn't able to contain my happiness when he went all the way to Makati  be my stylist for our style session. YAY! <3 Azta, you rock!

First, they blow dried my permed hair straight so Sir Jo can see my hair better. 
After that, it was bleaching time!!!!

BALAYAGE OMBRE (aka "Bombre")

What they did to my hair was a balayage ombre, a combination of ombre and Balayage painting- a relatively new freestyle highlighting technique. It creates a soft, sun-kissed, natural looking post-summer look, which was what I was really aiming for. What I love most about this style is that it creates just a subtle gradation of color, with added sweeps of depth and dimension for a very wearable look.

No foils were used during the bleaching process, because Balayage is a freestyle technique. AND BECAUSE OF THIS, NO TWO BALAYAGE STYLES ARE EXACTLY THE SAME. Cool, huh?

Freehand technique

We let the bleach work for an hour, which allowed me to sit back, relax, and continue with my reading assignments for school (lol buhay estudyante).

Tada! Bleached hair!! <3
(This photo was taken after they put cellophane treatment)

Next, they refreshed my roots and helped even out my hair color. :)
Then, they blow dried my hair wavy, since balayage is perfect for wavy/curly hair. The last photo in this collage shows the final result of my balayage makeover :)

For us to finish early, 3 stylists teamed up to blow dry my super thick hair :( =)))
In fairness, feeling celebrity ang peg!!! 


Ava's violet ombre makeover!!!

Photo grabbed from her Instagram account @artsyfartsyava

Jirbie's subtle balayage makeover!!! Check out her blog post on her azta ombre experience at (click HERE to read her post).

My balayage (bombre) makeover!!!

Left: Before, Right: Now

A visit to Azta is never complete without a photo op with THE Sir Jo <3

Obligatory group photo op! Super duper thank you to the whole Azta Urban Salon team. We are all super happy with our new hair <3 

For those wondering how my hair looks like in day light, here's a photo of me with my sorority sister, Kyle ,taken at school  :)

Bleached hair isn't that bad, after all! I thought it was gonna turn my hair scary-dry, but nope! My hair seems normal naman, and what I do is mega-condition my hair every day :)

Hep-hep! The post doesn't end here. Our Azta Ombre Experience was AMAZING and we wouldn't let our reader not experience it!
*Drum rolls, please!!!*

Azta Urban Salon is giving away (2) readers an Ombre Makeover!!


We're having a giveaway contest both here on the blog and on Instagram. You are free to join both contests to increase your chances of winning!

1. Like The Diary of a Teenage Queen on Facebook
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5. Tweet "I want to win an ombre makeover from @theteenagequeen and @aztaurbansalon! #theteenagequeenXazta"
6. Share this blog post on your Facebook wall with the caption "I want to win an Ombre Makeover from The Teenage Queen and Azta Urban Salon!!!" and tag five (5) friends

Completing steps 1-6 will give you (2) raffle entries. 

To increase your chances of winning the raffle:

Follow my blog on Blog Lovin' for an additional entry (+1)
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Once you're done, comment below in this format

"Name: Hershey Neri
Facebook post: (link to post)
tweet: (link to tweet)
Followed you on Blog Lovin
Followed you on GFC: (GFC username)"

The winner will be chosen via raffle


The post with the BEST caption wins! (Entries will be judged by me and Azta)

There will be one winner from the blog contest, and one winner from the Instagram contest.
Winners may claim his/her ombre makeover only until September 30 at these branches:

Alabang Town Center
Service Town, Alabang Town Center Alabang-Zapote Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa Metro Manila

Katipunan Ave.
2nd Level SMRC Bldg. Katipunan Ave. corner B.Gonzales St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City Metro Manila

Eastwood City
3rd Level, Eastwood Citywalk 2 E. Rodriguez Ave. (C-5), Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City Metro Manila

Robinsons Metroeast
4th Level, Robinsons Metro East Marcos Highway, Brgy. Dela Paz, Santolan, Pasig Metro Manila
687-6527 / 6822107

SM City San Lazaro
3rd Level, SM City San Lazaro Felix Huertas corner A.H. Lacson Ave., Sta. Cruz, Manila Metro Manila
687-6527 / 3531344

SM Jazz, Makati City
Unit 140 G/F SMDC Jazz Residences Nicanor Garcia cor. Jupiter, Makati City
7798753/ 09174275772

Have an ombre makeover today! Check out Azta Urban Salon's seven hot ombre styles HERE.

Good luck, you guys!!

The Teenage Queen

Clean & Clear: Certified #madeforteens !! (GIVEAWAY ALERT)

I got the loveliest surprise when Clean and Clear sent me this super cute package!! 

I got really giddy when I received the newest line of Clean and Clear products. These babies come in uber cute colors and they're specially #madeforteens like you and me!

Here are 5 teen-tastic reasons why Clean and Clear is certified #madeforteens:

1. #TeenSkinFriendly

When Filipino teens start to get pimples, they start using the same facial wash that their moms, titas, or ates use. But did you know that they facial wash may be dry and irritating for young skin?? That's because they're formulated for older skin so they may actually do more harm than good. Clean & Clear understands that teen skin needs a different kind of caring, which is why it is #teenskinfriendly !

It uses a unique gel formula that effectively fights teen skin problems such as pimples, blackheads, and oil without drying your skin-- even if you use it every day! These gel cleansers are also oil-free-- perfect for our warm and humid weather! ;)

2. #SoftNSmooth

Clean & Clear's Foaming Facial Wash has unique anti-bacterial ingredients that effectively fight your skincare scares (pimple, oil, and blackheads) while keeping your face #softnsmooth.

3 and 4. #Skinergizing and #SkinSoBright Variants

Don't just wash away the oil and dirt that causes pimples and blackheads, add fun to your daily face washing routine with Clean & Clear's new fruity gel cleansers, too!

Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials in Energizing Berry with bursting beads give your tired skin a much-needed boost with its sweet scent and quirky #skinergizing beads. Have a delightful time also as you try the Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials in Brightening Lemon with bursting beads! It pops to reveal a lemony scent and beads that make your #skinsobright and improve your overall skin tone.

#5. MadeforTeens

Because it's made for you, you can easily find Clean & Clear in top supermarkets and drugstores near you. Plus, it's affordable and definitely won't hurt your allowance!!! :)

Like for more info! 

Cute polaroid cut-outs! <3

(L-R): Foaming Facial Wash for #softandsmooth, Brightening Lemon for #skinsobright, and Energizing Berry  #skinergize

I've tried the Brightening Lemon facial wash myself and I LOVED IT! It was really refreshing. I'm happy I finally found the perfect facial wash for me. 

And because I love you girls so much, guess what? I'm giving away bottles of Clean & Clear for you to try out yourself! 

The winner of this giveaway gets a Clean & Clear gift pack and a SPECIAL GIFT from me <3

How to join?
1. Tweet about my giveaway:
"OMG! @theteenagequeen is giving away #cleanandclear prodcuts that are certified #madeforteens <3 "

2. Comment below your name, twitter username, and email address. 

Contest ends on May 30, 2014 at 11:59 PM. Winner will be picked via randomizer and will be announced on June 1. :)

Good luck, girls!

The Teenage Queen

Nacho King x The Teenage Queen give out free tix to the Heat Wave Bazaar!

The summer heat is definitely on!!  (I meant that both literally and figuratively, hahaha!!)

(I know, I know. Please forgive me for being such a dork, but that's just the way I am)

Credits to whoever owns this photo! Just saw this on my Facebook timeline a week ago. HAHA!

 So why not bring those hut buns of yours over to the World Trade Center on April 19 - 21, 2013 so that you could shop for your favorite summer essentials with your barkada at the grandest bazaar in the metro- the Heat Wave Bazaar! woot woot! And in between all the fuss over searching for the perfect bikini  (AND the cover-up that matches it), why not drop by your favorite snack booth (and by "favorite snack booth",  I really do mean Nacho King :P) to munch on some delicious, triangular, cheese-and-salsa-topped heaven-sent goodies?

chilling in an air conditioned building + shopping for the cutest items + satisfying your craving for nachos = Now ain't that the perfect way to beat the summer heat? (say haler to 35 degrees C, guys, lolz)
(LOL, I know, I make up the lamest equations...but still!)

Pwede na ba akong mag print ad model, guys.....

And in line with that, Nacho King Events x The Teenage Queen are giving away FIVE FREE TICKETS to the Heat Wave Bazaar to one lucky person! Yup yup yup!

Here are 2 simple steps to join the raffle:

1. Like Nacho King Events on Facebook (click)

2. Follow these 3 accounts on Twitter

Leave your full name, Facebook url, Twitter username and contact info in the comments box below!
This contests ends on April 18, 2013 at 7pm. Winners will be picked via randomizer and will be announced at 8pm that night! :)


The Teenage Queen


Thank you to everyone who joined!! 


Please go to Moonleaf Don Antonio and present a valid ID until the end of the month to claim your free drinks :)

Follow MOONLEAF DON ANTONIO on Twitter: @moonleaf_da 
Follow Moonleaf Tea Shop on Twitter: @moonleafteashop 
Like Moonleaf Don Antonio on Facebook:

Big thanks to MOONLEAF DON ANTONIO for sponsoring the giveaway! You guys are THE BEST!

If you're just around the Holy Spirit area, then go check them out, guys! 


                                                      Photo by JUNESSA RENDON PHOTOGRAPHY 

Japoy Lizardo, Co-owner of Moonleaf Don Antonio

Shot by Junessa Rendon

Win five vouchers from Moonleaf Don Antonio for you and your friends!

1. Like Moonleaf Don Antonio on Facebook.
2. Like The Diary of a Teenage Queen on Facebook
4. Follow Moonleaf on Twitter
5. Tweet this: " Win free drinks from #MoonleafDonAntonio! Check out @theteenagequeen X @moonleafteashop #DonAntonio's GIVEAWAY here: /heyhershey/2012/07/moonleaf-don-antonio-x-teenage-queen.html "

After completing these steps, comment below in this format:

Facebook url:
Twitter username:
Tweet URL:

Contest ends on August 1, 2012. Winners will be chosen via randomizer. :)

Good luck!

The Teenage Queen 

The winners of my back-to-school giveaway!

First of all, I'd like to thank Miss Corrine of Planet Slate, Miss Yas and Miss Kim of Bagellia Filipinas, Miss Fina of Dance Flava, Miss Patti of Spoonsful of Sugar, Miss Red of Posh and Glam, and Miss Denise of Simone's Closet for sponsoring my BACK-TO-SCHOOL giveaway! You all are so lovely. More power to all of your shops! :)

Second, I'd like to thank everyone who joined. There were actually 438 entries for this giveaway! Thanks to all of your support! Don't worry, I'm holding another giveaway real soon! :)

Now on to the winners!

*drum roll please*
**ps. I randomized the list four times in order to pick four winners**


Miss Frances Lim! You just won a satchel bag from Bagellia Filipinas, an artsy fartsy planner from Planet Slate, a purple hoodie from Dance Flava, a box of 12 assorted cupcakes from Spoonful of Sugar, and  a mani pedi treatment from Posh and Glam! 


Miss Roxanne Fajardo! Congratulations! You just won a planner and a braided bracelet. Please pick which color you want among the three.


Miss Kim Rubina! You won a planner and a bracelet!
I'll message you which of the two remaining bracelets you could choose from. 

Miss Ji Young! 
You  won a planner and a bracelet! 

Please email your
HOME ADDRESS, CONTACT NUMBER, AND THE COLOR OF THE BRACELET OF YOUR CHOICE (winner #2 gets to choose first, followed by #3 and lastly, #4) to

Big hugs and kisses to everyone who joined! I love you all!

The Teenage Queen

The Teenage Queen's Back-To-School Giveaway! OPEN TO COLLEGE STUDENTS ONLY!

"Hindi na uso ang school supply shopping sa college."

Well, I dont know about you but my heart just crumbled down when I realized that a part of my childhood has ended: School supply shopping.

So if you're a college student right now, then I guess you've said bye bye to at least some of  the ff:

  • Fitting and picking out black leather shoes at the department store
  • Choosing the covers of your notebooks (and by notebooks, I mean 10 of them, tas iba iba ung design ng bawat isa, haha)
  • One whole, cross wise, length wise, one fourth.......... #enoughsaid
  • Sticker name labels to stick on books! 
  • Pencil cases! Stationary sets! 
  • Picking out gigantic backpacks to fit all your school stuff in! 
  • Buying white socks, white sandos, and of course..... white pantylets.

 Hahaha! But hey, I believe that A NEW STAGE IN LIFE CALLS FOR NEW NEEDS!  Agree, agree?
So don't you fret, because we're giving away some of the stuff you'll be surely  needing <wanting > for college!

*This giveaway is open only to COLLEGE STUDENTS in Metro Manila.

These are the stuff we're giving away to ONE lucky gal! Yep, WINNER TAKES ALL!

1. An artsy fartsy planner from SLATE.
Oh gosh, I love this planner to bits. Not only is it perfect for people who like to get their schedules organized, but it's also super duper perfect for people who love to doodle! (Haha so if you get bored in class, feel free to draw around on this book...uhm, not that I'm setting a bad example or anything...). 

Colorful pages!

Ready...set..  DOODLE!

For inspiration <3

They also hold contests! Simply submit the  artworks/doodles that you did on your planner , and you might get a chance to win awesome stuff!

This planner is perfect for writers, too! Unleash your imagination!!

2. A Fashionable school bag from BAGELLIA FILIPINAS
Every fashionista needs a bag to carry around and put her stuff in. Satchels are so in, you'll be sure to rock the hallways.

If you're a bag lover, then I'm sure that you'd LOVE Bagellia Filipinas, for they offer a variety of bags to choose from!  

Oh, and make sure to wait for their upcoming collection! They're going to release super colorful and super cute bags!! So watch out for it! ;)

3. An oversized hoodie from DANCE FLAVA

Most people forget to exercise because they'd rather bury their heads under their books! But let me tell you, that's a no-no! NEVER EVER forget to remain physically healthy!!

 And besides, what better way is there to release your stress than to release some of those endorphins? Oh yeah! Exercising is proven to make you happier and feel more beautiful inside :) 
And that's what Dance Flava is for.. They believe  hitting the gym, the dance studio, or the joggers' lane is NOT an excuse for being UNFASHIONABLE! 

So whenever you plan on exercising,  make sure to be fit while in this super cute bright hoodie!

4. A mani-pedi treatment from Posh & Glam Fashion & Beauty Lounge! 
Posh and Glam , or HEAVEN, as I call it, is located at #13 Holy Spirit Dr. Isidora Hills, Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City. Make sure to check out THIS post to read about my very first mani pedi treatment there!
Anyway, nothing's yuckier than to see a girl with gremlin-like nails! eew.  But don't worry, because Posh and  Glam is your knight-in-shining-armor, ready to save you & treat you like a princess! ;) *wink wink*

Escape from all those fuzz and problems, and step right into this oasis in the busy streets of Don Antonio! ;)

5. A box of 12 cupcakes from Spoonful of Sugar

Why do we always eat sweet stuff whenever we're stressed out?
I know why!
You'll surely forget all your worries once you take a bite of these delicious, home made goodies!!!!! <3

Remember, you can't buy happiness, but you CAN buy cupcakes- and that's about the same thing! Heehee.

*Spoonful of Sugar is located at Moonleaf Don Antonio and Moonleaf Sgt Esguerra


Three people will each win a Slate planner and a braided bracelet from Simone's Closet!! 

These bracelets were all hand made with LOVE by Simone's Closet. Spice up any outfit with these lovelies!
The first winner will pick the color of her bracelet, followed by the second, and then the third.

You'll love Simone's Closet's accessory line! They're unique and not over-priced! Choose from a variety of colors, fabrics and designs!

Here are some mandatory steps to join:

1. Like my page on Facebook
2. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect
3. Like Planet Slate on Facebook
4. Like Dance Flava on Facebook
5. Add Bagellia Filipinas on Facebook and LIKE their page
6. Like Simone's Closet on Facebook
7. Like Spoonful of Sugar on Facebook

9. Tweet this: OMG! @theteenagequeen is holding a back-to-school giveaway! Open only to COLLEGE STUDENTS! Check this out to join:"

10. Post this on your wall
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*** make sure to tag the shops!

By doing all of these, you are all entitled to FIVE (5) entries. YOU MUST COMPLETE THESE STEPS. Not doing  so will void your entry.

For additional entries (OPTIONAL):

Follow me on instagram ( @theteenagequeen)  (+2 entries)
Follow me on twitter (@theteenagequeen)  (+2 entries)
Follow me on blog lovin (+2 entries)
blog about this giveaway (and redirect the readers back here!) (+4 entries)

After that, kindly leave a comment below:

Facebook Name: _____________
Facebook URL: ____________
Email address: __________
GFC username:
College/ University & year level: _________________
Tweet URL (You can find this by cliking 'open' at the top right part of your tweet, and then by clicking 'details'; just copy the URL/link and paste it on your comment) _______________________
Followed you on instagram with username *optional ____________
Followed you on twitter with username *optional ______________
Followed you on blog lovin *optional ______________
Blogged about the giveaway here (link) *optional ____________________
total entries (number of entries): _________

Sample entry:

Facebook name: Hershey Cristabel M Neri 
Facebook url:
Email address:
GFC username: Hershey Neri
College/university & year level: University of the Philippines, 1st year
Followed you on instagram: @theteenagequeen
Followed you on twitter: @theteenagequeen
Followed you on bloglovin: yes
Blogged about the giveaway here: __________
Total entries: 15

The contest will end on June 8, 2012!
Winners will be announced within the same week, and will be chosen via randomizer! 

Good luck! Big hugs and kisses to my super generous sponsors! I love you all from the bottom of my heart! This wouldn't be possible without you  :) So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! More power!!

the teenage queen

Love Trends' 2nd Anniversary Giveaway WINNER!

Before I say anything else, I'd like to thank Ate Gienah of Love Trends for being a very generous sponsor!
More power to Love Trends! Check out their page on Facebook!  I love Love Trends! :)

Big hugs and kisses to everyone who joined! Thank you so much for all the love <3
Don't worry, I still have MORE giveaways lined up this month, so make sure you'd join, too!

I tallied the entries, and this is the result of the raffle.

Congratulations, Miss Kristina Mare Letada!

I'm going to PM you on Facebook to ask your home address, contact number, etc.
Make sure to reply okay? :)

I love you all! Thanks again for joining! :)

the Teenage Queen

BLOG GIVEAWAY ALERT: Love Trends Turns 2!

Love Trends, one of my personal favorite online stores,  is actually celebrating its second year of success this May 10! Woohoo!

And guess what? In celebration of their 2nd birthday, they're actually giving away a bunch of goodies to ONE very, very lucky reader!! Yes, you heard me right! WINNER TAKES ALL!

1. White blazer

2. Hot pink long top

3. Chain bracelets

4. Love ring

Oooh, I bet you're drooling over the items right now, aren't ya?!

So why not join the giveaway?
It's fun, free, and most of all, EASY!

Here are the mandatory steps to join:

1. Like my page on Facebook ( The Diary of a Teenage Queen )
2. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect
4. Follow Love Trends on Twitter (@love_trends )
5. Tweet this: "OMG! @theteenagequeen is giving away goodies in celebration of LOVE TRENDS' 2nd anniversary! Check this out to join   /heyhershey/2012/05/blog-giveaway-alert-love-trends-turns-2.html "
6. Post this on your Facebook wall: " @The Diary of a Teenage Queen , in celebration of @LoveTrends (Fan Page)s ' 2nd anniversary, is giving away a bunch of GOODIES!! Check this out to join!! OMG <3  /heyhershey/2012/05/blog-giveaway-alert-love-trends-turns-2.html

By COMPLETELY doing all of these, you are entitled to THREE entries to the contest (incomplete entries will be voided) 

For additional entries:
1. Blog about my giveaway (make sure to redirect the readers to this blog post!) : +3 entries
2. Follow me on Twitter (@theteenagequeen) : +2entries
3. Follow me on Bloglovin: +2 entries

Leave a comment below in this format:

Full name:
Google Friend Connect Username:
Email address:
Facebook link:
Twitter Name:
Link to the tweet (You can find this by cliking 'open' at the top right part of your tweet, and then by clicking 'details'; just paste the url to your comment)
Blogged about your giveaway here: <post the link> (optional)
Followed you on Bloglovin (optional)
Followed you on Twitter (optional)
Total No. of entries: 10

Sample entry

Full name: Hershey Cristabel Neri
Google Friend Connect Username: Hershey Neri
Facebook link:
Twitter Name: @theteenagequeen
Blogged about your giveaway here:  /heyhershey/2012/05/blog-giveaway-alert-love-trends-turns-2.html
Followed you on Blog lovin
Followed you on Twitter

Total No. of entries:10 

Easy peezy, right?
So what are you waiting for??
Join now! <3


The contest will end on May 10.

The winners will be chosen via randomizer, and will be announced on the same day, at exactly 10 pm.



* Super big kisses to Love Trends for being such a generous sponsor!! Thank you so sooo much for this opportunity! :) More power to you and your FABULOUS shop! Happy birthday!!

The Teeenage Queen 

What's Your Color? Giveaway WINNERS!!

Before I say anything else,  I'd like to thank every single person who joined and supported my first ever giveaway. Big hugs and kisses to you all! Y'all really gave me and my sponsor a fun time reading your entries.
I must admit that I have such creative readers!!

But of course, in a contest, there should always be a set of winners.

So here are the top 5 best answers that we both agreed on:


First place: Chela Luna

PRIZE: You get to win one pochi purse and a 1000-peso Gift Certificate from Bagellia Filipinas!

Second place: Bria Cardenas

PRIZE: Congratulations! You just won yourself a 1000 - peso Gift Certificate from Bagellia Filipinas!

Third place: Elinor Semira

PRIZE: Congratulations! You won an 800-peso Gift Certificate from Bagellia Filipinas!

Fourth place: Theresa Montino

PRIZE: Congratulations! You would receive a 600-peso Gift Certificate from Bagellia Filipinas!

Fifth place: Angeline Rodriguez

PRIZE: Congratulations! You just won a 600-peso Gift Certificate from Bagellia Filipinas!

Yay for you, winners! Please email the ff. details to

contact number
facebook link

Thank you for joining, everyone!
And thank you to Bagellia Filipinas for being so generous!!
Don't forget to check them out on Facebook! ;)

Stay tuned!! I have MORE giveaways to come!!

The Teenage Queen

 (you may view the other entries here )

POCHI GIVEAWAY: What's your color?

Hello, ladies!
I've good news to tell you: I'm having my very first giveaway!!
Yipee! *happy dance*

My sponsor, Bagellia Filipinas , was kind enough to give away 
ONE CUTE POCHI PURSE to one very lucky reader!! :)

What's pochi?

Pochi silicone purses are the newest fashion craze! France, Japan, Spain and Portugal have been blogging about this new trend in STATEMENT organizing! 
They're known for their texture, their p+g design, and of course, for their 9 different candy colors to suit every girl's personality!

How do I win a free pochi?

All you have to do are the following

1. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect

2. Like my page on Facebook (The Diary of a Teenage Queen )
3. Like Bagellia Filipinas on Facebook

4. Tweet this:
"@heyitshersheyy The #TeenageQueen and #BagelliaFilipinas are giving away a POCHI purse! Check this out to join:"

5. Answer this question: "What's your color?"
and make sure to post it on The Diary of a Teenage Queen's Facebook wall .

Sample answer:

"WHAT'S YOUR COLOR GIVEAWAY BY @The Diary of a Teenage Queen x @Bagellia Filipinas
I choose magenta, because it suits my super girly personality! "

The winner with the BEST answer will get to win one pochi purse (wallet style) in the color of her choice!

Contest ends on March 31, 2012 !
The winner will be announced on both my blog and Bagellia Filipinas' page.

If you fail to do any of the following steps, then your entry will be forfeited. 

Good luck, ladies!

The Teenage Queen