In Pursuit of Our Whys: Draw Your Future Activity

In an endless pursuit of our Whys in Life, my sibling flashed a TEDx video entitled "Draw Your Future" on our computer screen, and made me watch it.

Inspirational speaker-author-strategic illustrator Patti Dobrowolsi encourages us to transform our fantasies into our own realities by, yep you've guesed it, drawing—and you don't even have to be good at it!

When we draw and dream, our brains emit serotonin and oxytocin so we feel "happy, capable, and creative". She creates a template—a representation of our desired state and our current state—to help us think of three bold steps we can do to make a change in our lives. Watch her TEDx talk


to learn more about this :)

Doing this exercise at dusk over hot tea was very therapeutic—a wonderful way to spend the second to the last day of 2015, actually. We encourage you guys to jumpstart the new year by doing this empowering activity, too! What better time to reflect on life, dreams, and passion than today?

Here's to actualizing our dreams; to seeing them, believing in them, and acting on them!

Have a wonderful year ahead!