Cafe Travel: The Cutest Cafe in Taft!

I don't know if it's just me, but haven't you noticed that cute Korean cafes are a thing in the Philippines now? 

From Noriter, to Cafe De Seoul, and now, Cafe Travel-- a cozy place for students to chill and hangout along Taft, Manila. 

I was with my besites (aka former roomies) when we discovered this. We had a quick mani-pedi date that afternoon and decided to spend the night together over coffee.

Say hello to Ji and Micah, guys!

Loving their cute interiors! 

People are allowed to post whatever they want on the walls inside each room 

What's unique about this cafe is that customers are free to get cozy and to "feel at home". They can sit on the floor, and even lie down with pillows.

Coffee isn't really my thing, so I had a yummy vanilla frappe instead. 
(A+ for their presentation! lol)

Mandatory food shots for Instagram purposes lol

I love how they utilized space and provided a second floor! Aaagh! It just made everything more dainty and cute <3

Shoes-off zone

Cafe Travel provides coffee and cake, tho I honestly think they're quite pricey for college students like me (menu ranges from 180-200+, as far as I can remember). Tho it's not bad to visit there every once in a while! It's a fun place to have  your meetings or detox sessions after a tiring day of taking exams :)

Cafe Travel is located at Archer's Nook Center, 2624 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila.

The Teenage Queen

Costume Idea: How To Dress Up Like Athena of She's Dating the Gangster

February 20, 2015

I take costume parties seriously. Very seriously.

 By now, you're probably used to me posting about costume OOTDs and all that. Who remembers my Valentina moment? Or my Rapunzel of Tangled venture? lol.


Four days before my birthday, I was given the opportunity to represent my batch in this year's Mr. and Ms. Department of Communications: Cosplay Edition, where all representatives had to dress up in famous Filipino movie characters. Some went as Filipino icons like Darna, Mulawin, Kampanerang Kuba, etc., while our batch decided to head on over to the "jej side" and go as the tandem in the famous Daniel Padilla-Kathryn Bernardo movie, "She's Dating the Gangster". HAHAHAHA.

Cat-printed sweater: H&M

Jumper dress: hand-me-down

Socks: Forever 21

Boots: H&M 

Headband: A gift from Korea

Watch: Baby G

Glasses: Sarabia Optical

Photo of Athena from Google lol 

Of course , this photo op won't ever be complete without my kapwa jej , Gian Nicdao. HAAHAHAHA!

Athena and Kenji of She's Dating the Gangster, everyone.


Gian sent me this photo on my birthday


Beyond blessed and thankful to have our batchmates! They stuck with us through the end and were the most supportive crowd! They even wore checkered shirts to support me and Aaron (my partner!). Nothing beats Orcom 2016 batch love <3 lol.

For our question and answer portion, Prof. Joey Ogatis asked us this question

"Para sainyo, ano ang pinaka malaki? Isang katerba, isang katutak, o isand kadamakmak?"

Watch this video to find out what we chose. HAHAHAHAAHA. Super benta. =)))

Big thanks as well to my favorite person in the world, Ken! Thank you for watching the show! :)

This was a different kind of experience altogether. Aaron and I were so overwhelmed with the love and support we received that day. This just made us realize how blessed we are to be surrounded with the best batchmates ever! :)

What a wonderful birthday gift indeed!

PS. I have 3 exams lined up for tomorrow and I'm just taking a break now lol........... ok bye for now internet HAHA.


The Teenage Queen

Why Are Women Beautiful? :) | Happy Women's Month from the UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority!

Women are beautiful. And strong, and brave, and  courageous.

Hershey 2013-B

"The ability to persevere against all odds is what makes women beautiful-- standing bright in their 
glory amidst the shadows of oppression." 
Mara 2013-A

"Women are beautiful because we create our own sunshine of happiness."

Cess 2014-A

"Women are beautiful because we firmly fight yet gracefully listen."
Shane 2014-B

Nat 2013-D

"Women are beautiful because they have the power to create, love, and nurture."

"Women are beautiful. They don't need to fight for the limelight because they are naturally endowed with it."

"We are beautiful simply and exactly because we are women."

"The things she does and the distinct way she acts reflects the genuineness of her heart; her act of kindness that fills the universe with love manifests the pureness of her soul; the inner peace she constantly engulfs gives her the utmost ability to prepare for tough battles and focus on the bright side of life; but above all, it is a woman's indomitable spirit that makes her prepare for tough battles that makes her shine amidst the darkness that threatens to swallow her-- these qualities matter, and it is because of these facets, that she is crowned beautiful."
Mer 2014-B

April 2014-B

Bekai 2009-C

Lili 2009-D

Alyssa 2013-A

Happy International Women's Month from the UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Manila! :)

Please do drop by our two back to back events later at the CAS Little Theater, from 3PM to 7PM!

My baby project, a power-dressing seminar, is finally coming to life today! We ALL have been working on this for more than three months now-- from spons letters to posters to getting speakers to booking flights. We've devoted our blood, sweat, and tears in this, and we're so excited to finally MAKE IT HAPPEN TONIGHT!

Also please watch our for an inspirational talk, Ambassadress of Beauty (a project our very hard-working Cess is OPC of this year), featuring this year's Ambassadresses of Beauty! <3

SEE YOU ALL! 3PM to 7PM at the CAS Little Theater! 

Congratulations to you, to all of us, sisses! LC Bekai, Lili, Alyssa, Mara, Nat, Kyle, Cess, Marga, Kara, Mer, April, Shane, and Gail! I am so proud of each and every one of us. We all gave our 100% best in this, and I just know that as early as now, our event will be successful, because God will help us every step of the way! :) Love you, sisses! <3 

To God be the glory!

#Nuan Week: I am Proud to be a Nuan.

I can't believe I forgot to blog about this months ago. Last July, our sorority, the UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Manila, celebrated its 26th year of unparalleled excellence! <3 

To kick start the celebration, we had a photoshoot with some of the resident sisses :)

Big thanks to my highschool bff, Bria Cardenas, for these amazing shots!

Like her page on Facebook, please.



Before I share with you guys our photos, allow me to leave my "1st Anniversary post" here :)) HAHA!

June 26, 2014

Growing up, there has always been this stigma that sororities are violent, and that all sorority girls underwent physicals and humiliation. Media says that sorority girls do nothing but party and live messed up lives. Upon entering college, I've been warned to stay away from people involved in Greek organizations, and to avoid any form of interaction with them. I didn't understand why, though. I've never even met a Sorority girl! But , being the sheltered girl I was, I just 

simply followed what I've been told to do.

Not until I met the Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority.

Every. Single. Stigma I've had on sororities was proven wrong, and was completely erased from my system.

Greeks are pretty cool people, after all. Through the Sorority, I found different avenues for me to serve others and for me to grow as well. I've been able to reach out to more people and be a blessing to them. I've been taught things that we wouldn't normally be able to learn within the four walls of the classroom; I've been given opportunities to use my talents, to step out of my comfort zone, to meet new people, and to learn how to work with others; I was even able to take part in creating and holding different events, not only for the UP Manila student body, but for my fellow countrymen as well! From the 2012 Bar Ops, Juvenile visits, Outreach programs, Children's Booth in the Villamor Airbase for the Typhoon survivors, to Captivate, Rose giving celebrations, tambayan parties, and empowering programs like Ambassadress of Beauty---- I'm just really happy and blessed to be part of all of these!

And today, I'm proud to say that I've officially been a Nuan for a year now. June 26 will always be special to me 

heart emoticon

 It was the start of something life-changing, and I'm just really excited for what more is in store for the next years to come!

To my sisters, thank you for everything! You are all blessings to me, and I thank God for giving me each one of you. I've been through a LOT downs last year (dramas and all that, haha) but thank you for always keeping up and for loving and understanding me. Thank you for always being by my side. You girls are some of the few people I know would always remain genuine and true. Thank you for the friendship, and most importantly, thank you for our beautiful sisterhood 

smile emoticon

 Love you all!

Here's to a lifetime of sisterhood!

In Truth, Reason, and Justice,

Hershey Cristabel Manguray Neri, 2013-B 



Hershey 2013-B 

People see me as opinionated and loud; I was told to act more lady-like and "appropriate". But ΣΑN taught me that I should not be limited or oppressed. And you know what? 

I may be loud, crazy, clumsy- and everything else in between, but I choose to be me.

I am a Nuan. 

Lili Alonday 2009-D 

Marga Dendiego 2014-A

An empowered woman knows what she wants. ΣΑN taught me that I should not be limited or oppressed. 

I am a strong, independent woman. 

Proud to be a NUAN!

Nat Dabuet 2013-D

People see me as liberated and adamant. I've been frequently advised to be more reserved and to occasionally silence my inner voice. But ΣΑN, taught me that I should not be limited or oppressed. I may be overbearing, unyielding, stubborn and several other adjectives that society decidedly imposes upon my identity. Nonetheless, I choose to be me.

I am a Nuan.

LC Bekai Tuparan 2009-C

Society has a crude way of dictating what is right from wrong. Forcing people to hide under masks and live their life according to certain 'standards'. 

But ΣΑN has taught me otherwise, it has taught me that I should not be limited or oppressed. I choose to be empowered, I choose to be me.

I am a proud Nuan.

Kyle Sagulili 2013-E

People tell me I'm stubborn, boyish, and hotheaded. I've always been pushed to be a little more demure and to shut my mouth. But ΣΑN, taught me that I should not let society's standards cover up my personality. I may be straightforward, loud, bossy, and every other word you could think of to label me as society says. Nonetheless, I choose to be me.

I am a Nuan.

Mara Magsanoc 2013-A

Classes haven't started yet when we went on this shoot, so some of our sisses were still in their provinces then!! We missed you, girls!

With Bria Cardenas, our amazing photographer! <3

Anyway, enough of the throwback photos!

I can't wait to spill the beans on what's in store for UP Manila this March 2015. One clue: It's all about empowering women. :)

Thanks to everyone (Numans and Friends of EAN! lol) who continues to support our sorority and our goals, Nationalism, Academic Excellence, Leadership, and Uplift of Women! :) 

In Truth, Reason, and Justice,

Hershey 2013-B

#InstaHershey : My Life Before the Next 17 Weeks of Junior Student Life

I had an amazing 30 days of freedom doing nothing but the ff:

1.  Watch How I Met Your Mother from season 1 to season 9--- I vowed to finish the series no matter what it takes. I watched it wherever I go; in the car, at the dining room; on the couch; in my bed.  (I swear as soon as the last episode ended, I ended up cradled in bed, crying and not knowing what to do with my life next; the series was THAT awesome and I just wish I had my own gang just like theirs)

2. Spend quality time with my family (we had to make up for all the times we were too busy to even have dinner together)

3. Fix my Instagram feed.

Okay I had the most uneventful vacation break ever but I LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT. Sleeping from 5AM til 3PM --no matter how gross that sounds-- felt so good and I just wish I could do be a couch potato (or a bed potato, in my case) every day because I've been very worked out and tired from last semester, but, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

Because of the academic calendar shift, my official first day of classes start tomorrow.

At 8:30AM.

Which is roughly 10 hours from now.

Which also means I can still get 8 hours of sleep if I go to bed as soon as I finish this.

Oh god I dont want to go to school yet; I feel like a 5-year-old being forced to take a nap, but it's the other way around.  I just want to sleep and wrap myself in a burrito blanket. 

BUT DANG, SELF. Get your shizz together. 

Okay fine, going to school may not even be that bad. After all, I'm so blessed to be able to attend classes by amazing professors. 

I'm just scared-- as in really scared-- of what the next 17 weeks have in store for me, which mainly will consist of MATH, MATH, MATH, technical writing, nerve-racking comm pitches, theories, and more math. (Just in case you're not informed, math is my waterloo; and yep, I'm taking one math-related subject this sem and I'm freaking out).

But then again, there's nothing to be scared of, self. God will help you through this. You just have to believe in Him, and of course, in yourself. So future me --- future-9-or-11-or-15-or-17-weeks-from-now-me, if ever you stumble upon this post and get to read this, this is to remind yourself of what you've gone through and what you did just to get to where you are now. Don't give up. Not now. Not ever.

Okay, enough of the drama and the weird monologues. Here are random photos that I'd like to share with y'all! :)

Instagram: @theteenagequeen

Thank you to THE BEAD DIARY for sending me this cute blue bow! Wearing it makes me feel like Belle or Alice, even! 

Wore my old grad dress to my cousin's church wedding last weekend!! :)

Thank you to Teenage MNL of Instagram for sending me this cute amethyst necklace!! My birthstone!! Ahh! <3

My girlfriends and I discovered this cute place along Taft called Cafe Travel that's perfect for meetings, small get-togethers, and even study sessions. I'm so excited to blog about that cute cafe place, guys!! Watch out for it :) 

Welcoming 2015 with my spirit nails!!!! 

Okay, this is it, guys!!!!! School in t-minus 10 hours.

I take back everything I said (lol @PMS @hormones); I think I'm pretty stoked for this sem.

Upperclassmen say that the 2nd sem of junior life will be the worst hell we'll ever go through our whole college life, but hey, it's a great learning and life-changing experience.

Here's to challenges and to life's adventures!!


The Teenage Queen 

Rapunzel of TANGLED-themed Costume!

Say hi to Uriel aka Flynn Rider! 

Next to Belle, Rapunzel is my favorite Disney princess. I could relate to her character very much, because, well, duh, she's so gawky (!), awkward, childish, strong, and determined-- all at the same time. 

And that was why when UP Manila Dramatista, a theatre organization I joined in school just this semester, asked us to dress as Disney characters for a day, without even thinking twice, I decided to be Rapunzel.

(Below are some photos from the movie Tangled that I just got from the Internet)

Outfit details:

White blouse (used as inner top): Bayo

Purple skirt: an old purple dress that I just found in the closet

Pink corset: a random corset in our house lol

Flowers: borrowed from my bff, Ji! Which reminds me.... lol I haven't even returned this to her yet =)) HAHAHA hi Ji, if you're reading this, I love you. =)) I'll give this back to you next week.

Frying pan (choz! This pan is actually teflon lol #sosyal) : borrowed from Ji..again. =))

Nude flats: payless

We had to stay in character the WHOLE DAY, so imagine me running around school acting scared and holding a frying pan. Haha. 

My fellow applicants were amazing; they did such a great job in portraying their roles! Hands down! One person even went us a frog (from the movie "Princess and the Frog"), so he had to hop around the College of Arts and Sciences bending down.

Can you spot Hades? What about Captain Jack Sparrow? Snow White, anyone?
(photo by Darcy de Asis)

Maverick as Captain Hook

Yesha as Minnie Mouse

Say hi to my forever supportive OrCom barkada! Hey Tricia and Jana :)

This photo was taken in class. HAHA! Hey, pretty seat mate Micol! :)

Ending this post with an appreciation photo for Ji Young Lee, the best and most supportive friend ever! :) <3

The Teenage Queen

PPS. Join my Nourriture Juice giveaway! Win cleansing juices here! 

PPS.  Wala lang. Just wanted to plug this here. HAHA! Support UP Manila Dramatista next year! Coming sooooonnn<3

6 Tips for College Freshies!

  If you're an incoming freshie right now, I would like to congratulate you for making it to college! :)
College is really fun. You get to meet so many people and do a lot of things-- however, it's not all fun and games. Below are 6 simple reminders that I hope you keep in mind as you enter the world of college life: 

1. Take courage, and believe in yourself!

Photo from Flickr (click)

     We've all been briefed about this: we're not in high school anymore, where almost everyone’s your friend and where the lessons in class are a piece of cake. As the saying goes, "In high school, we were big fishes in a small pond; in college, we are big fishes in an even bigger pond." College will make us realize that we’re actually not the best out there, and that we still have a lot more to learn and to improve on. 

    I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but yes, THERE WILL be days when college will beat the crap out of you. It will make you cry. It will give you sleepless nights, days, weeks. It will show you your weaknesses; it will tease around your insecurities; it will make you feel like you’re a failure.

                                                        But you’re not. Remember that.

     The good thing is that, more than revealing your insecurities and weaknesses, college will also let you discover your own strengths, talents, and passion- work around those. Work around your strengths to help you survive; don’t box in your talents- share it to everyone around you; never stop chasing your passion, because you were purposed for it. The beautiful thing about college is that it trains you for the real thing. Every day is a learning experience, you just have to pay close attention. You can also learn valuable life lessons from everyone around you- from your profs, to your blockmates, to you barkada, to the food vendors in your cafeteria, etc. And more than that, you also learn life lessons from your own mistakes.

2. Open your mind. Be a critical thinker.

Photo from Flickr (click)

In college, you will be exposed to new and different things. Don’t be too quick to reject ideas, but don’t be easily swayed as well. Be a critical thinker. Before you make a stand or decide on an issue, get to know all sides of the issue first. Sticking to stereotypes and stigmas (just because it's what the media portrays it to be, or what society says) is what close-minded people do. Do you choose to be one of them? Or do you choose to be a critical thinker?

  3. Choose your friends wisely.

     I know we’ve been told this a million times before, but it wasn’t until college when I realized how true this was.

     Some people – some “friends”-- will use you, consume you, and break you. Be careful and stay away from those so-called "friends". Get to know who the real ones are first before giving too much of yourself.

    Also, remember that the people around you will be huge influences in your life, whether you know it or not. You may think that you won’t get affected at all, but you will. Hang out with people who don’t prioritize their studies, and little by little, you’ll end up not prioritizing yours, too. Stick with people who keep a healthy balance between their studies and social lives, and you’ll find yourself doing the same, too.

 4.  Don't join in the "let's judge other courses!" bandwagon. Encourage each other instead!

Photo from Flickr (click)

     Avoid the “my-course-is-better-than-yours” mentality, because at the end of the day, it all boils down to where our capabilities, potentials, and most importantly, our passion, will match. If you are passionate for the arts, take a BA course. If you’re passionate about the sciences, take a BS course. We’re in college for one thing, anyway : to discover, hone, and develop OUR skills for OUR future.

When people take a course that fulfils them and that helps them grow as a person, why should we discourage them, right? :)

As what my Orcom 107 professor always tells us: live, and let live.

  5. Join orgs!

Me with my sisses

     Don’t let your academics hinder you from learning so much more! Remember, learning isn’t just confined inside the classroom. From joining orgs, you get to learn things that you wouldn’t normally learn in class, like organizing events, establishing connections, working as a team, etc. It is also the perfect avenue for you to release your talents, creativity, and your extra energy. Take your time in finding the perfect org for you, you don't need to rush things. What's important is you find an org where you will grow as a person-- whether it be a dance org, a music org, a theatre org, a fraternity, a sorority, a chorale, an arts org, a photography org, a political org, a pre-med org, a pre-law org, a student publication, etc.!

            Last but definitely not the least, 

      6. Enjoy your college life!

Photo from Flickr (click)

    Don't worry! Hehe, despite my warning of it being hard and all, college is FUN. It will be a great four (or so.. hehe!) years of your life. You get to meet different people, and discover different things. Don’t forget to enjoy every bit of it while you can, and keep with you all the important lessons that you pick up along the journey.

The Teenage Queen

Commuting in Style

Going to college in style can seem pretty tough. If you're a commuter like me, you'd know what I'm talking about. I take the train to Manila everyday-- and trust me-- looking "eyecatching" to pickpocketers is the last thing you'd want to be. It's just really sad that thefts are so common nowadays,  that instead of telling people not to steal, we are told to not look like " potential targets". 

The sad reality is, evil people are everywhere. I know not everyone's like that, and I still believe that the number of good people still outweighs the bad-- but that's just the way it is, living in this world. It's always a matter of keeping yourself safe from potential harm.

Anyway, we're going really off-topic here HAHA. Allow me to share some tips on how I manage to commute and still dress-up for school.

1. Sometimes, if my clothes are too flashy/revealing (like this outfit), I wear a plain jacket/ a shirt/ a polo over my top. Super hassle niya, I know, but it's just to keep you safe-- especially from those nakakairitang manyaks in the train!

2. Always, ALWAYS wear your backpacks facing the front. Lol. It  may look weird, but trust me! One time, being my stupid, naive self back then, I put my iPhone in my backpack, because I thought that no one would even notice or attempt to get it from me. But lo and behold, just when I felt someone unzip my bag, and before even getting a chance to glance at him/her, the thief mysteriously just disappeared with my phone. BTW, this happened in Robinson's Manila-- a mall just beside my university.

3. DON'T wear accessories while riding trains/jeeps/etc. Only wear them once you're inside the premises of your campus. 

4. Wear ONLY COMFORTABLE CLOTHES. Always take note that the city is a hot, dirty place so make sure that the clothes you wear are comfy. 

5.  Stay alert at all times!

I wore this to school last week! It's a really simple outfit, but the good thing is that it's stylish and really comfortable. This summer semester, I just wear shorts/skirts to school because, with this kind of heat happening right now, wearing pants is just plain suicide, 

Top- bazaar |Shorts- Forever 21| Flats- Payless

Outfit shots taken by Ken

OK I have to go now so that I could prepare for my speech in Comm 3 class tomorrow! I AM SO NERVOUS. WasdfdsaddQWRGGsdvr3456yf
 this is my way to release tension~

Pushing myself to the limits now cause in a matter of time (like, less than a week, really) IT'S FINALLY GON BE SUMMER VACATION!!!!

Lol hope the tips helped you girlies!

The Teenage Queen

Sudden Changes

Well, would you look at that! Something really unexpected happened today: 
Turns out that my so-called "perfect schedule" this semester just changed--- in a blink of an eye! (can I just say na sobrang pinaghirapan ko pa naman yung pag-gawa ng perfect class sched sa CRS huhu #UPMproblemz).

MY 11:30AM CLASS GOT MOVED TO 4PM-7PM. I cannot believe it, and I just cannot seem to gather the words to explain or even describe how frustrated I am that I won't get to go home early or enjoy Friday nights, at least (mga priorities sa buhay eh noh HAHAHA). And c'mon! What do I do with a 5-hour break?? (though my friend suggested that we watch some movie like Bride For Rent to kill time LOL WHY NOT HAHAHAHAHA) But yeah, I am just over-reacting; come to think of it, some people have it worse than I do. Who knows, maybe this new change in time slot and class instructor will be for the better....? We just have to wait and see. After all, as what my father always tells me, "All things work together for good".

At least I'm thankful that I'm still in school, that I'm in a course that I love, and that I still have my awesome friends to spend a 3-hour-class-that-ends-at-night-time with. :))
 (shout out to Jana, Tricia, Gian, Reanne, Rizelle, and April!! lol).

Earlier, during lunch time, I was munching on a cheese roll (which is my all time favorite, fyi) , and just when I was going to take my last bite (which is also, in my opinion, that one bite that is the best and that matters most more than any other bites that you could ever take when eating a snack), gravity and my very own clumsiness just decided to hate on me, and I dropped my favorite pastry flat on the sole of my friend's shoes.......(diba, how the heck did that happen?? haha) .... :( :( :(  I was so pissed with myself !! Lol and while I was walking towards the garbage bin ,  someone just blurted out my name

And I was like, "huh?"

And then I saw Tricia and Jana laughing and taking photos (paparazzi shot daw eh) =)) and i was like
"oh, hey!!!!!!"

Took advantage of our friendship, este, of the moment and asked them to take my outfit shot na rin HAHAHAHA

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: HighFive Brands
Shoes: Payless

Say hi to Jana! :)
(Tricia, idk why I dont have our photo together...? haha)

(ps thanks to bea karamihan for letting me grab all these photos taken using her camera hahaha sobrang peste ko ba lol labyu)

Ok tama na guys. Sobrang daldal ko na.

I feel so sabaw already,
The Teenage Queen

First School Day of the Year, First Big Mac of My Life

In line with my New Year's resolution of updating this blog more often, here is a quick #OOTD post of what I wore on the first school day of 2014! :)

I wanted to keep it really simple and comfortable, since I commute to and from Manila-QC everyday. I wore a yellow green top and a pair of light-colored denim shorts to keep the look fresh and cute. I styled the outfit accordingly by tucking in the front part of my shirt to keep the look "lazy and laidback" and by adding a  brown belt for the finishing touches. Also, you can never go wrong with a cute necklace! :)

[shots taken by Ken Reyes at the UP Manila CAS Garden]

Light green top: Forever 21
White camiso (worn inside): Forever 21
Denim shorts: bazaar
Belt: Crossings
Flats: payless
Necklace: Forever 21
yellow ponytail (used as bracelet): I sell them!! hehe contact me if you're interested to buy :P

And here's another set of of outfits shots taken with my oh-so pretty sisters! :)
Say hi ti Kyra and Nat, who were both in stripes for no reason=)))))

(I love-hate how Sergio just ruined this photo HAHAHA)

Batch 13 love!!!! <3 

Oh, and I just wanted to share something we did in school today :))
For our Linguistics class, our professor made us play Bingo as some sort of a game to help us recall the many topics we've discussed about 3 weeks ago. To add to the fun of it, she gave us packs of Boy Bawang to mark the boxes. =))) Guess what?? I never really saw myself winning anyway (hopeless), so by the end of the class period (which was about 1.5 hours), my seatmates were like "uhm Hershey why is your stash of Boy Bawang gone..........." HAHAHAHHA (yes, i ate everything before the game actually ended huhuhu)

And I just found out today that the Mcdonald's branch in Padre Faura just opened!! Wohoooo!
Thus, I grabbed Ken, my forever pig out buddy, to go eat merienda with me. It was our lucky day, too, because we were given discount coupons from Mcdo!!! I bought my FIRST EVER BIG MAC (in my whole 17 years and 11 months of existence) for only 95 pesos! (with drinks na yun ah lol HAHAHAH #jologsforever)

And dannggggggg. Never thought that a Big Mac could be sooo good!!!!! Why did I discover its greatness just now??What have I been doing all my life?? lol (promise guys hindi to sponsored post HAHAHAHA)

Today was an awesome day in school! Hoping the next months will be amazing as well,
The Teenage Queen

Captivate 2013: Behind-the-scenes!! :)

Remember Captivate 2013, the sem-ender party my sorority sisters and I organized? 

Well, since it was a movement to practice responsible partying, we made posters online to spread awareness. Big thanks to GREEN LENS PHOTO STUDIO, one of our sponsors, and to our photographer Gerard Del Mundo for making this happen. We would also like to thank our make-up artist, April Baldovino, for being such  a lovely person and our awesome models, Jana Liwanag, Owen Domingo, Jammon Abesames, Vian Dela Cuz, Pia Pineda and Miko Pascual .

Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures of that extra fun day!
(October 2013):

Our models, Miko, Vian, Jana and my beautiful sis, Bekai :)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the face of a kid who hasn't eaten THE WHOLE. FREAKIN. DAY.
(thanks nga pala sa skyflakes and choco spread, Ken Reyes haha)

The very pretty Ate Vian!! <3

With our model Jana and make-up artist April :)

Hi Owen!! :)

Checking out his shots :P

Green Lens Photo Studio calling cards!:)
Looking for a studio to rent somewhere along Taft?:) Check out their FB page HERE
Not only do they offer studio rental, but they also do studio portraiture too!! 

Hey Jammon !
(super nice niya since he modeled for us (studio was located at Taft) tapos he went back to UP Manila pa since he had classes after. Awwwwww :D )

Of course, hinding-hindi ako papatalo!! Haha went on a quick shoot rin just because// feelingera =))
Thanks for this shot, Gerard!! HAHAHA
(and ew, my hair's so dark here. I've finally realized that light hair does suit me better. I think I'm maintaining my light brown hair. )

With the very pretty and sweet owners of the studio! Thank you so much, GREEN LENS PHOTO STUDIO for sponsoring our event! :)

With the photographer, Gerard Del Mundo! :)

With the sisses, the models, and the boyfie :P

Official posters:

Check out CAPTIVATE 2013's PAGE !! 

School Girls!

Yesterday, we were made to watch two looooong videos in class. Just when I was a  few seconds away from dying out of boredom, the department's assistant came into the room fifteen minutes before the dismissal and announced that our prof won't be able to make it to class that day. Being the girl-with-the-shortest-attention-span-ever, I decided to cut the last 15 minutes of class, instead of finishing the movie.... just because. 
The moment I grabbed my backpack to head out of the room, half of the class was already on their way out as well. So I was like, "ehrmehgerd, im joining the bandwagon okeyzzzzzz yolo mehehe"

Here are my OOTD shots that day to commemorate my being "badass" (ehrrm, nah really).

Polo: Forever 21
Top: Charlie
Skirt: It's All About Hue
Shoes: Forever 21

Aaand here I am with some of my classmates. Heehee, I've always wanted to take OOTD shots with them just because they're super pretty and sweet, and they remind me of sunshine and unicorns who puke nothing but glittery rainbows<3 hahahawhat.

A barkada photo op is never complete without the Master Jeje pose.

Okay, I have to end this post right here. I'm off to UP Diliman in a while for a fun shoot with a friend! yippeee!

The Teenage Queen

Christmas 2012 in UP Manila: Facades


As a tradition in UP Manila, a facade-making contest is held annually all over the campus.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos of the facades of every college, but I do hope you get to bear with the few photos that I took:

What you're looking at right now is the facade that landed first place on this year's contest.
Other than the great contrast of colors, I also love how every single piece just "hung" perfectly in place. Haha, get it? No? Okay.. :(
Anyway, a big congratulations to the med students who worked their asses off in making their facade this beautiful! Idol! Wootwoot!


Their facade was honestly one of my personal favorites (and FYI, I only had two favorites, teehee).
They were able to utilize their area and resources really well! Everything was beautiful, down to the smallest props.
I'm pretty sure everyone who passed by their building saw how much effort the students put into this.
So, congratulations to the College of Public Health for winning second place! Clap clap clap!

Notice the super cute heart-shaped rain drops! heehee.

Define effort! Woot woot! 

I love how they hung silver doves all over the place. <3

This facade also looked hella amazing at night. Not only did bright lights flash outside the building, but a loud sound system also played my favorite Christmas songs from 5:30 pm til about 7 or 8pm! haha! 
Yup, kabog na kabog po sa bongga, guys! 

*at siyempre, being the complete gawky girl that I am, I danced my happy dance every time I passed by their building at night. LOL. I mean, who could resist dancing to Christmas songs? 
Everyone else but me? Okay .... :(


Soli Deo Gloria means "Glory be to God alone" in Latin.
True enough, I'm pretty sure you guys made the Big Man up there reaaaaal proud! 
Congratulations , CAMPers! Y'all were able to put up one very beautiful and colorful facade! :)
 It screamed out "happy vibes" all over. <3

Check out the windows! Super cute! 


Let me first share to y'all how my super bibbo college launched our facade!
The event, which we called the "Kick-Off Party", started at around 5:30 pm last December 3, 2012.
There were dancing, singing, and most of all, fireworks!!!! :D

Here's a super fun-to-watch video by Dex Galban that shows the highlights of the UPCN Christmas Facade Kick-Off 2012!! :) YAY!
Yup. Us Fighting Maroon Nurses sure know how to celebrate! ;)

Now on to more pictures of our facade:

A big congratulations to the UPCN Batch 2015 peeps for giving their all in making this super beautiful facade! Hands down, you all made us super duper proud!
Everything, down to the last detail, was made from love- and for me, that's what mattered the most. <3
Yup, nurse na nurse lang ang peg?! haha! 

I love how they included all of the colleges/main buildings (CAMP, CAS, CN, CPH, PGH, CM, CP, CD) here. 

I super love how they added lights covered with cellophane sheets along the walkway!
Oh, and there were also colored injections (that were actually pens) looped around the posts (and it's just so sad that they weren't seen in the photos) . Haha!
Aaaaand! Hands down sa effort! Just look at those phrases posted along the railings. <3 

As I've told you guys a million times before, I'm all about details. And this facade just screams out "WE PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS "--- and I LOVE IT. 
I wasn't able to help but coo out ooh's and aahh's upon checking out every decorations put up in the place. 

Well done, ates and kuyas of Batch 2015! Congratulations again!! :) Clap clap clap! >:D< 
Though , it does pretty much suck that you guys had to set up high expectations /standards for the next year! HAHA! OH NOOO. I still can't believe that my batch will be the next ones in charge of the facade come 2013. Yuuup. I fear that the only decoration we will ever get to put up is a banner that says "Merry Christmas" in front of the door. LOL, hopefully, that won't happen. Hopefully, the kind of "spirit" and energy that got into you guys would get into us, too. 



Right now, I hate myself for not being able to take shots of the facades of each college! *sigh* T_T
I reaaally wanted to share with y'all the rest of the amazing contest entries.
But anyhoo, this activity just proved to me that UP students are indeed well - rounded.
Matalino na nga, artistic pa!;)
*wink wink*

Congratulations to everybody! >:D<

The Teenage Queen

Not your ordinary ending. // UP Manila Freshman Inter-Block Debate Grand Finals

Remember the debate competition I told you guys about here
We were able to make it to the grand finals. The big twist? Our opponent was Block 11 (yet again) , who we already got to debate with during the QUARTER FINALS before. To cut the long story short, it turned out that the other teams backed out , and the FIBD team picked a wild card. 

To be honest, we really didn't get to prepare much for this debate (because we were too entrapped in school activities). But thank God for Kuya Dex, an upperclass student in the College of Nursing, who gave us a very short but substantial and fun training 2 hours before the contest itself. 

The debate competition went on from 4- 7pm at the NTTC-HP Auditorium. Here, let me share you a photoblog of the unexpected things that happened that day.

This is a photo of me and my team mates; blue was our team color.

(L-R: Me , Magan, Alexia and Arvin) 

We felt the tension the moment we stepped right into the room. We saw that the other team had A LOT of supporters, while we had........well, none.

[left side: Team Nursing, right side: Team BioChemistry]

But then we got really surprised when  Flo and Ji (our batchmates from block 27 nursing) and Ate Jenn (block 26 nursing's Freshman Block Coordinator from BS Intarmed) showed up to support us. 
Thank you so so much for sacrificing your time just for us!

** Ji and Flo, even though you guys aren't our blockmates, super thanks for coming and cheering for us! Go College of Nursing! Haha! Sobrang mas na-feel ko tuloy na ang tight ng bond natin as a batch. :)
Mommy Jenn, thanks for coming even though you had an exam scheduled the next day! You're the best! 

**Thanks also to the upper class student nurses who also came to support us! I love college of nursing!
Flo, Ji and Mama Jenn! 

Every time our group meets up to talk about the debate, we end by a prayer.
For some supernatural reason, it eases us away from stress, tension , fear and whatnots. 

Flo found it very beautiful to see how at peace we seemed to be while the hullabaloo of setting up the stage was on going, and so she decided to take a shot of the scene. 

"Lord, you brought us here. That is why we are certain that you are going to bring us through this. Just let Your will--your good and pleasing will-- be done. Whatever the outcome may be, we pray that you would help us humbly accept it. We lay everything down at Your feet; Jesus, You call the shots.." 

Indeed, after we said our prayers, we gained peace and confidence. 
Not because we thought we were going to win this, but because we knew that God will help bring us through this.

Minutes before the debate started, we were given balloons. 


This photo clearly shows how Magan and I cannot stop ourselves from inapropriately acting immature during serious  moments like this. =))  

*To the tune of Oppa Gangnam Style"
Opp-opp-opp-op-op! OPPOSITION SIDE!!
Haha loser cheer, but whatevaaa~ 

Go Arvin! You are the BOMB!

Arvin while getting all mad and stuff..... and me getting all "wait, chill guys chill" 


People told me that they thought I was going to faint or something. =)) Sigh, when will I ever learn to fight cool. =)) 

After the debate ended, my groupmates and I went outside to thank Him. True enough, He helped us survive this. Then we went back in to shake hands with and talk to the opposing team. They were nice girls. :)


Fast forward towards the end of the event:

We didn't win. Yes, we felt sad at first, but we believed that this was all in God's Will.
We were each given posters, a certificate and a silver medal. 

To our surprise, a group of men came inside the room carrying a big--no, GIGANTIC-- box of pizza.
We thought that it was going to be served to everybody inside the room. But nope. It was coming towards us. And then the next thing we knew, they were laying the box at our feet =))) 
We were like "What's this?"
It was a freakin' consolation prize!
My group mates and I were all like : ~(o.o)~ whaaaatt?! omgomgomg *puke rainbows* THANK YOUUUU!!!

Congratulations, Block 11 BIOCHEM!! :)
Girl power! haha! 


Somebody, stop me from devouring this!!! 

Thank you, FIBD and APO Fraternity!!! 

After sharing some slices of the gigantic pizza with some members of APO, we decided to bring it over to the UP Manila Annex (aka Robinson's Manila wahaha). 

FYI, bringing it there was more difficult than we thought it would be. Wahaha!

While we were crossing the street, the people inside the cars were like "whaaaat?"


The pizza was too big to enter the bomb detecting thing. 

The guards allowed us to pass through the exit door instead. Ahaha!

After the tiring journey of bringing the pizza to the mall, our next conquest was: "where the hell do we eat this bad boy up?" 

We decided to eat it at Krispy Kreme, because it was Ji and Flo's second home/tambayan place anyway. The staff knew both of them, so they allowed us to bring over our kababuyan-ness there. Ahaha. We bought drinks from them, too! 

Oh, and Arvin, thank you so much for surprising us with sundaes!!

Arvin: I have to go somewhere lang. I'll be back in 15 minutes.
Us: Okay
~after 10 minutes~
Us: Nasan na kaya si Arvin? Baka iniwan na tayo. Masyado daw tayong nakakahiya. =))))
~after 20 minutes~
*Arvin comes in with a Mcdonald's plastic bag in his hand* 
Arvin:  I love you, guys!

We laughed, ate , laughed again, and bonded the whole night. Kung maka-victory party kami, wagas talaga eh=))
It was definitely one of the most unforgettable moments that I will ever have in my college life :) Thank God for moments like that one :)

So in the end, we didn't get the 3000-peso cash prize and the trophy;
But I believe that God did give us something much better:  the gifts of love and of friendship---- and a big ass pizza.

The Teenage Queen

But loving you was red.

On our last meeting for Math 11 for the first semester, we , as a block, agreed to wear the color red. 
The funny thing was that I didn't have anything red in my closet! You see, red had never been my choice of color. I've always thought that it didn't suit morenas like me. 
But because I keep promises and because I love my blockmates, I went on a hunt for red shirts inside the house. Good thing I found this one in my sister's closet. :)

*Special thanks to my forever supportive friends, Micah and Marc,  for taking my outfit shots!

Sweater: Bayo/ floral shorts: bazaar/ cross necklace: Forever 21/ safety pin necklace: bazaar
rings: StyleHub Shop/ flats: Mario D Boro

Oh, and by the way, it's my blog's first birthday today!! And I thought of posting this today because I know that red is a very happy color. So, yay red! 

Thank you so much for supporting my blog, friends. :) >:D< 
The Teenage Queen

The day I cosplayed as Valentina

As a requirement in his subject, our History 1 professor asked us all to attend the cosplay event at Mall of Asia yesterday. According to the dictionary, cosplay, or "costume play", is a form of art in which people dress up as characters or ideas.

The thing nowadays is that the word "anime" is what automatically comes in the minds of people when they hear the word 'cosplay'. That is why our Histo teacher, Professor Karganilla , asked us to dress up as Filipino characters, fictional or not, to promote one thing: Filipino Cosplay.
I didn't have much problem deciding on what character to cosplay as, because being the bold and fierce woman that I am (no, not really), I knew I just had to go as Valentina- the Filipino version of Medussa.

head dress and unitard: Divisoria (Tabora street)
shoes: Aldo
shawl: Robinson's department store

It was pretty flattering when random people asked to have their photos taken with me. I really do hope that  I was able to do some justice to Valentina :)

Anyhoo, here are photos of some of the other cosplayers around the venue.

With the characters of Dream Dolls. 

Batman Villains

*With a sniper from Modern Warfare

*Nope. Don't ask me. I really have no idea what he was trying to portray... 

Here are photos of me with some other peeps wearing Filipino cosplay outfits! haha!

Faisal, Roselle, Gera and Armaine in Amaya costumes! 

* With Zito, who went as President Marcos. Yep.
Me: Ang daya mo!!
Him: why?
Me: Naghanap kami ng costumes kung san-san man, tas ikaw, magbabarong lang?!


*With the beautiful Dana in her Princesa Juana (Ibong Adarna) costume :) And yuup, that's Frank at the back, in his Katipunero costume! 

*That's my histo prof right there! Hi, Sir Kargs!

* With my super sexy blockmate, Priscilla, in her Amaya costume ! 

* With three men who went as soldiers :)

*Fun fact: That dude in the middle is wearing a Katipunero uniform, which was the basis/inspiration of the uniforms worn by the student nurses in the University of the Philippines. :)

*With the brave girl who went as Zuma! =))

(L-R): AC as Ibong Adarna, Marc as Simon, Chesca as Paulita, Micah as a diwata, Christien as a soldier, me as Valentina, Irish as Marcela Agoncillo, Jessica as a diwata, Priscilla as Amaya, and Winona as a diwata :)

*Super cutie pie Christien!! hihihi

*Barkada photo!

*Marc in his Simon ( the lead character in El Filibusterismo) costume!

*Micah as a diwata (forest fairy) 

*Irish as Marcela Agoncillo , the lady who sewed the Philippine Flag
*Chesca as Paulita, a character from El Filibusterismo

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually enjoyed cosplaying for a day! Thanks for this opportunity, Sir Kargs!

Now, I end this blog post with two photos.

One of me greeting the delivery guy at midnight

and one of me hailing a cab in the middle of the road.

Oh, Professor Karganilla. The things I do to pass your subject!

The Teenage Queen

Almost Independent

I know, I know. Right now, you're probably thinking what in the world has gotten into me that now, you suddenly see me holding a broom and a dust pan. Well, sit back and relax as I tell you the story of how I turned out to be......... almost independent. :D

Okay, so to cut a long, looong story short:   my parents threw me away.

Just kidding. Omg.

It all started out when my parents saw me getting all moody, cranky, and you know, bitchy.
They also saw me not getting enough sleep, having to endure 2-3 hours of intense Manila traffic on the drive home to QC. 
And to cap it all off, they heard me ranting, okay fine, PLEADING, to them about how I think that moving closer to school would help me cope up with my studies. 

It was kind of a tough decision for them to make because:

1. I'm the bunso (youngest child) of the family , thus they still treat me like a baby..
2. I'm a spoiled brat (well , minus the bratty part. Wait did I just make sense? No, not really. Okay.)

They also think I can't survive by myself because:
1. I don't know how to cook
2. I don't know how to cook
3. I don't know how to cook!!!!!

But thank God they understood my situation , trusted me enough, and let me join my friends, Micah and Dionne, in a condo unit.
September 2, 2012- the day I moved in
My very first photo inside the condo! Oh, and that girl on the bottom right is Micah. Haha. 

The first few days were tough for me. I had to learn how to fix my own bed, sweep the floor, wash my own dishes and... you know..... be all responsible and .....stuff. Thank goodness Micah was patient enough to bear with me. Props to her for teaching me every chore! :) Micah, if you're reading this, I just want to say thank you. :)

September 3, 2012
Here is a photo of Micah frying. It was a proud moment for me because, well uhm, I was the one who sliced the spam *croo croo*. Although Micah started off teasing me because the slices weren't consistent- some were too thick and some to thin- , she also said  that it was a pretty good start for learners like me.  HAHAHAHA!

 From then on, I learned how to do kitchen chores as well. My favorite chore would probably be "pagsasaing ng bigas" (cooking rice). 

This is a photo of me studying for my History long test.
 That Crunch bar on the upper left was given to me by Micah.
The pair of socks on the upper right was my recent purchase from Saizen, an 85-peso store near my school. I found myself always wearing socks and pajamas to sleep because it was too darn cold in the condo.

September 4, 2012
On that same week, I also found myself a support group. I call them my neighbor buddies, simply because we all live near each other.
Although they're students from the other Nursing block, they still treat me like I belong. I tell you, I've got the best batchmates EVER. :)
I thank God for giving me them. They tutor me, feed me (haha), and make me laugh pretty much all the time.

This is a photo of us studying for the Math DepEx. 
Jude was kind enough to let us crash at his condo. We slept over at his living room. 

September 5, 2012
My roomies and I decided to play real-life Sims.
And by that, what I'm really trying to say is that we rearranged our furniture. LOL. We made it a point to make our condo very aesthetically-pleasing. HAHAHA. It was an exhausting job, I tell you.

Oh and see what we did to the study tables? We moved them near the window so that we'd get inspired every time we look at the city lights. :)

September 7, 2012 
Dionne had the surprise of her life when her blockmates, Micah and I woke her up at exactly midnight.

Dionne: Grabe, nung nagising ako, akala ko talaga nasa hell ako, kasi walang ilaw tas puro kandila. Pero nung nakita ko yung cake , bigla kong natandaan na birthday ko pala kaya siguro may ganito. 


Oh, this is a photo of Micah instructing me where to throw the garbage. Good thing Irish, the girl in the yellow shirt, was there to give me a hand! :)

September 8, 2012

                             Micah and I stayed up late to make this Chores Chart.
                             I did the writing while she did the cutting! Hahaha! :)

The next days went by in a blink of an eye. It was hellweek then, you see.

September 13, 2012

 When hell week finally ended, we decided to celebrate the temporary end to our sufferings (haha WHAT). The neighbor buddies and I headed out for a swim to  detoxify!

Hi, Ji! :)

I can also honestly say that living near my school is so convenient. During breaks, my bestfriends and I just crash here, either to sleep or to study.

September 17, 2012
The forever paasa and bipolar weather of Manila. Sighhh.
We really felt that school was going to be suspended that day, since it was raining real hard and all, but NOOOOO. A few minutes after I took this photo, the sun just suddenly decided to show up and shiiinnee. =))

September 18, 2012

 Micah took this photo of me. She said she's so not used to seeing me doing this. I MYSELF AM NOT USED TO SEEING ME...COOKING. Hahahaha!

September 19, 2012

I, being the sweet roomie that I really am, decided to surprise Micah and Dionne by making breakfast. :)
I cooked nuggets and rice- not bad for a first timer- and also mixed up some pink lemonade juice. Dionne helped me spice things up by frying the rice and adding some cheese to it. Micah, well, just ate. everything. up.

What can I say?

I'm just so happy at how things are turning out to be.
I can now cook simple meals (and by cook, I mean fry..LOL), take the garbage out, fix my own bed, clean the bathroom, sweep the floor and do other chores WHILE coping up with my studies!
I thank God for giving me this opportunity to learn and expand my horizons by myself.

I'm proud very proud of myself for venturing into this new world of  ~responsibility~ 

That, and the fact that I can already COOK. lol.

I can't wait til the day I can make "real" meals, like Singing na Baka, perhaps.

The Teenage Queen

Freshman Interblock Debate: QUARTER FINALS

It's been two weeks since, and we must admit that we're still on cloud nine upon hearing that we made it to the semi finals!

It's just so funny how God works in very mysterious and silly ways. As ironic as it may seem, that Wednesday actually started out disastrous, but eventually , we ended up victorious.

The story:

Just when my team mates and I were off to walk from the "Nursing Tambayan" to the College of Arts and Science together, the sky just suddenly decided to be all bipolar and rain cats and dogs
We had only had one umbrella (and of course, it won't be enough to shield us all dry) , but since we had to go to CAS right then and there, we decided to just pretend that the rain was non existent, and that we were not going to get wet.

But then again, reality kicked in and we literally started looking like wet fish the moment we stepped out in the open. We were laughing, screaming and running all over the place. The passersby, who were all dry and comfy under their umbrellas, were STARING at us with jaws dropped. Yep. They were probably thinking that we were going nuts. Well, actually, we were. 

Arvin took his shoes off so that he could run faster. Alexia giggled loudly as she tried to catch up with him. Magan, who actually had an itsy bitsy umbrella, SCREAMED at everyone around (<--- survival instinct right there, guys). And of course, I, being the slowest runner of them all, decided to not even bother. 
So it's pretty obvious who got wet the most, right? 

While I was running for my life, Chesca, our blockhead, called me up.

Chesca: Anong ginagawa niyo?
Hershey: Eto, tumatakbo sa ulan
Chesca: uhm......... okay (?) By the way, Government side daw kayo, guys.
Hershey: Oh okay, got it! Thanks!

All drenched in the rain, I murmured , "Ano ba yan, guys. Mukha tayong kawawa. WALANG NI-ISANG INTIMIDATING FACTOR NA NATIRA SA ATIN." 

After freshening up at the restroom in CAS, we decided to talk and plan about our debate. We were informed long before that the motion was "This house supports the total mining ban", and we were informed just recently that we were on the government side. 
We had everything planned out. As in, everything. We were as ready as ready could be!

When we got to the venue, we sat down and tried to act all calm and chill.
But a few minutes before our match started, Magan and I noticed that the motion of the debate, as printed on the papers that were being given away that time, was changed into "This House believes that the total mining ban will bring about more adversities than solutions". We were all shocked.

To make the long story short, we prepared for the WRONG MOTION, because we (and yep, including Chesca, our blockhead) weren't informed that it has been changed! We had to CRAM 30 minutes before the debate (good thing the APO fraternity was understanding enough to give us time to prepare).

We were literally about to cry. Magan was starting to shut down. Alexia was worried. I forgot how to breathe, and I was THIS close to fainting. Arvin, being the only man in our group, stood up and reminded us this: "We have no time to lose. Let's do everything we could." 

In the end, we were able to pull ourselves together. We told each other that if we were going to lose this match, it wasn't because we didn't work hard for it, but because we were just misinformed.

So we went inside and competed against Block 11 BS Bio Chemistry.

And the rest was history.

OK, so after looking like underdogs in the room, being the only block who didn't have supporters from the crowd, we all were already expecting to lose. But lo and behold, God works in such mysterious ways. We won the match, and we made it to the semifinals.

All shocked and overwhelmed, we literally shouted our lungs off and hugged each other like there wasn't any tomorrow. People, annoyed by our over-reactions, murmured out loud "quarter finals lang 'to, guys, Kumalma kayo."
Magan, being her loud self, said "PAKE NIYO BA!"

God is great all the time! :) We lift everything up to Him.
Lord, salamat. Sobrang galing niyo po.
Thank You for giving me the best team mates ever.

Arvin, Alexia and Magan, thank you.
You all have made my very first debate competition all sorts of memorable. :)

Through Him, we could do this!
(Philippians 4:13)

The Teenage Queen