Four-eyed and phoneless

Been missing in action the past few weeks due to so many activities, but here's a quick post to let y'all know what I've been up to:

Well, first things first: I am phoneless. (ok fine, I'm stuck with this super oldschool and jejemon, black-and-white-screened Nokia phone hahaha well, this is better than nothing, I guess).
My iPhone 4s got stolen in the dressing room at the SMX convention center when I modeled for the Times Square Bazaar. UGH. My lecture notes. My photos and videos that I have not saved yet. My inbox. (please Thief, all those memories and sentimental shit. hay hay hay. just... ugh just please at least send me my files......  ). The incident still breaks my heart so I'd rather not go into further details. Mean people like Mr/Ms. Thief right there just make me want to give up on the world.

Second: I wear glasses now.
 I realized three weeks ago that I had a hard time catching up in class discussions because I barely was able to read the slides flashed in front. So I went to the doctor to have a check-up. I walked in her clinic with a pair of eyes..... then eventually went out of it with two. lol.

Special thanks to the Del Mundo Eye Clinic for being awesome and all that.

Frames: Emporio Armani

UP Diliman Fair {feb 12, 2013}

Nursing vs Dentistry Bakbakan!!

Raping Priscilla's new phone 

Slept over at Marius' flat with my roomies. Woke up at 9am when we were supposed to wake up by 7.... croo croo. =))

Breakfast with my roomies and Marius <3

Okay, so I guess I have to go and bury my head in my AnaPhysio book now. (I swear, I have yet to appreciate this subject. Guess I should before it's too late now, huh...)

The Teenage Queen