Khaleesi Diva Day: A Doggie Birthday Party!

Ever wondered how a doggie party looks like? Well, yesterday, Khaleesi the Diva--yup, that adorable chihuahua on Instagram-- celebrated her first birthday, and Hachiko and I were invited!

The theme of the party was Chanel, so everything was in classy black and white and pink. 

Oh, and see that big cake over there? It's made of liver and it wasn't served to us humans, but to the doggie guests!! HUHUHU SO CUTE!!!

These chocolate cupcakes were served only to us humans though. Lol. Sorry, doggies!

Loot bags for the doggie guests!! :) Thanks for Hachiko's cute ribbon and snacks, Khaleesi!

My sis Jean was the one who invited me to the party. We've always made jokes about us growing up as crazy dog ladies and us being such #titasofmanila, but when yesterday just happened, we realized we've become amigas to a whole new level....


The ladies and gentledogs came in nothing but their best outfits! 


What do they eat, you ask?
LIVER CUPCAKES!!!! (everything's edible, from the icing down to the paper cup made of rice)

"I want more, please!"

Hachiko loved it! <3

Squad goals!!

The real party happened under the table.. lol.

Human guests came in with doggie treats too!

It was so nice seeing our dogs play around and be happy!! :) 

"BAKIT GANUN MAS MASAYA PA AKO SA ASO KO????", I semi-shouted in front of everyone because I was just too happy. <3

The beautiful birthday celebrant! Hey, Khaleesi the Diva!

It was really nice meeting new friends that day!
Please follow their Instagram accounts for a daily dose of cuteness!


Someone had a big day :') teeehee!



UNIQLO x Lemaire

Photo from Mommy Joy of Ocassions of Joy

A month ago, I was invited by my friend Ysabel as her plus one to the Uniqlo x Lemaire launch.

What is Uniqlo and Lemaire?

UNIQLO partnered with French designer Cristophe Lemaire for a special collection. The UNIQLO and Lemaire collection represents products that embody the LifeWear concept- simple made better- that is share by both brands. Every item combines elegance with moderate relaxation and comfort, for modern and advanced wardrobe mainstays.

The much-anticipated collaboration showcases UNIQLO's high quality materials at a perfect price. Sophisticated yet accessible, it offers a timeless color palette of greens, navies, whites, and reds. The men's and women's collections will be available in SM Megamall and SM Aura, two out of UNIQLO's four large stores until the end of Fall Winter 2015.

The children's line was adorable, too!!

Really eyeing on that plaid skirt!!

With Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic and Mommy Joy of Occasions of Joy

Had a great time with you, love! Thank you!

With Paul the PR guy and Ana Gonzales!

With Ava Te Zabat of Artsy Fartsy Ava!

Highschool friends turned blogger besties!! Til next event! :)



Hey Hershey: Loreal True Match Media Event for the Perfect No Make Up Look #FoundMyTrueMatch

September 27, 2015
Farmacy, BGC
for the PERFECT NO MAKE UP LOOK #FoundMyTrueMatch

I have always, always, ALWAYS been a fan of Loreal True Match foundations for the following reasons:

1. I don't get allergic reactions/ pimples from using it (I have sensitive skin).
2. It's very light on the face (which is perfect for our country's very humid weather).
3. It's formulated to match Asian skin.

So when Loreal invited us to the media launch of their new and improved Loreal True Match line, I didn't even think twice about going!! 

When we got to the event, we were given an empty box each to fill in with our own True Match essentials for the perfect #nomakeup look. We went to different stations on a search for our own #TrueMatch shades. After finding our #truematch shade per station, we were handed a key to keep with us 'til the end. After completing all 4 stations, we were asked to "unlock" a hunk (lol) to find out if we matched! If you get to unlock one, you get a special prize. 

I swear I couldn't remember myself being THIS giddy in a media event!! We had so much fun running around places and talking to different people. Lol. Please allow me to tour you round a little!!


The Loreal True Match Blur Cream works like magic. Its micro blur technology soft focuses skin and optically smooths pores. It is non-greasy and weightless-- I swear you'd barely even feel like you're wearing make-up! 

I use this blur cream every day now. I usually put it on my t-zone area cause I have really oily skin and visible pores.

Thank you, Ms. Joan Teotico of Loreal! :)


Ahh. Now for the star of the show-- the world's #1 foundation.

The #NoMakeUp look has never been easier with the new and improved True Match foundation. Its formula now blends faster than ever, so it looks more natural than ever. It has 15 shades to choose from-- all customized to match Asian skin tones and undertones. Awesome.

For station 2, we were asked to get in The Black Fleet-- a gorgeous limousine bus.

This. is. so. cool.

And lol, guess who I met inside?! THE one and only, Ms. Verna Marin-- Loreal Philippines' senior makeup artist (who also happened to be the make-up artist at my debut a year and a half ago! Hahaha! Talk about destiny!)

Miss Verna helped me find my true match shade. (For those curious, I'm a G3 Gold Vanilla).


Aaah. I'm in love with this concealer, too! It's very easy to lightweight and easy to blend-- perfect for school girls like me!

Thank you, Ms. Roberta Millena! :)


Ooooh. I liked this station, too!! (Lahat nalang! HAHA!)

Introducing Loreal's Brow Artist in two types:  the brow genius kit and the brow artist designer pro.

"The Brow Genius Kit is the ultimate all-in-one brow kit. It contains styling wax, tinted powder, and a spoolie. The pigmented wax holds for 12 hours and the natural shaded powder allows for buildable color."

The 3-in-1 brow artist designer pro is equipped with a brow pencil, a brow eyeshadow, and a spoolie!


Both the brow kit and the designer pro come in two shades: light and dark.
(If you're asking,  I got the light brow kit and the dark designer pro.) 

Thank you so much, Ms. Gex Garcia! 

Tada! Mission accomplished!! :)

Now it's time to test if the keys I got could unlock a hunk. Lol! 

AND YEP. It did! 

And I won two tickets to a movie screening! Yay!! :)


Just posting this here cause her Trisha's gray hair looks really, really neat!!

After filling in our boxes with Loreal goodies, we filled our tummies with burgers and ice cream! 


Thank you so much for inviting us to this event!! :) Had such a blast, you guys! Til next time!

With Jan Baybay, my life peg in every aspect of my life?? Haha. 

Thanks for the great  time, Cathy!! You're such a fun person to be with!

And yep guys, I'm trying to start this whole vlogging thing. Here's my first ever video blog! Hahaha and yes, this is how kulit we really are in person! #truematch #truecolor #trueself #letsgetreal 

Do I recommend Loreal True Match products?


They're perfect for Asian skin, and I'm not even being biased about this. Try it out for yourselves, ladies!! :)


Camp Courage PH: An empowering advocacy for today's teen Filipinas!

Youth empowerment is something I will always be in support of, and that is why it was an honor to have witnessed the launch of CAMP COURAGE, a campaign whose advocacy I believed in.

Did you know that 75% of girls ages 13-17 want to feel accepted yet are afraid of being judged? Dyahe, hiya, and kaba are brought about by many changes that young Filipinas encounter, both socially and physically.

While the teenage years signal for a more promising phase in an individual's life, many miss to seize the opportunities in front of them due to their insecurities and the lack of knowledge to empower them. These feelings become even more amplified with the changes that they start to experience in their own bodies, such as breakouts, oiliness, wetness down there, and monthly periods.

In its desire to understand and address the needs of Filipina teens, Johnson and Johnson Philippines came up with CAMP COURAGE.

Mary Clare Pineda and Isabel Garcia (founder of The Better Story Project) talk about confidence and saying yes to every opportunity 


It is a movement and an advocacy that empowers today's Filipina teens to celebrate their teenage years and to realize their full potentials.

Camp Courage will go around the Philippines to reach out to 400,000 Filipina teens in 500 schools nationwide. It will conduct workshops and activities that will help girls understand their bodies even better, know the right things to do in any situation, and find opportunities where they can enhance their talents and skills even more.

By September 2015, will be launched where teens can support each other by sharing stories that can motivate them to seize the moment.

Karen Co, Group Brand Manager for Teen Brands, Johnson and Johnson Philippines

Tumblers were scattered all over the tables so that we can design em and take them home!! Cute, huh??

 Our table!!

Liza Soberano, the face of the Camp Courage campaign, graced us with her presence today. 

"Just like any other teenager, I also go through a lot of insecurities that make me doubt myself and restrain me from moving confidently. Not many people know this, but every time I face  a large crowd, I experience stage fright. However, I've learned from the women I look up to that the teenage years is a very exciting phase in one's life-- packed with opportunities that we can't allow to pass. That is why I am one with Camp Courage in empowering girls like me to be more confident to seize every moment."  -- Liza Soberano

The three other Camp Courage senior scouts joined Liza on stage and showed us their Camp Courage cheer!

With Ms. Cathy De Asis and my blogger friends, Phylicia Pineda and Stephanie Lee

Say hi to Kali Huff and Czari Domingo-- my buddies today!! hehe!

 Thanks for having us today, Johnson and Johnson! :) This is a really nice step towards youth and women empowerment; you have our support in this!


LAZADA SHOP TIL YOU BLOG: Blogging Tips from Top Blogger Kryz Uy

Hey, guys!

How have y'all been enjoying the coziness of today's cuddle weather? Hope everyone's safe and dry!


Last June, Lazada Philippines invited us to a fun and intimate event entitled "SHOP TIL YOU BLOG". Esteemed speakers, including top Filipina fashion blogger Kryz Uy, were there to inspire bloggers to keep on doing what they love.

In a time where anyone could call himself/herself to be a blogger, it's easy for people to underestimate the industry. Thankfully, Kryz Uy, who never fails to inspire me with her passion for the craft, reminded us to keep on doing and working hard for what we love. After all, we blog to share ideas, and not for its perks.

The last time I heard Kryz give a talk was last March when my sorority invited her for "Ambassadress of Beauty". 3 months later, she's still as amazing and as humble!

Anyway, back to the talk.

Here were a couple of tips that we learned from her that day:

1. Post on searchable content
2. Find a need and fill it
3. Do something new and own it
4. Be relevant. Be current.
5. Use hashtags and geo tags.
5. Be yourself cause no one can do that better than you

For more, visit her blog at

Kryz Uy also gave us tips on how to make our Instagram feeds look nicer! For inspiration, you may follow her at @kryzzzie on IG.

To make sure that we learned from her #flatlay tips,  we had a quick contest, too. The bloggers in the house were encouraged to take a flatlay of the freebies they got that day. Here was my entry:

Thank you for these cool giveaways, LAZADA PH! Your sponsors are awesome. Lol.

Here was my favorite takeaway from Kryz Uy's talk.
"If you are real, genuine, and unapologetically yourself, the right people will respect you. And the wrong people--- well, they're irrelevant."

Keep on doing you! As long as you're not stepping over somebody else, you're on the right track. :)

Thanks for the talk, Kryz! Can't wait to hear more from you soon!


Here are some other photos I took that day

With my IG friend, Chesca De Mesa!

Buffet by Discovery Primea Hotel, Makati City

With my former high school buddy, now famous Instagrammer and blogger, Bea Marin

With tablemates, Patty Villegas and Tonette Nicolas! :)

I'll be ending this post with a bag I bought from Lazada a few weeks ago :) Can't believe I was able to get this original Mango saffiano satchel for only 55 pesos (its original price was 3,999). Talk about super sale!! Shop now over at

Again, thank you for having us LAZADA PHILIPPINES. Thank you for taking well care of us, I am so proud to be a Lazada affiliate! More power to you!


Fujifilm INSTAX DIY Year 2!

Fujifilm Philippines held the second instalment of their Instax DIY event last week at a cute camera shop in QC called "Shutter Master Pro". If you're a fan of photography/videography, this place is perfect for you because it literally has everything you need.  Shutter Master Pro, the Philippines' first professional online photo-video store, is located at 118 Sct. Dr. Lazcano St., Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City, Philippines.

Anyway, just a quick back story. I arrived an hour late for the event because, as you may have seen from my posts on Facebook and Twitter, it was also elections season in UP Manila then. In fact, it was the last day of campaign period when this event happened. I finished my campaign duties first --from accompanying our candidate in room-to-rooms to giving away fliers--  before coming to the event, all the way from school. 

Fortunately, I came in just in time for a fun  DIY game! 
I was such a #lostgirl in the first five minutes cause I didn't have groupmates (LOL), but super duper thank you to these people for adopting me! <3 I'm so lucky to have been grouped with them too cause they're so artsy and all that. HAHAHA.

Melissa Gatchalian of, Michael Macalos of, Ana Gonzales of, and Ava Te - Zabat of 

The whole point of the game was to create an instax project in 15 minutes. We were provided with instax cameras, beads, ribbons, stickers, and all sorts of scrapbooking materials. 

Me to them: Bakit ung sainyo ang effortlessly artsy?? I give up.


Our baby-mobile inspired project!! 

Ana and Michael explaining our Instax DIY to the judges :)

Reunited with these girlies!!
 Stephanie Lee of and Patty Villegas of

I'm a huge fan of anything floral and girly, so you could guess just how in love I was with the event set-up! Ang lakas maka-Secret Garden! Haha!

It rained cupcakes that day!! yipee!

Another kilig moment! Haha. When I started blogging in 2011, these girls were my inspiration-- they're the first Filipino bloggers I religiously followed.  I'm just so humbled to be able to attend this event with them. 

Ava Te-Zabat of 
Ana Gonzales of
Aisa Ipac of
Tracy Ayson of

With Reese Lansangan of

With my favorite girl Phylica Pineda of and the ever-gwapo Sef Tiburcio of !!1

Huhu Camie Juan is sooo cuute! Peg! Haha! 

Camie Juan of

Ang lakas maka-family portrait!! Hahahaha!
Thank you for the great time, you two!! It's always a fun time with you guys. Again, thank you for all the tips and advice you gave!! Mwah!

With Phya and Michael!

For more photos, follow me on Instagram! :) @theteenagequeen

Thanks for the invite, Fujifilm Philippines! 

The Teenage Queen

Mateo's Restaurant Cafe: A Spanish-Filipino Restaurant at Malakas Street

I'm very giddy right now as I write this. I am just so excited to share with you all my newest discovery at the heart of Malakas street--a homey Spanish-inspired restaurant called Mateo's.

Two weeks ago, we got invited to a food-tasting event at Mateo's. And grabe lang ha! This was honestly the most fun I ever had in an event yet! :) Thank you so much to Mateo's and to Ms. Dina of DigitalMedia PH for inviting me to this super fun evening  :)

Activity #1 
"Gingerbread House"

To break the ice, we started off with a gingerbread house decorating contest!

Everyone was soooo delighted to play around with icing and candies. When I was a kid, my mom would always bring home a gingerbread house for Christmas. The houses stopped coming when I turned older, and it wasn't until this time that I finally got to play with one again.

We were divided into 4 teams, and the team with the prettiest house gets to take the gingerbread home with them; the members of the winning team just have to talk among themselves who gets to take the house home, which is, DUH, where the real competition happens. HAHAHAHA!!

Say hello to my team! :) Pat Lou (blogger behind and Ms. Rosey :)

                                              Ta-da! Look at our masterpiece. Hehe.

Check out the works of the other teams! :)


didn't win...... but we had fun, and that's what matters most, right? :( =)))))))))

Wanna decorate your own gingerbread house? Check this out! :)

Other than gingerbread houses, it also rained cupcakes that night. <3 Yum!

Okay, introduction time! These two fellas, Ms. Lala and Sir Miko, are just some of the amazing people behind Mateo's.
Fun fact: Mateo's was actually a house before it was a restaurant.
Another fun fact: Sir Miko is holding a photo of his great grand father, Mateo, who was a former HUKBALAHAP member--- he was the inspiration behind this restaurant.

Gotta love their beautiful, homey interior! Mateo's function room has good lighting and air conditioning as well. 

For those looking for venues, Mateo's is the perfect place to hold your parties :) Check these out

Their garden + another function room

The door to the function room we were at

Activity #2

Ms. Rosey taught us how to prettify our cords/chargers with yarn! :)

Check these out! So cuute :)

Do you want to learn how to crochet as well? 

Activity #3
"Spanish class"

Senorita Kara taught us some basic Spanish as well. I really enjoyed this part! I took 6 units of Spanish last school year, and I must admit, foreign language isn't my forte. I've always found it difficult to learn a language, but attending this short class refreshed me with the basics of Spanish once again. :) We had so much fun too because the class was so interactive. 

And now, for the post you've all been waiting for:


I am very much in love with Mateo's Restaurant and Cafe. Their food was nothing short of amazing, and everything tasted so authentic and homey. The presentation was an A+ too. The price is affordable, ranging from 200-600 pesos, as far as I remember.


Spinach Quesadilla (a favorite of mine!!)

Tapa + mushrooms

 Paella--- everyone's favorite!!! <3

They offer both Spanish paella and paella Negra :) Yum yum yum!

Their kare-kare is amazing, too. 

The pasta, two thumbs up! :)

Best blueberry cheesecake I've ever had in the Philippines. It reminded me so much of the Cheesecake Factory in the USA. :) It's that good.

Of course, a post is never complete without obligatory photo ops! hhehe :)

Say hi to Ms. Dina of DigitalMediaPh :) Thank you so much, Ms. Dina! :)

With fellow bloggers and Ms. Lala, co-owner of Mateo's !! :)

With the owners of Mateo's Restaurant and Cafe :)

So happy to have met new blogger friends that night! :) 
Shout out to Patty of (, Cyrene of (, Lou, and to the rest of these pretty girls :)!

My rating?
A 5/5! I had so much fun. 
Mateo's Restaurant and Cafe has
  • a homey, comfy ambiance (we stayed at the function room)
  • good lighting
  • fast wifi
  • good airconditioning
  • an affordable menu
  • amazing food
  • polite servers

The best part is that everything looks so artsy and hipster. Lol. 

I actually enjoyed Mateo's so much that I brought my family there with me two weeks in a row!

My family loved the food and place. My well-travelled dad was impressed with the food because it tasted very authentic. 

The second time I brought my family here was just last Tuesday. We had "balikbayans" (our cousin Tim and his girlfriend Stephanie) from Los Angeles. They LOVED the food. Stephanie had bagnet for the very first time, and she loved it so much. The paella was a winner as well. They loved everything, actually. 

For dessert, we tried cheesecake and moist chocolate cake. We have decided that we didn't know which one was our favorite. We loved both cakes. :)


You may call them at 433-80-33

I am so happy just writing this post! Thank you for the wonderful experience each time I visit, Mateo's. My family and I are now regular customers of yours!

The Teenage Queen

PS. Have you joined my BROWHAUS Classic Threading Giveaway?
PPS. Join my NOURRITURE Cleansing Juice Giveaway as well!! :)

Taco Bell's Super Duper Yummy Meat Grillers!

Hey, hey, hey, guys!

Guess what?? We've just been given MORE reasons to love Taco Bell!
They've recently added two new additions to their menu, and they're called 

Product description:
Layers of meat and other flavorful ingredients all grilled and wrapped in a tortilla. And yep, it's heavy enough (trust me) for lunch/ dinner!! :)
The Meaty Grillers come in two varieties:


This one is a personal favorite of mine. I love the potato bits inside gushing with cheese inside this grilled tortilla.  The potato bites is my favorite side dish at Taco Bell, and I'm just so so so happy they thought of putting them inside soft tacos as well! woohoo. Ugh ok now I'm craving for a Chili Cheese Potato Griller. Darnit.

Ingredients: chili beef, jalapeno cheddar cheese sauce, potato bites, flour tortilla


Oh this one's super yummy, too! I love how Taco Bell has localized items in their menu-- this taco has rice in it, guys!! This one's perfect for ricelovers out there. 

Ingredients: fiesta rice, pork bbq, pepper jack sauce, diced onions, flour tortilla

* Meaty Grillers A La Carte Price: 85 pesos each

* Combo Price: 149 pesos (1 meaty grillers, 1 crunchy taco, and a drink!) SAVE 14 PESOS!

 I love Tacobell's signature hot sauce :) They're known for the random phrases on their packets.

A big big thank you to Zomato Philippines for inviting us to this foodie meet up event! 

Zomato is an online and mobile restaurant search and discovery service that provides in-depth information for over 260,000 restaurants across 13 countries. Zomato's core content features include menus, photos, and geocoded coordinates of the hottest restaurants and hidden gems in a city.

The website and app are extremely easy to use! In a few simple clicks, users can explore a whole range of restaurants depending on their choice of cuisine, location, and budget. Zomato also allows users to post photos and reviews about their latest gastronomic adventures and share those with over 25 million monthly global users.

VIEW MY POSTS ON ZOMATO, GUYS! My username's hersheyneri :)
If you have a Zomato accnt, pls comment them below so I can view your posts, too!!

I had so much fun with fellow Zomans last Friday! We got a chance to meet different bloggers and try out Taco Bell's yummy food. My favorite part? Winning prizes from games, of course! Haha. Being the bibbo kid inside, games will always be my favorite part of any program. Hahaha. Thanks for the Dencios and David's Tea House gift certificates, Zomato! :) 

(the host was half-kidding when he said I get to win this balloon stand from the game "Bel Bel Hooray" [hep hep hooray])

 Say hi to blogger Kimberly Nieves of! <3

With Cyrene Riparit of :)

With Lou Ongpin of <3

Happy for new friends! Yay :)

Again, thank you TACO BELL and ZOMATO for the awesome night!

TACO BELL BRANCHES: Trinoma, Gateway 1st floor, and Gateway 3rd floor :)

Group photo grabbed from Taco Bell Philippines

Quick OOTN!!

Shirt: H&M
White top: Bayo
Leather shorts: borrowed from my sorority sis, Cess :)
Birks-inspired sandals: Payless
Bag: Bagellia Filipinas
Necklace: a gift from my cousin
Watch: Aldo

(Thanks for taking my outfit shots, Ken! hihi)

 Check out some freebies we got from Zomato! 
I'm not saying I'm a foodie, but.... 

Ending this post with a throwback to my stressed out college freshman self,  two years ago. Lol. It's still hellweek for us tho. Onting push nalang Christmas break na! HAHAHA.
#IJustWantToBeABurrito #IWantTacoBellBurrito 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this! Til next time :)
The Teenage Queen

Browhaus and Strip's Victorian-Themed Branch at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall!

As you all know, Browhaus seeks to bring us to a different destination each time we visit a particular branch. The Serendra branch is a room full of eyebrows; the Greenbelt branch is one big submarine; the Davao branch is a shooting range; the Lucky Chinatown, a camp site. The theme of their newest branch in SM Megamall Fashion Hall? Victorian!

Last September 18, we were privileged to have witnessed the grand opening of Browhaus Manila + Strip Ministry of Waxing's newest branch in SM Megamall Fashion Hall at the 5th floor.

With fellow bloggers, Alyssa of and Jirbie of | Photo grabbed from Jirbie


I'm a total sucker for themed-parties, and I just wasn't able to contain my happiness and excitement when I found out that the theme for the night's event was CARNIVAL!

Upon arriving at the party, we were directed to a table where we could choose one necklace from. HAY NAKO, I was so pressured!! HAHAHAHA. People were looking and waiting for me to pick just one, and I was this close to blurting out, "Hindi ko alam gusto ko! Hindi ko talaga alam!" =)) #drama #hugot
I ended up picking the color lime tho. hehe.

Check out the uber cute desserts booth! 
They had popcorn, creme brulee, cream puffs, tiramisu, cookies, etc.


The food was amazing, too! My friends and I were able to finish --please don't judge-- 3 servings of pasta! LOL!!!

Wanna take a sneak-peek of how the rooms look like? 
Yeah? I thought so.
Just to brief you real quick, the Browhaus + Strip branch in Megamall is actually one big place.
The left side is where Browhaus is at, while Strip is located at the right side.

The Cashier


Don't you just love the enchanting feel of the colors? The place actually reminds me of mermaids, for some reason. Hehe.


The prints of the walls are so pretty!!!

I love the tint of the mirrors located along the hallway! My reflection looks as if it had been filtered by Instagram!

Love how they put attention to details.

The waiting area is so cute. Ugh.

Okay, now back to the event!

The grand opening was hosted by none other than Ms. Tessa Prieto :)

Ms. Tab of Browhaus Manila giving a short message on how Browhaus and Strip in the Philippines all started.

Pictures of Browhaus and Strip through the years

With Jirbie, Ms. Monique of Browhaus Manila, and Alyssa :)
Than you so much for having us, Ms. Monique! We had such a great time. More power to Browhaus!! <3

 Photo grabbed from Jirbie of

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the party because I had to go home to study for an exam the next morning #studentbloggerproblemz. But I heard there were can-can performers as well as jugglers and other circus performers. So cool!! Just some of the ribbon cutters that night were Andi Manzano, Vanessa Matsunaga, and JM Rodriguez. You may check out Instagram for more photos of the event! #StripMegaFashionHall #BrowhausMegaFashionHall

So happy I got to bring home one of these. Thanks, Strip and Browhaus for this really cool PR kit! Hehe. So cute!!

Ending this post with a selfie with Strip's very own waxing virgin, Jenny!!
Photo grabbed from Alyssa of

Speaking of, I'm going to visit Strip really soon to have my very first Brazilian. I'm nervous yet really excited for this! A lot (and I mean, A LOT) of people- both men and women- have been telling me that once you experience the Strip treatment, you won't want to have it done anywhere else. Thanks again for this opportunity, Strip! :) 

Congratulations on your newest branch, Browhaus and Strip! 
I've always been a regular customer of yours and I'm just so honored to have witnessed this milestone. More power!

The Teenage Queen

BROWHAUS' Newest Products: the HD Mascara and the Precision Eyeliner!

Browhaus--your one-stop brow and lash grooming salon, built for the image-conscious urbanite who demands not just function, but function and style-- has recently launched the newest additions to their make-up line: the Precision Eyeliner for #PreciseTips and the HD Mascara for #FullLashes. 

We were invited to their bloggers event last August 27 which was held at 
The Hungry Hound / Niner Ichi Nana at The Fort.

The Hungry Hound is a freestyle gastropub rooted in European technique and mixes in
different flavours from around the world. Their chefs add character to the classics by
introducing items on the menu with Asian and even Filipino influences like sweet chili,
kimchi, and even bacon-silog.

Niner Ichi Nana is a place of expression. Like cocktail bars from eras passed, it is a location
where different people get together to discuss the world over some well prepared and properly
proportioned drinks. Niner Ichi Nana is an ode to Craft Cocktail Bars, seeing bartending as an art without any boundaries, filled with multi faceted flavours and helmed by artisans.

The food was excellent. I wasn't able to take more food shots, though, cause I was too focused on their perfectly grilled cheese sandwich. Hehe. But do drop by The Hungry Hound/ Niner Ichi Nana when you happen to be at the Fort area! :) I'm sure you'll enjoy it there as much as we did. 

The Erwan Heussaff himself mixed our drinks. Awesome! (Photo grabbed from Ms. Monique Jamlang's IG)

1. HD Mascara (998 pesos)
The HD Mascara works wonders. What I love most about it is that it's water-proof, so it doesn't smudge easily and end up making me look like I have a black-eye.  If you're a mascara type of person like me, and you just hate it when your mascara builds up at the end of your tips, then you'll be happy with this product. Yes, it's totally, totally clump-free! 

It also locks up your curls for 24 hours. There was this one night when I forgot to use make-up remover on my lashes (bad move!! remember to always remove make-up before going to sleep lol!!). Interestingly, I washed my face, took a bath, and rushed to school the next day without even putting make-up on, but the Clump-Free HD Mascara was still at work! My lashes were still curled, which was pretty cool. 

2. Precision Eyeliner (750 pesos)

Don't you just love Browhaus' witty posters? 
With Browhaus' Precision Eyeliner, your can create tips ranging from Thin to Bold to Amy Winehouse!
If you find it really hard to use liquid eyeliner, then you'll fall in love with Browhaus' Precision Eyeliner. It's shaped just like a real pen, so it's SUPER easy to hold and apply. I mean it! Putting on eyeliner has never been easier! 

The Precision Eyeliner comes in two (2) colors:
Intense Black and Deep Brown

Top: Mascara, Middle: Black eyeliner, Bottom: Brown Eyeliner

Because of Browhaus, I just recently discovered the wonders of brown eyeliner! If you're going for a more natural look, you must definitely try brown eyeliner <3 

Deep Brown Precision Eyeliner for a natural day look

Intense Black Precision Eyeliner for night outs and a glam look


                                                  More photos from the bloggers event!

Love love love the Japanese feel off the event! And yay for mochi!!!

In line with Browhaus being all into precision and perfection and all that, someone from ORIGAMI PILIPINAS gave us a mini workshop on how to make our own paper cranes!! It was my first time trying this, and it required a lot of patience and an eye for precision!!! LOL.

My crane was such a failure HAHA. When the instructor asked us to "make our cranes flap", mine's wing got ripped off and it fell . :( </3

A prize awaited the person who could create the most precise crane. Congrats to Zia for winning!! Hehe

                                  Our table was so bibbo and competitive! HAHAHA!
                             Photo grabbed from Jirbie of :)

With Sophie Ramos of One Day <3

With Ms. Monique of Browhaus Manila and Zia of <3


You may avail of the HD Mascara and Precision Eyeliner at these branches:

2F SerendraBonifacio High St. Bonifacio Global City Taguig
Store Hours:
Sun-Thurs: 11AM to 9PM
Fri-Sat: 11AM to 10PM
T: +632 9010597
M: +63 917 5771352

4F Greenbelt 5 Phase 2 Legaspi Street, Ayala Center Makati
Store Hours:
Sun-Thurs: 11AM to 9PM
Fri-Sat: 11AM to 10PM
T: + 632 5013998

3W 3rdFlr, Abreeza Corporate Center JP Laurel
Bajada, Davao City.
0917 8712033
082 3270028
Operating Hours:
Sunday  - Sunday
10am – 9pm

Fs 417& 418 Lucky Chinatown,
Reina Regente St. corDela Reina St.,
Binondo, Manila
Operating Hours : 
Sunday to Saturday
10am to 10pm

5th floor Mega Fashion Hall
SM Megamall Epifanio de los Santos Ave (EDSA)
Corner Julio Vargas Ave, OrtigasCenteer,Wack-Wack
Greenhills, Madaluyong Philippines

Featured: Browhaus Brow Resurrection V 2.4!

Last Monday, Browhaus Manila invited us to a bloggers event at their newest branch in Lucky Chinatown, to witness how their famous "Brow Resurrection" is done. {Warning: this post is very photo-heavy!}


 I find it really cool that Browhaus Manila seeks to bring their customers to a different destination each time they visit a particular branch. If you noticed in their Serendra branch, the interiors of the place is full of sketches of eyes; in their Glorietta branch, they incorporated a "Submarine" theme. As you could notice from the picture below, the theme of Browhaus Manila's newest branch is "Outdoor Camping" (notice the colorful tents behind the tarps!!)

I find the theme very cute, actually. Now I can't wait for them to open new branches to find out what other themes they have in mind! 

Another fun fact: notice those eyeballs? They're actually characters with names. They have Romeo, Lady Gaga, and even Bruno Mars, too!

Everyone in the event LOVED what they did with the floor. I mean, who doesn't like grass, right??

They even have a bbq grill inside! How cute!

We were given dozens and dozens of siomai, siopao, hopia, and other delicious Chinese food, because hello--- we were in Lucky Chinatown!! (love this place, btw)


So at the start of the event, Browhaus Manila shared with us their mission and passion. I, too, strongly believe that eyebrows can either make or break a person's face. As what I previously said in my old post


, eyebrows define and frame a person's face. In the mornings, when people are either too lazy or too busy to even put on make-up, a pair of well-defined and groomed brows can actually save your day.

According to Browhaus, there are different kinds of "Brow Crimes", namely:

The confetti brow, The Mona Lisa , The Red & Blue Aliens (which you can get from tattooing or embroidery methods), The Comma, The Caterpillar, and The Flying V.

Fortunately, the brow architects of Browhaus Manila are always ready to save you from every brow crime you can possibly commit. 

If you have noticed, my brows are very strong and thick, and that is why all I need do to maintem them is to always have them groomed, and to make sure they don't look messy.

However, other people have a problem different from mine. Some people (like me) have "too much brows going on", while others actually need "more brows". And that's where Brow Resurrection v2.4 comes to the rescue!


"Brow Resurrection is Browhaus' signature semi-permanent is an advanced technique that is unique to Browhaus. It boasts a more detailed and natural stroke perfected by Browhaus' dedicated Research and Development team, with a finer finish than normal brow embroidery."

FYI,  Brow Resurrection is very different from tattoo procedures. If you noticed,  tattooed eyebrows don't look natural at all! The ink usually turns into blue or green after some time. Plus, it's permanent, too, so you can't really do anything about it- it's there with you forever, even when your skin starts to wrinkle or sag. On the other had, Brow Resurrection is completely different. 

First of all, "BR" crafts out intricate and life-like brow strands (unlike tattoos that look very unnatural). The ink used is vegetable ink, and 100% very safe. It doesn't fade into blue, green, red, or any other color. It's not permanent, too. Unlike tattoos that penetrate up to the third layer of the skin, BR only reaches the epidermis. After about 2 years, the vegetable ink fades away, so that you can have it retouched-- no, it doesn't fade into any other color; it just literally fades away--, AND that's a good thing because then you can adapt to what your skin needs. You can reshape it, thicken it, or lengthen it by having it retouched. If your skin starts to sag or wrinkle by then, the brow architect will be able to re-construct your brows accordingly.

The best part? It's totally NOT painful! They even said that threading is more painful than BR (and jsyk, Browhaus is very famous for their almost pain-free threading services).

On that day, we witnessed three lovely ladies' transformation as they went through the Brow Resurrection Version 2.4! One of them was for a touch-up session (she had her brow resurrection done two years before), and two of em were first-timers!

Did you know that as of now, there are only FOUR brow architects in Manila who are allowed to perform the Brow Resurrection procedure? It is because it takes about months and months and months of training before one becomes qualified to do it. To perform BR, one must have precision and very steady hands, above everything else.

The whole procedure takes about 90 minutes, and the good part about it is that there's no "holding period". Yes, you can go straight to work after the procedure, or even party the same night! 

The first part is the cleaning. This is when they shape your brows.

Next, they use a special pencil to fill in and construct your brows.

The application of the anti-bleeding and the numbing cream

Notice the life-like strands

Don't be deceived by the looks of it; this procedure is actually painless!! 

You see that "camera" over there? That's sort of like an "after treatment" for BR. Browhaus has always believed that having perfect brows will help you achieve that "picture perfect" moment, and thus, the camera theme (the idea's so cute, right??)

If you open the box, this is what you'll see.

The bowl (the other stuff are inside the box)

The instructions manual 


So before y'all get to see the results of the BR, I also want to share with you my brow construction (threading) experience! I've already blogged twice about how much I am in love with their threading services. It's very painless, and the results are always incredible! 

That's me inside one of their tents! I love how cozy the place is. Their seats were very comfortable, too. 

I felt really relaxed, actually :P

Ready for my threading!!! :)

I don't know why, but the trimming part is always my favorite part. HAHAHAHA. I'm so weird.

I love how they pay close attention to details :)

(thank you Ken for these awesome shots! lol)


Okay, so are you ready for the before and after shots??

BEFORE Brow Resurrection:

AFTER Brow Resurrection!

Close up shot. You won't even differentiate which is real brow strand and which isn't!

After touch-up of BR :) 

(wasnt able to take a before pic huhu)

Now here's my before and after (brow construction/threading):



Thank you so much to Browhaus Manila for our brow-wow brows! :) Especially to the lovely managers. Shout out to Miss Monique and Miss Tam! :) Thank you, thank you!

With fellow blogger and Iskolar ng Bayan, Miss Alyssa Yu of Glamourtini! :)

With the Browhaus team and some of the fellow bloggers!

I'm going to end this post with a joke lol.

"Anong sabi ng kilay sa kabilang kilay?"


"Hey, brow!!!"

No????............ ok. :(


The Teenage Queen

CAPTIVATE 2013 : Are You Ready To Surrender?

Captivate 2013, a sem-ender party organized by the UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Manila, was the first ever event that I was official project coordinator of. Having been one of my milestones this 2013, I have to admit that this was such a beautiful learning experience . Not only did I get to learn about stuff like logistics, finances, sponsorships, collaborations and x-deals; I also learned that I can't really get anything done without help from the people around me. And that is why I want to thank EVERYONE who made this HAPPEN.

To the sponsors, thank you so much for everything. Ms. Ferge of Cabana Events, thank you for always answering my every.single. text.message and late night calls. I'm sure we definitely shared a bond over the past 5 weeks. Lol. To the lovely ladies of Green Lens Photo Studio, thank you for your support and for your trust. To Browhaus, Whisked Pastry Kitchen, and 103.5 KLITE FM, thank you for making this benefit party possible.

Sinag, Indayog and SHOOT UPM, thank you for your participation. You guys are more than awesome.

To my sisses, thank you for trusting in me. I've only been a sis for 4 months and yet you have trusted me to be the OPC of this traditional event. I can't thank you girls enough for this amazing learning experience. Thank you to my "mommy", LC Jam Reyes, for always listening and reminding me to breathe. Thank you also for reminding me why I love the Sorority and why I'm doing all of these. Thank you to my ever-so-beautiful (hahaha) batchmates for the never-ending support, and for being the ones I could run to whenever I needed a hand (or hands and feet and mouth and eyes and everything else, for the matter). I'm so happy I have you both. The 13s rock!! Thank you to the rest of my girls for helping out, especially to my "pseudo batchmate" Bekai Tuparan for getting drinks sponsors and for always being bibbo in this project. We were all so stressed with the preparations and everything, but I'm so happy we have each other. I can't even imagine college life without you all.

Brods, thank you for your support. Thanks for always making me laugh at the tambayan whenever I feel like giving up. I swear, you guys never fail to cheer me up. I've always wanted to have a brother, and I'm thankful I was given more than what I've asked for,Than you also or coming to the party! It means a whole lot to us.

LC Jan Baybay thank you for being my inspiration. You have always been my alumni crush  I still remember the night we met up at Fort. You were so fierce, so powerful. You were the epitome of what an OrCom graduate should be like. I was just there sitting across the sofa, and telling myself that I want to be just like you. Than you for all the help with the event , and for conceptualizing the campaign for responsible partying.

To the ambassadors of responsible partying ( Jana Liwanag , Phylicia Marie Pineda, Owen Domingo , Vian Carlyn Dela CruzCarl Benjamin Abesames and Miko Pascual), thank you for your time and support! (And for your charm and face value!! haha joke, but seriousy. Thank YOU SO MUCH for being so game!) And thank you to the beautiful MUA April Baldovino and the awesome photographer @Gerard Del Mundo for helping make this campaign possible.

Thank you to my supportive family for believing in me and for understanding me even when I go home late or for the times I had to go to Fort or to Pasay in the middle of the night for meetings and such. Mom, dad, thanks for believing in my passion for this. You both know how this is my dream job, and thank you for letting me grow and learn. Thank you, I love you both. To my best friend and sister, @Hiyasmin Neri , thanks for all the lessons you've taught me- from making project proposals, to MOAs to locking in partnerships. Thank you also for hosting the event with the super amazing DJ Electric (@EJ Alonso)! You guys gave life to the party. And dang EJ, you are good in what you're doing. Keep it up. You inspire me, love!  I know you're so big in the industry now, but thanks for always having time for ate and me. You are the best huggble host/DJ ever ugh I lovee you. To my ate's boyfriend/ the Kuya I never had, @james soyangco, thank you for helping me out with the logistics and the financial matters shizz. I did't know there was a lot more toparty planning than I thought. Thank you for helping me out with picking the drinks in the menu. Thank you also for the crash tutorial on financing and marketing. Oh gahd you're such a banker. HAHA. But most of all, thank you for teaching me how to use MS Excel LOL.

Thank you to my best friend ever Ken Reyes for being the most supportive person out there. Thank you for accompanying me to Divisoria, for helping me carry bagloads of stuff, for pushing away the gigantic manongs who tried to crush me at the LRT, for feeding me ice cream when I'm having a breakdown, for setting up the tech stuff during the party, for making the decorations, for taking photos, for helping me sell tickets, for everything. Everything. Than you for listening to my squeals and cries and rants and everything in between. And most of all, thank you for your presence in this milestone in my life.

And finally, thank you to the Big Guy up there for making all of this happen. This won't ever be as successful as it was without Him. Lord, you are amazing. I have no words. 


EAN (Sigma Alpha Nu) celebrates its silver anniversary this year!! :)

Funny story.

So while I was at Divisoria to buy glowsticks for this event.

Me: Ate, saan po nakakabili ng glow sticks?

Tindera: Ah, dito. 3 pesos isa.

Me: Sige po ate, bibili ako.

Tindera: sige wait lang kunin ko pa...

-Pagbalik ni aling tindera after 2-3 minutes-

Tindera: eto oh.

Me: .....ate, glow sticks po.. hindi glue stick. -_____-

=)))))))))) huhuhu only in the Philippines!!!!!! lol

With my mommy, LC Jam :)

sisses and brods haha!

Special guest performance

Hosts of the nights: Hiyasmin Neri of ABSCBN and EJ Alonso of 103.5FM

And to cap this post off, here's an AWESOME event highlights video that Shoot UPM did!

Captivate 2013 was definitely one of the coolest stuff that I was part of this year. Heehee..

The Teenage Queen

*Check out my next post to see photos of preparations :))
* Check out CAPTIVATE 2013 on Facebook!

A Disney-Themed Christmas Eve!

(Belle, Sebastian, Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell)

As a family tradition that we started three Decembers ago, fun costumes are worn on the evening of the 24th to welcome Christmas. 

Three years ago, Christmas Eve was themed "Winter Wonderland", where not a single head was without a fluffy winter hat. Last year, it was themed "Hill Billy"-- which I've already blogged about before (see post HERE). 

And this year, we decided to level up the fun and crazy by making this year's theme.....


And because I love Princess Belle so much, I decided to go as her. However, I didn't have a fancy ball gown to wear, so I decided to dress as her village girl counterpart. haha!

(outfit shots taken by Ken)

White polo: Bayo
Blue dress: Thrifted
Black shoes: Figlia
Brown leather bag: Thrifted

Blue ribbon: Charlotte Russe

Bracelet:  a steal I got fom the World Trade Bazaar :)
Rings: a Christmas gift from my Sorority sisters, Lili and Bekai! yay!


Our special visitors were in costumes, too. Ken went as a dwarf from Snow White, while Kuya James went as Po the Panda (although we realized only afterwards that Kung Fu Panda wasn't a Disney film pala...HAHAHA!!!)

Belle meets Dwarf


Po + Tink!

And Sebastian fell in love with Minnie. True Story. ;)

Dad most obviously bagged the Best Costume award... AHAHAHA

Sisterly love <3 <3 <3

The boys!

aaand the girls!

And now, for a  family photo! :) teehee.

 And thanks to Facetime, we were also thankful to have spent a part of the night with Ate Hannah and Kuya Paolo, my sister and brother-in-law from the States.

It was fun celebrating Jesus' birthday together. The evening was basically composed of us singing a happy birthday to Him, of us eating the night away, and of remembering together what the Lord had given for us and how we may set our hearts to serve Him.

True enough, Christmas Eve was again magical for all of us. Thank You Jesus for the gift of Life, of Love, and of Family! :) Happy birthday!!!!!


This Girl Is on Fire!

I don't know why my immune system had to mess up yesterday, but yeah, just to let y'all know, I spent one whole frikin day sleeping in bed whilst covered in layers of sheets and surrounded with rolls and rolls of tissues. EEEEEK!

 I was also looking forward to my highschool classmate's debut then, so I *had* to feel better as the clock struck 7. And so I did. Yay for fluids, meds, and for 16+ hours of sleep!  HAHAHA.

So this was what I wore that night. I wasn't really feeling my 100%, so I dressed up as comfortably as I could.

I love my nude pair of heels from Asianvogue! 
It can be paired with almost any outfit!

I love the metal tips on my collar!

Arm candies I got for bargain at Divisoria, paired with my mom's vintage purse! :P

Hugs and kisses to Ysabel Vitangcol (the beautiful blogger behind Simply Chic) for taking my outfit shots!
Mehehehe. #BloggerProblems


And here are some photos of Snow Florendo's super G-R-A-N-D debut at Sulo Rivera Hotel For her beautiful entrance,  she was greeted with fire dancers as she walked her way to the music of This Girl is on Fire.

Random photos with my highschool friends!!
Indeed, highschool is 
 f o r e v e r! <3

With just some of mah gurlfrendz, Bria and Angeline!

Bria's and mine! Arm partyyy!

one of da boyz

 grabbed this one from RJ :) heehee

Photobooth tiiiime! Thanks, CLICK PHOTO SOUVENIR

Big thanks to Snow for throwing an awesome party! Everyone had fun!!
Happy birthday, babe! You look so gorgeous as ever!

LOL and come to think of it, I've only 2 months left to prepare for my debut! Yikes!!

The Teenage Queen

A Hosting Gig: EPIC FAIL (Filipino Altruism In Leadership)

In an attempt to give off a young and chill vibe to the usual smart casual attire, I wore tights under my skirt instead of the conventional silk stockings. :P

And yep, this was what I wore when I co-hosted a youth leadership summit by UP SANDIGAN last August 26, 2013.

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Wet Seal
Tights: Department Store
Sneakers: Mossimo

Mehehe. now uhm, please allow me to share you a short story:
When I was informed about the upcoming leadership summit and the 250 people coming from different colleges and universities in Manila, I must admit, I really felt pressured. You see, I haven't hosted events outside of my high school before. I mean, in certain times that I did emcee parties outside school (like baptisms, get-togethers, mini parties and the like), usually half of the audience was actually people I knew. This event was definitely bigger than the ones I used to host, obviously. But I still pushed through with this gig anyway, because I believed that it will be a great learning experience. It's always good to grab every opportunity you could! Never let chances be put into waste. :)

The night before the event, I wasn't able to help but feel all sorts of butterflies inside my stomach. I knew I was unprepared, but then again, I also knew that I could not just let this opportunity pass by .After watching about 7 Youtube videos on "How to Host Events" (lol), I finally mustered enough courage to send a personal message to Sarah Carlos. Sarah has always been one of the girls I look up to the most. She's incredibly pretty and smart, she's an accountancy student, a model, a singer, aaaand a radio jock! Talk about an overachiever! Lol so I told her about how nervous and clueless I was, and how much I needed tips from her. She, being the sweet girl that she totally is, replied and gave me tips. Some of which were these

1. Treat your audience as if they were just 1 person.

"250 people isn't really a lot. Once they're all there, you wouldn't even notice them. Just treat all of them as one person with split personalities. That's what what I always think of whenever I host something- it's like I'm talking to just one person with split personalities!

2. Speak with confidence. 

"Make sure you pronounce the words properly. If ever you get tongue tied, just move on. Pretend you didn't make a mistake.. but if it was THAT obvious, then just playfully say it again! Sometimes, I say things like "SORRY! I got too excited I forgot what I was gonna say! =))" 

3. Pray.

Because God is in control, and as long as you are doing it for Him, I'm sure you'll do great.

Sarah, thank you so much for everything! I kept all of these tips in my heart.
You are a very wonderful young woman. Keep on inspiring girls like me, Ms. Beauty, Brains and Heart. <3
Can I just say that I feel really blessed because God surrounded me with amazing people. Not only did He give me Sarah, my inspirational mentor, but He also let me meet Jethro, the awesomest co-host ever!
The moment I met him for the first time on the day of the event, we instantly just clicked.

 I told him that I wasn't that experienced and trained as he was, but he told me that everything will be all right, as long as we'd have each others' backs. :) True enough, he was an AMAZING co-host. We definitely had chemistry, and hosting with him really turned out to be more fun than I thought! I learned a lot from him that day. He taught me how to go about things, and he was also very encouraging. Jethro, if you're reading this, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart :) I am very blessed to have met you!

UP Sandigan
College of Pharmacy
EPIC FAIL (Filipino Altruism in Leadership)
8 am to 5pm

We were very honored to have learned from the talks of such amazing, esteemed speakers. Not a single person left the ballroom uninspired, I tell you. Check out Epic Fail's Twitter Account HERE to catch some inspirational lines said that day. 

He's Francis Kong. Need I say more? 
Jk. But seriously. Wow. <3 Mr. Kong, you the man!!

Pastor Ru was a very energetic and witty speaker! :)

Celina La Neindre
She is one of the Filipino participants of AXN's The Apprentice Asia. Woot talk about big time!! HAHAHA Her story was super inspiring, and she is just an amaaazing woman! Hay <3 Another name has been added to my list of girl crushes. lol.

"You set your own standards, and that way, you never disappoint yourself."- Le Neindre

Chantelle Batac
At the core of a great society are great leaders. At the heart of a great leader is someone who has found his unique VOICE." - Chantelle Batac

Click THIS to view  more of the official photos of the event.

Just some random photos from my camera:

A photo with Ate Marielle, the beautiful woman with a beautiful heart! Thank you so much for inviting us, ate! And most specially for believing in us. And congrats to you and your bibbo orgmates!! UP Sandigan definitely put up one AWESOME event! woohoo! 

With Ate Roselle of UP Sandigan who gave us Krispy Kreme doughnuts after the event. Super sweet <3 Thank you, ate!! :) I know super mababaw lang kaligayahan ko, but super nakakatouch lang talaga. :) 

Congratulations, UP Sandigan!!
All of your hardwork and sleepless nights had finally paid off! Y'all make such a great team.
The leadership summit was a huge success. The event went out smoothly and organized; everyone had a blast and the speakers were a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! We can't wait to attend more of your events! More power to you guys! 

One line I heard that day and  brought with me as I left the room was this:

As long as you inspire others, you are a leader. 

keep on burning with passion in your hearts,
The Teenage Queen

Rush Hour || Aubrey's black-and-white-themed debut!

Last Friday, right after school, I found myself rushing to the sardine can that is the LRT  
(I swear, the train system in the Philippines makes me sooo disappointed. They should really do something about this hayyy!). 
And after a couple of brisk walks, of tricycle rides and of waiting for empty cabs, I finally got my tired ass home. 

It was Aubrey, my highschool kabarkada's 18th birthday celebration that night, and I promised her that I wouldn't miss it for the world, even if it meant battling sweaty manongs 3x heavier than me and pushing away annoying people who blocked my way out of the train. HAHAHAHA. 

Anyhoo, upon arriving home, I managed to gift wrap and write a birthday letter in 30 minutes. Afterwards, I took a quick shower, dressed up and did my hair and make-up in 40 minutes, too.
 I got to arrive at the event at around 9pm. Hmm.. Not bad!! I give myself a pat on the back for this. Ehehehehe.

Outfit shots taken by Klyde Tiberio

Bodycon dress (used as top): Oxygen
Skater skirt: Wet Seal
Black heels: Zara
Silver bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Vintage bag: Rosette (a hand-me-down from my sister)

Since I was in such a rush, I tried to keep my outfit real simple. The skater skirt and the sling bag gave such a 90s feel to the outfit, methinks. 

The back details


Just some random snapshots of the intimate, black-and-white-themed debut!

Venue: Relish, Tomas Morato
(Two thumbs up for Relish! The venue was so cute and dainty, and the food was superb, too!)

The beautiful girl with a beautiful heart, Aubrey! :)

I was honored to be part of Aubrey's 18 Treasures :)
I gave her a gift that I'd like to call "The Little Box of Positive Vibes".
I filled it with little, cute stuff that reminded me of her and of her bubbliness.
(eg. colorful socks from Cotton On because she used to wear pink socks to school even though that wasn't allowed; a moleskin journal because she's just entered adulthood and it's gonna be one heck of a journey; glow-in-the-dark stars and planets because she's the biggest astronomy geek I know; lots of bookmarks because she LOVES books; etc.)

We had a mini reunion with our highschool friends, too!! :) <3

I squealed with delight when she gave away cupcakes to everyone! <3  Weeeee!!

That night was filled with happy times and of happy thoughts, all because we were celebrating the special night of the happy girl who makes us all smile from ear to ear :)

Happy birthday, Aubrey! Thanks for always being a bubble of sunshine and joy. You're one of the funniest, craziest people I know. Thanks for being chill with everything and for making everyone around you happy with your presence! We love you! 

The Teenage Queen

Times Square Bazaar Fashion Show Day 1

Febrauary 9, 2013
SMX Convention Center
Times Square Fashion Bazaar Day 1
(organized by the Business Management Society of the De La Salle University)

Here are some photos of the walk for Tango. :)
stylist: Will Cheng
Go to this album to view more photos of the event :)

HAHAHA ano 'to? Tallest to shortest ang peg? =))

Thank you to Miss Janette Munoz of Make-up Designory for my make-up!! :)

And thank you to Tango for sponsoring the clothes :)

Words cannot express how frustrating it is that my phone got stolen that day.
I actually took lots of photos of the event just so that I could blog about it, but noooope,  Mr./Ms. Thief here just had to rain on my parade. So please bear with these very few photos that I was able to save. Feel free to look through Times Square Bazaar's official photos on Facebook though! :)

Anyway, I just want to thank the people of the De La Salle Business Management Society for believing in us and for inviting us to this wonderful event. Hoping to hang out with you guys again soon! Congratulations on the success of the bazaar! hugs to all of you. Mwa! More power, BMS! :D

The Teenage Queen

A Cabaret-Inspired Outfit

This is what I wore to my sister's cabaret-themed bridal shower three nights ago. 

This was actually my peg. 
I luckily found a similar vintage ruffled dress in our wardrobe full of old costumes.
 Fun fact? This dress happened to be my sister's favorite back when she was a little kid. Yup, I too wonder how I was able to fit in it LOL.

Dress: vintage/ hand-me-down
Black pumps: The Ramp
Turban: Girl Shoppe

More photos!

Check out my "I'm with the bride!" pin! cuutie!

What's a girls' night out without glitters, make-up, falsies, feathers and everything else girly? 

The prizes for the games! :)

This has got to be the cutest table napkin ever. HAHAH.

There's a secret we'll never tell ;)

The Teenage Queen

Wear Your School Colors! // Chalk Magazine

Last October 19, my sister gave me invites to the launch of Chalk Magazine's October issue, "We Got Game". 
At the end of the invitation, it said "wear your school colors."
"uh-oh", I thought to myself. At that second, I knew I was going to find it hard to look for maroon-colored clothes.
I spent almost a week searching for stuff not only in my wardrobe, but in my friends' as well. 
Nada. Nothing. Zero.

I remember me chatting with my friend Ji on Facebook
Hershey: Ji!! May damit ka ba na maroon?
Ji: Wala. Bakit?:)
Hershey: Kailangan ko kasi eh :(
Ji: Ay Sh*t akala ko nagpipick-up line ka ahahahaha!!
Then she said "wala eh, sorry!"

So you guys wanna know what I did next?
*UP students, please dont disown me ahuhuhuhu*
I looked for a nice top and a nice pair of shorts.. and when worn together, they coincidentally formed Ateneo's school colors: blue and white. =)) 

Chesca and Micah (my blockmates who were with me as I prepared for the event): Ano yan? Pag may nagtanong sayo kung saan ka nagaaral, magkukunwari kang Atenista? Mapag-panggap! Desperada masyado? Porket wala kang damit na maroon? =))))

OMG. =)) 

So to cut the long story short, while I was really contented and happy with the outfit I already came up with, Chesca insisted on making me change into another outfit because she said "Hindi siya pangparty tingnan. Parang mag ma-mall ka lang." Constructive criticism at its best, guys. =))))
So she helped me strip everything off my closet , and we were able to find a cover-up whose  shade was almost close to that of maroon (pay attention to the word almost ahahaha). 

I paired it with the color white because
it just matched, that's why  
it uhm..................
 symbolizes FREEDOM- and UP's all about freedom, right? (para-paraan lang, ahaha)

Rone accompanied me to the event that night. It was held at Aracama, The Fort Strip .

Cover-up: Bado (a Korean Store)
Top: Charlie's
Shorts: HighFive Brands 

So sorry for the low quality of the pictures! We just used my trusty ole iPhone in taking my outfit shots. 

We left the event early because we had to catch up at Mom's birthday dinner that same night. :)

Anyway, thank you, Chalk Magazine! And congratulations on your issue! :)

The Teenage Queen