Summer Nails---in December?!

I attended a "sparty" with my sorority sisters last Thursday, and discovered this cute nail place along Taft called "Nailfinity". The best part about that nail salon was that their rates were so affordable-- their manipedi costs only 250 bucks, not bad a price at all, considering that the nail polish they use were premium brands like Orly, Essie, OPI, etc. 

Photo taken by April Baldovino
Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Manila Christmas party | December 11, 2014

Next to pink, bubblegum blue is my favorite color; it's playful, girly, cute, and carefree! 
So happy Orly has this shade! <3 I think this shade is called Gumdrop? Correct me if I'm wrong, please! :P
Bracelet: DIY
Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Nail polish: Orly

Oh, I'm gonna tell you girls a secret!  On lazy days when I'm not really in the mood to think of what to wear, I simply slip on a pretty dress, and let it do all the magic. 

Dress: Ultra Flirt
Shoes: Primadonna
Belt: Cache Cache

 A dress in a playful cut and color will definitely save you on lazy days. The best part? You don't even have to stress yourself on what accessories to wear! Just let the dress speak for itself.

The Teenage Queen

For the love of super sales!

This is what I wore on my Day One in Singapore. It was my first time to go there, and I honestly did not really expect it to be THAT humid. Good thing I was wearing a pretty loose top and a mini skirt to compensate for the heat!

Anyway, now on to the outfit shots:

Do you like my stackable rings? I bought them from Cotton On for only 3 Singaporean dollars! That's somewhere around 100 pesos only :)

 I bought this pair of sunnies from Cotton On, too.
It only cost me 10 dollars (around 350 pesos). What a deal, huh? HAHAHA! I was also able to buy 2 pairs of flats from Cotton on for 5 dollars each (around 180 pesos each).

Yay for the Great Singaporean Sale! It happens every June, I think, where everything goes on SUPER. DUPER. sale and I tell you, it's just crazyyyyy!!!

The details of my fringe top :)

I bought this cute skirt from the Philippines just a month ago. I was able to snatch it for only 350 pesos. Hihi I just looooove 50% off discounts :P

Outfit details:
Fringed Top- thrifted
Skirt- Bayo
Shoes- Forever 21
Bag- Bagellia Filipinas

Well, to state the obvious, I'm a huge sucker for shopping (especially when stuff go on sale).

Do you have any recent fashion steals?? I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to comment below! :)

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Just Walk Away

Last December 20, I gave my alma mater a visit for the annual school fair. 
This is what I wore:

Dress- Mint/ Denim vest- Forever 21/ Shoes- Primadonna/ Bag- Bagellia Filipinas

Gold bangle- Divisoria
Spiked necklace (used as bracelet) that I won at a party (special thanks to the people behind Escape 2012!)- Le Plume Accessories

I don't know if you've noticed or anything, but I've already worn 
all these items  in my previous outfit posts.

I just piled them all up together, and this is what I got. 
So yay for recycling! Haha!
Ladies, it is NOT wrong to wear the same pieces more than once! Just remember to style them differently each time so things won't get, you know, too repetitive :D

Thanks to Klyde and Rone for taking these shots! :D

The next photo is an inside joke between me and my friend, Belly. You see, after the school fair, my highschool friends and I decided to take a nice walk outside and plan things out for our Christmas party that night. 
While the hullabaloo of planning, arguing and deciding was on going, 
 Belly and I were like "you guys, uhhhhh, balitaan niyo nalang kami ha." 
*insert our what-is-going-on faces here*

But yuuup, everything was going real insane, so Belly and I were like "uh this is awkward. Let's just .....walk away....."
Twenty steps away from us parked a jeep.
 And so near the jeep we went, where we basically hung out and goofed around until our friends finally made up their minds on which food and drinks to buy. HAHAHAHA. We love you guys. 
#We support you in every decision you make. lolz. jk =)) #

Gawky photo ova here

Anyway, that night was indeed one night to remember. It was supposed to be a "countdown-til-the-21st-of-December" kind of thing, so we all stayed up til midnight over at our friend's house. I thought I was going to explode from laughing too much, but thankfully, I didn't. 
I am so sooo thankful that I got to greet "doomsday" with the friends I've known the longest (11 years, guys, 11 years). I love them so soooo much. They are like the people whom I could be the me-est version of me with. Wait. Did I just make sense over there? :P 
Well, I really don't sometimes, so why even bother. 
Ugh here I go again with all the babbling.

 I better stop now. Bye.

The Teenage Queen

Neon and Aztec

Crochet top: Divisoria
Neon pink shorts: Divisoria
Nude pumps: People are People
Tattoo stockings: Gen's Closet

Styled by: Hiyasmin Neri

Well, duh. Everyone knows how addicted I am to stockings, tights and knee-high socks right now. And what better way is there to quench my thirst for leg wear than to get myself a pair of tattoo stockings?! Haha! I've always wanted to get a tatt like this one, but I just don't have the guts to because: 

1) well, I'm underaged
2) I'm afraid that my 80-year-old self might not like the idea of having a hipster tattoo on her thighs.

But anyway, to tame down the punk-ness of this outfit, I decided to play with girly colors. 
With the help of my super-talented-fashion-stylist-sister, we were able to come up with this look.

Girly and eccentric. Now that's my kind of mix.

                                                            Watch: Aldo Accessories

I bet you're drooling over my Dome Aztec bag, huh?
It's a teaser for Bagellia Filipinas' latest collection.  Visit  for more details! <3

I love love love the play of colors! <3

 What do you think of my outfit? :)

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Stripes on stripes

I've been having this thing with black stockings for a while now. They just never fail to add up some 
character in every outfit! Pair them up with a short dress, a cute skirt, or some short shorts- and you're good to go!

Look at what I did with this outfit! I was feeling really lazy to dress up last Sunday, and I was also really tempted to wear the typical lazy ass combination- a big shirt and a pair of comfy shorts.-BUT when I realized that it looked so "pambahay" and dull, I decided to just pair it up with my ever trusty black stockings, to, you know, at least add some style in it. And they're actually compressor stockings, so they keep my legs "beautiful" by preventing varicose veins. Haha!  Too much info? ok then.

Oh , and I apologize for my lame outfit shots. Haha! I had nobody to take my photos for me, so I just took advantage of the mirrors found in ALDO. Haha! Can I just say that I LOVE their accessory line?

When I got home, I decided to take more mirror shots just to show off my new Kate Spade iPhone Case. It 's neon pink and white, and it says "UNDER STATED IS OVER RATED" at the back! Sooo cute! I got it for only 250 pesos at Greenhills.

Do you like my stripes on stripes combination?

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Fashion Need Not Be Expensive

I believe that clothes don't necessarily need to be very expensive in order to be "fashionable". I do believe in the saying that it all just depends on how you carry them. It's all about style and of course, CONFIDENCE!

And so, allow me to show you an example of a so-called fabulous "budget outfit" !

This is what I wore to my sister's birthday dinner last Wednesday at the Intercontinental Hotel.

1. My old gray top actually had a small print on it. I just turned it inside out , because all my other plain tops were still in the laundry. I love how it wasn't obvious that I was wearing the top wrong. Haha.
Plus, the cover-up really helped conceal that "secret". Which brings me to item number 2.

2. I got my oversized polo from PUNK-X-PRETTY for only 150 pesos! What. a. steal. 

3. The  highwaisted floral shorts were on super sale at Jellybean. From 650 pesos, I got it for only 300. And the best part? IT WAS THE LAST STOCK LEFT. It was really meant for me, teehee. 

4. The vintage bag was on sale, too. I got it from SALAMIN SALAMAIN for only 150 pesos! 

5. I got the shoes from Asianvogue. I think that this is the most "expensive" item in my "budget outfit", but still! It's so worth it. It originally cost 1540 pesos, but since I had a coupon, I paid only 600 bucks. 

Bracelets (L-R) : Accessoire, Quirkypedia, Rockwell bazaar 

What do you think of my outfit? :)
Oh, and I would love to see your fabulous "budget outfits", too! Link them in the comments below :)

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Country Girl Sweetheart

I decided to add character to my boring old polo today.

So I tied up the bottom front part  into a knot, and rolled the sleeves up. Next, I accessorized by piling up bracelets and necklaces. And to add the finishing touches, I braided my hair and wore my new heart-shaped sunnies!

Tadaa! I was able to(sort off) accomplish the "Country Girl" look! Hope I pulled it off  though. :) 
What do you guys think?

Polo: hand-me-down from my sister, / pants: Forever 21
Bag: Bagellia Filipinas / Shoes: Parisian / over used necklaces: Acccessoire and Forever 21/ sunnies: Ebay

This is my favorite belt. It can pair up with almost anything.
I got it for only 250 bucks in Crossings :) 
Oh, and my pants are from Forever 21. I bought this pair for only 555 bucks. What a steal! INVEST IN BASICS, GUYS! 

Don't you just love my sunnies? I got it last night as a "pasalubong" (gift) from my sister who works at the States! She said she got it from Ebay. :) Cool.

Bracelets (L-R): from a random stall in Rockwell, from a bazaar in Nuvali, and from Quirkypedia 
 My flats are such an investment! Can you believe I got it only for 499 bucks? Parisian offers lots of cute flats! And the best part is, it's a Filipino brand! Support Pinoy! :)

Now tell me how you guys pimp up a boring polo! :) Feel free to comment below! :)

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The Magic of Colored Socks

Top: bazaar, shorts: Forever 21, socks: Forever 21, Boots: Zara, bag: Impulse Co, accessories: bazaar

Hi, everyone!
Here's a quick post before I head into the station booth of 99.5 fm. Make sure to tune in at around 7pm, okay? DJ Logan, Kim Castillo, co-owner of Bagellia Filipinas, EJ Alonso of Click productions and I are going to promote the Bagellia x Aid For Joyce Fashion show this May 30 (read THIS )

Anyway, this was the outfit that I wore yesterday as I helped my sister, Hiyasmin Neri, style some models. I can't spill the beans just yet, so make sure to stay tuned, okay?? It's for a campaign for a big company. Heehee. <3 I enjoyed meeting new people and getting exposed to those kind of stuff. 

Okay, now on to my outfit. Haha sorry for babbling a lot. Imagine how plain my get up would be if I didn't wear socks! Just look at how they made the outfit look interesting, and how it added a pop of color!

I swear, I have this new thing for colored socks. I actually bought this pair from Forever 21. FYI, they're actually knee high socks, but I just folded them down :)

And guess how much I got these babies? 125 pesos! What a steal!! x

Can't wait to buy more socks! Haha, I'm such a geek.

The Teenage Queen