Fujifilm Instax Wanderlaunch : Check out the NEW Hello Kitty Instax Mini , the Instax wide 300, and more!

Fujifilm recently launched their newest instax mini cameras: the Grape-colored and the Raspberry-colored Instax mini 8, the brown Instax mini 90, the Instax wide 300, and the crowd favorite, the new HELLO KITTY INSTAX!

The wanderlaunch took place at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery , Trinoma last Saturday (December 6, 2014). It was my first time going to this particular branch, and I was surprised to see how big the place was! Vanilla Cupcake Bakery branches are all consistently cute and dainty; I love how they pay attention to even the smallest details. Everything is pastel, floral, and girly-- just the way I like it. I seriously don't mind spending the whole day there just munching on their yummy cupcakes! :)

Upon arriving at the event, we were asked to proceed to their instax photo booth. We sat on this cute couch and were given cute Instax sign boards for us to pose with! An Instax representative used her black instax mini 90 to take our polaroid shots. We were given two shots-- one for us to keep, and another one to drop into the raffle box (because they were giving away Hello Kitty instax cameras huhu!!). 

Say hi to my pretty blogger friend, Patty of www.pattyvillegas.com :)

Thanks for taking these shots, Patty babe!

With my blogger friend and fellow Iskolar ng Bayan, Phylicia Pineda of www.phyliciamarie.com (left)
and with the woman who inspired me to blog in the first place, Arnie Villanueva of http://www.arnievillanueva.com ! :) (right)

Look guys! I belong! HAHA! 

Gotta love mintgreen and pink!

For the love of vanilla milkshakes & mason jars! 

Paul the PR Guy and my girl crush Nikita Conwi hosted the event!

And now, for the moment we've all been waiting for-- the wanderlaunch of the newest Instax cameras!

The new GRAPE and RASPBERRY colored Instax Mini 8! 

These cuties were sold for 4,199 pesos before, but now they're at 3,699 pesos!!!

The new Brown Instax Mini 90! 

Before: 8,990 pesos
NOW: 7,999 pesos! 

The new Instax Wide 300! 
6,999 pesos

The cool thing about this camera is that you can attach it to a tripod! 

And now, for everyone's favorite!

IT IS SO ADORABLE, OMG. But here's the catch: THEY ONLY HAVE 200 PIECES OF IT IN THE PHILIPPINES. So hurry, guys! Stocks are so limited!!!

When you avail of a Hello Kitty Instax mini, you get a special Hello Kitty film that they don't even sell in the market!

Mr. Takuya Maeda also shared a story on how Fujifilm Instax started. 

In 1988, instax was produced as a camera for Japanese high school girls. This was so because at that time, Japanese high school girls were trend-setters of Japanese culture (like, they once made weird-looking socks trend in Japan!!)

And because Japanese high school girls then kept tiny school notebooks where they write random notes like school dress codes, etc. on, Instax built a camera that instantly provided girls with small pictures so they can insert them in their notebooks!

Instax ambassador Verniece Enciso 

Photo grabbed from RODEL FLORDELIZ of www.nognoginthecity.com

Say hi to Team Young, Wild, Free! The most bibbo table of the night. HAHA! We were so noisy lol 
L-R ( bloggers Jhanzey, Camie Juan, Michael Macalos, Patty Villegas, Phylicia Pineda, and Rodel Flordeliz)

Ended the event by taking so many selfies with bloggers and friends! lol.

With Nikita Conwe, my super girl crush from RX 93.1!

With one of my first friends on Facebook (lol!) Kyla Zuniga, owner of It's All About Hue and the Ilustrados.

With Verniece!

With Paul of www.paultheprguy.com

With Camie Juan of wild-spirit.net

Say hi to Phylicia!

With Ana of www.anagonzales.com

With Michael of www.michaelmacalos.com

With Seph Cham of www.josephcham.com!

Of course, a photo with Mr. Takuya Maeda himself! He is just such a cute and adorable person! I bet he's such an AWESOME boss. <3

We each got to bring home a package from Instax! It rained films that day. Yay! 

Included in the package were films, washi tape, a leather cover for the camera, and a small notebook! :) I can't wait to do all sorts of DIYs with the cute instax films!!!

Films in Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Dalmatian, Alice in Wonderland, and Stained Glass designs!

I had my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 on my 18th birthday. It was a surprise gift from Ken and my sorority sisses, who all pitched in just because they knew how much I've dreamt of owning a polaroid--and that's why this camera is so special to me. 

Thank you, Instax, for this cute pink leather cover! Now, I can take better care of this camera. Not only do I take extra good care of my Instax because it's cute, but because it's a special gift from very important people in my life :)

I'm ending this post with photos of a very memorable moment that happened 10 months ago!

The "I CRYYYY" face =))

The Teenage Queen

Nourriture Juice (GIVEAWAY ALERT! Win Cleansing Juices Here!! )

With the marketing manager of Nourriture Juice PH, Ms. Gienah Soriano!

Hey, everyone! Guess who just came back from Zombieland? Lol. I haven't had any decent sleep the past two weeks. I swear, school work has been eating all of us alive. Thankfully, we just finished taking our last major exam a few hours ago-- one more exam and two last requirements til vacation, and we can finally call it a semester!

Anyway, I'm actually in the library as I write this, and I'm still too drained to do more studying, so please allow me to share with you my latest healthy finds!!!  

(which means "Food" in French)  offers 100% pure, fresh, and all-natural cold-pressed cleansing juices. 

What to love most about them? 
Nourriture Juice products are definitely more affordable compared to other brands (each bottle is sold for only 135 pesos!!!) , plus, they taste yummier/better than the others. :) I swear. Haha.

If you're into detoxifying, healthy living, and all that, you're sure to love Nourriture Juice! :)

"What is juice cleansing (aka juice fasting)? It is a short detox program that involves eating less solid food, but drinking more juices which cleanse your body while bringing back the enzymes and vitamins you need. This gives the body time to do a proper detox, cleansing every cell and freeing it from toxins and chemicals. The way it works is that by drinking only nutritional juices, the digestion improves and more vitamins and antioxidants are being absorbed into your blood, eliminating the unwanted compounds such as toxins and oxidation agents." -- Winter, D. 

* Facilitates weight loss
*Helps to detoxify body
* Strengthens immune system
*Increases energy
*Improves digestion
*Helps with mental alertness
*Unlocks all nutrients of raw food 


two (2) bottles of juice to jump your morning

AM Snack
One (1) bottle of juice

Two (2) bottles of juice and one (1) cup of organic tea

PM Snack
One (1) bottle of juice

Two (2) bottles of juice

One (1) cup of organic tea

A total of eight (8) bottles will be consumed for one (1) day

No solid or CANE (caffeine-alochol-nicotine-enery drinks)


One (1) winner will take home a 1-day cleanse worth 1,350 pesos inclusive of
  • 8 juice bottles
  • 2 detox tea bags,
  • and 1 thermal bag! 
The thermal bag is so cute! hihi

Organic tea


1. Like Nourriture Juice on Facebook 
2. Follow @nourriturejuice on Instagram
3. Tweet "I want to win cleansing juices from @theteenagequeen x @nourriturejuice #theteenagequeengiveaway ! http://www.theteenagequeen.com/2014/12/nourriture-juice-giveaway-alert-win.html"

After doing these 3 easy steps, comment the following details below:

Facebook link
Instagram username
Link to tweet

Take note: winner must be willing to pick up the prizes at any of the ff meet-up points- Taft, Paranaque, MOA


Below are the different flavors of their juices

But wait! More good news await you guys!

If you're interested in purchasing their juicing products, simply use the promo code "THE TEENAGE QUEEN" to get 5% off! Yay! Thank you so much, Nourriture Juice!

  Happy cleansing, everyone! Stay healthy :)


The Teenage Queen

Uncle Tetsu Philipines: The Hot Asian Cheesecake Craze Is Finally Here!!

Ever heard of Uncle Tetsu's famous hot cheesecakes? Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore are all going crazy about it (as in, people line up at the store for HOURS just to get hold of their cheesecake fix), and thank goodness this best-selling cheesecake finally arrived here in the Philippines! 

I got so excited when my sister and I were invited to visit the country's first ever Uncle Tetsu branch last month. Its first store is located at the upperground floor annex building of SM Fairview, but we're all looking forward to more branches around the metro this year. Yipeee!!!

Originating from Japan, Uncle Tetsu takes pride in having perfected the art of making Japanese cheesecake- a balance of flavor and form. Each cake is made from only the freshest eggs and cream cheese, creating a distinctive light, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth, and preservative-free dessert that's very famous in Asia today.

The great thing about Uncle Tetsu's cheesecakes is that they make sure every cake is freshly made for the customers. We even got to see how they make their famous cheesecakes up close. Lookie-Look!

First, after steam-baking the cakes for 40 minutes, the batch is brought out of the oven to cool down.

It was so cute seeing the cakes in pot-looking pans!!! heehee

Next step, everyone's favorite part:
 the cheesecakes are "stamped" with Uncle Tetsu's uber cute logo! 

Just looking at this warm, fluffy cheesecake makes my mouth drool! Yum yum yum!

Then, they store these delicious, warm cakes in the famous Uncle Tetsu boxes.

Everything in their packaging (from the box down to the wrapper and the paper bag) is imported from Singapore. :)

WOAH! Look at that line! It's no doubt that this newly opened store will definitely be a big hit here in the Philippines as well. If you google Uncle Tetsu in other countries, it's a BIG BIG BIG craze today!

With one of the owners of Uncle Tetsu Philippines, Mr. Carl Co! 

With my sister, Hiyasmin Neri, and Carl Co :)

Thank you for our week-long supply of yummy cake (lol), Uncle Tetsu Philippines!!! 
Everyone in the house loved your cheesecakes! My parents, who are both health-conscious doctors, are a fan of your cakes because Uncle Tetsu Cheesecakes are definitely healthier options for desserts :)

Each cake just costs 299 pesos!

What we love most about Uncle Tetsu cheesecakes is that they're very light and fluffy, and unlike New York cheesecakes, they're not that sweet. Their mild taste is just perfect. The best part? They melt in your mouth!!!

Originally, they're created to be eaten while they're hot and fresh out of the oven, but I prefer refrigerating them first, because I'm a fan of cold cakes hihi. My mom, however, prefers heating them first :)

Like their Facebook page for more details 

And make sure to visit their branch to get your own hot (or cold, whichever way you like em hehe) Asian Cheese Cake!!!!!! <3

I'm definitely going back because I'm craving for one now!!

The Teenage Queen

Clean & Clear: Certified #madeforteens !! (GIVEAWAY ALERT)

I got the loveliest surprise when Clean and Clear sent me this super cute package!! 

I got really giddy when I received the newest line of Clean and Clear products. These babies come in uber cute colors and they're specially #madeforteens like you and me!

Here are 5 teen-tastic reasons why Clean and Clear is certified #madeforteens:

1. #TeenSkinFriendly

When Filipino teens start to get pimples, they start using the same facial wash that their moms, titas, or ates use. But did you know that they facial wash may be dry and irritating for young skin?? That's because they're formulated for older skin so they may actually do more harm than good. Clean & Clear understands that teen skin needs a different kind of caring, which is why it is #teenskinfriendly !

It uses a unique gel formula that effectively fights teen skin problems such as pimples, blackheads, and oil without drying your skin-- even if you use it every day! These gel cleansers are also oil-free-- perfect for our warm and humid weather! ;)

2. #SoftNSmooth

Clean & Clear's Foaming Facial Wash has unique anti-bacterial ingredients that effectively fight your skincare scares (pimple, oil, and blackheads) while keeping your face #softnsmooth.

3 and 4. #Skinergizing and #SkinSoBright Variants

Don't just wash away the oil and dirt that causes pimples and blackheads, add fun to your daily face washing routine with Clean & Clear's new fruity gel cleansers, too!

Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials in Energizing Berry with bursting beads give your tired skin a much-needed boost with its sweet scent and quirky #skinergizing beads. Have a delightful time also as you try the Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials in Brightening Lemon with bursting beads! It pops to reveal a lemony scent and beads that make your #skinsobright and improve your overall skin tone.

#5. MadeforTeens

Because it's made for you, you can easily find Clean & Clear in top supermarkets and drugstores near you. Plus, it's affordable and definitely won't hurt your allowance!!! :)

Like www.facebook.com/cleanclearphilippines for more info! 

Cute polaroid cut-outs! <3

(L-R): Foaming Facial Wash for #softandsmooth, Brightening Lemon for #skinsobright, and Energizing Berry  #skinergize

I've tried the Brightening Lemon facial wash myself and I LOVED IT! It was really refreshing. I'm happy I finally found the perfect facial wash for me. 

And because I love you girls so much, guess what? I'm giving away bottles of Clean & Clear for you to try out yourself! 

The winner of this giveaway gets a Clean & Clear gift pack and a SPECIAL GIFT from me <3

How to join?
1. Tweet about my giveaway:
"OMG! @theteenagequeen is giving away #cleanandclear prodcuts that are certified #madeforteens <3 "

2. Comment below your name, twitter username, and email address. 

Contest ends on May 30, 2014 at 11:59 PM. Winner will be picked via randomizer and will be announced on June 1. :)

Good luck, girls!

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Featured: Yabu: The House of Katsu

Everyone's been blogging about Yabu ever since last year. It's just sad that it was only a month ago when I finally had the chance to try it out!

My family and I tried out the SM North Edsa branch. The place was clean and it was able to accommodate a lot of customers! 

While waiting for our orders, our server explained to us how to make our own sauce. 

It was fun grinding these! hehe

Our orders came in after about 10-15 minutes or so. 
Yabu served in really big portions! Plus, they had unli-soup, unli-rice, unli-fruits, unli-sidedish, and unli-tea, too!!!

I ordered pork tongkatsu (180 grams) ! It was too big for me, actually, so I didn't get to finish it. :( But it was super delicious! Yabu has offered me the best tongkatsu dish I've ever had!

My family tried out another set. It had chicken and seafood tongkatsu :) 

All in all, I'd rate my experience in Yabu a 5/5! We were really happy with our meals. Although it was really pricey (price range is 400 pesos and higher), it was totally worth it! The food was served in super big portions, and it was super yummy, too!

Thanks for a great dining experience, Yabu!
The Teenage Queen

Featured: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

I don't even know why I'm posting this in the middle of the night-- I actually have to wake up super duper early today because I've a 6AM call time to follow. BUUUUUTTTTT you know me, I tend to do -everything at once- just when I'm about to get to bed. =))

Anyway, this is just one of the long list of backlogs I've got to catch up with. Around two months ago, my aunties from Australia, together with Mom and I, went to Vanilla Cupcake Bakery at UP Town Center for some last minute bonding before they fly back to the land down under.

I've got to say, props to the store for their really cute and dainty interiors! The atmosphere was very comfy, which was a perfect place for us to chitchat. I haven't tasted their cupcakes yet, though I did get myself an Oreo Cheesecake on my last visit, which I really loved, by the way. But this time around, I bought a Red Velvet Cheesecake, which was okay (aka my heart still belongs to the Oreo Cheesecake hehehe). The "tanders" got themselves coffee and tea, obviously.

(I just find the mismatched chairs adorable!!)

With the mother and the aunts :)

And oh my gosh, it's 1AM already?! Okay, I better go to sleep now. Haffta wake up in three hours. Yikes!!

The Teenage Queen

Feaured: Steveston Pizza at the UP Town Center

I have this undying love and passion-- and everything else in between-- for this thing called pizza. I mean, who doesn't?? But let me tell you, my standards for what makes a good pizza has taken on a whole new level after we tried Steveston Pizza at the UP Town Center! 

I went with my mom and my aunts from Australia. We actually went there for a food trip (yes, the love for food and for eating actually runs in the family haha), you know, where we could just enjoy meals and dine in where our hearts would take us. For our first stop, we wanted to try out something unusual, and with what we saw from outside this restaurant-- pictures of different kinds of pizza (some of which I haven't even heard of before!) posted on the wall for everyone to see-- , we knew right away that this was the sort of ice breaker we were looking for. 

 (here are some creepy stalker photos that I took of the guy in charge of all the magic he he he)

Oh yeah, cheese!

More and more and more cheese! 

And voila! The pizza we ordered was called "Blue". It consisted of rosemary, mushrooms, bacon, cheese, etc!!! And can I tell you one thing about it?? It was pure heaven! We finished eating this baby in less than 10 minutes HAHAHA! It was THAT good. The best part? We didn't feel bloated afterwards (eek, I hate getting bloated). It was probably because the pizza wasn't oily/greasy. The dough was perfect, too! And the cheese was excellent (ultra mega cheese lover over here!!! :P)

Me likes mah pizza hot.

Happy customers!! ;)

Up until now, my mouth still waters for pizza at Steveston. 
(I honestly think I haven't had any pizza better than the one I had here lol nope im not over reacting). 
I can't wait to go back there and try out their other flavors! :)

PS. Check out my next blog posts this week to find out where else in UP Town Center we went on a food trip to HAHAHA. 

The Teenage Queen

Featured: Stacy's @ The Fort

Remember Stacy's, the 1950's-themed restaurant I wrote a review on HERE?
Well, they've opened another branch at the Fort !! :)
Yep, double the happiness it is!

Being a fan of the 50's, I can't help but get all giddy whenever I'm inside Stacy's.  C'mon, I love how they're so consistent with the atmosphere of the place (from interiors, down to the music, down to everything).
 (there's also a pink fridge inside, guys!! *no photo of it, sorry*)

And their food, I tell you, is SUPERB!

Kiddie area

I've always dreamt of having a bike like this one.

This time, we thought of having breakfast for dinner. So we changed from our regular order of pastas and ribs to a much more comforting and familiar variety, like tapa, bangus, and adobo. And I kid you not, we totally do not regret a thing! :) We REALLY enjoyed our meals. :P

I'll give it a 10/10! We really enjoyed this one. It had layers of white cheese underneath as well :P
C'mon, the more cheese, the better! teehee.


Yummy adobo flakes!

We really enjoyed the bangus, too! It's really a must try!

Delicious tapa!

Buffalo wings is always a good idea <3

Happy family,
happy tummies!

Before we left the place, we were also given two bowls of sundae. We got em for free because, apparently, the owner of Stacy's was a friend of my sister. Awesomesauce!!

And now for my #OOTN , lol.

Denim polo: online shop
Mint green skirt: bazaar
Neon flats: Primmadonna ( a gift from my friend! :D )
Bag: Bagellia Filipinas

Visit Stacy's at The Fort!
They're located at Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City :)


The Teenage Queen

Featured: Tagaytay Highlands Steakhouse

Hi. I'm Hershey and I take my steak seriously.

One Sunday, my parents woke us up from bed and declared that they had an intense craving for steak (THAT and they wanted an ultimate family bonding experience, too, lol).  So we packed our bags, hopped in our family car and went to one of the best authentic steakhouses ever:

the Tagaytay Highlands Steakhouse


the entrance

waiting area

inside the steakhouse


complimentary bread

my order :) 
medium well steak, mashed potatoes, corn and bread

family photo!! :)


I love the atmosphere of the place! Sooo cozy! :)

Antlers. Antlers everywhere.

After filling our tummies with delicious meat, we ended up bumming around at the Tagaytay Highlands pool area---- with two plates of pepperoni pizza. 
Yep, my family loves good food.

Very blessed and thankful for family days,
 The Teenage Queen

My Comfort Food: Mrs. Cardenas' Famous Lasagna!

I'd like to think that Mrs. Cardenas' lasagna is one of the comfort foods closest to my heart. 
Studies show that comfort foods provide happiness to a person in a psychological level because they remind him/her of happy times in the past. To quote Josh Clark from How Stuff Works, "We all have memories of happier times, and by eating those foods that remind us of those, we symbolically consume that past happiness." And to be honest, I can't help but associate Tita's cooking with my care-free highschool years, because growing up, whenever we came over to their house to visit her daughter Bria, whether for project-making, for practices, or just for plain best friend-bonding-hours, Tita would always bake her famous lasagna for us. Also, Bria, being one of the people who know me most, would also bring me some of Tita's pasta during our heart-to hearts, or whenever we're down in the dumps. 

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, Mrs. Cardenas' famous lasagna has always been special to me, not only because it's a
 delectable tray of heavenly baked pasta topped with perfectly melted cheese (!!!), 
but also because it holds a deeper, sentimental value to me. And believe me, since we're talking about food here , I, being the ultimate, most credible critic of all things edible (ahaha wait whut),  must say that Tita's famous creation is one of the best pastas I've ever, ever had! And guess what?

 I can't be any happier to tell you the very good news: Mrs. Cardenas is now ready to share her perfect homemade creation to all of you!

If you want to try out her lasagna, feel free to order-up and contact them at
 0916 - 428 - 62 - 09
Pick-up area is around Commonwealth, Quezon City (near Ever Gotesco)
Whole tray: Php 1,200
Half tray: Php 650

Tita's famous homemade creation is perfect for parties, get-togethers, or just for plain pig out fun (mehehehe).

So what are you waiting for? :) Try out the famous pasta-that-I've-been-raving-all-about-for-the-past-minute yourself! PASTA, PASTA! (faster, faster! haha get it....? k).

                                                                Very much craving for lasagna,
                                                                       The Teenage Queen

Featured! Vikings Luxury Buffet: A Feast From the Sea

Y'all know how serious I can get when it comes to my food. 
I mean, c'mon! Eating is like, one of my best talents---and apparently, gaining weight, too. hihihihi. 

Anyway, I just want to share you one new buffet place I discovered just last February. It's called Vikings, and it's located near Mall of Asia. The best part? It's eat-all-you-can AND drink-all-you-can! Haha!

Vikings, which is open for 7 days a week, offers a lot of variety, from Japanese cuisine, to Chinese, to Western, to Filipino, to Italian, and to Korean as well. Its spacious venue has a capacity of 600 guests.  
They charge P688 for lunch on weekdays and P888 for dinner on both weekdays and  weekends. However, kids below three feet eat for free, and senior citizens 75 years old and above get a fifty percent discount! 

My photos don't do any justice at all, I'm sorry. HAHAHAHA!
 I wasn't able to take photos of every corner of the place just because  IT. IS. JUST. SUPER. DARN. HUGE--- and plus, I was too busy stuffing myself fat. Hihihi. Sooooo, I hope you could bear with these ones: 



The super star of the night: 
Yup, I'm a girl who takes her meat a whole lot seriously.


I just found this too cute, okay. HAHA!

Do you see what I see?
Yep. SEAFOOD. <3

My favorite <3

IDK what caught my attention first.

Deep-fried, anyone?

And for my favorite course of every meal:


This is heaven, I am not even kidding.

I will always be a sucker for putobumbong. <3

Taho! :)

Fun fun fun!

Oh darn. I did not just see that plate of red velvet cake............................... 
oh gahd i am craving for some right now =)))

Drink-all-you-can includes unlimited soda, beer, coffee, and fruit shakes!! woot woot! 

There's also a shabu-shabu pot on every table :D

We are happy customers with even happier bellies! woot woot!

Vikings is undoubtedly THE best buffet place in Manila!
They have great service and they serve such superb food! 
 I want to go back there again some time so I can take better photos and write a better review. Lol. Forgive me for this super lazy post. 
I'm just lazy as lazy cold possibly be, as of the moment. Oh, and school starts tomorrow, so... yippeee. :|

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post

Check their website HERE

Building B, By The Bay, Seaside Blvd. SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Manila. 

The Teenage Queen

Times Square Fashion Bazaar

Hey, so remember the photo shoot I told you guys about in THIS post? 
Well, the photos are already out, and posted below are only a few of 'em.
 Feel free to view the rest of  the album HERE. 
Big thanks to Gerard Del Mundo for the shots! 


Anyway, I do hope to see you all at the Times Square Fashion Bazaar at SMX Hall 4 on February 9 and 10! 
There are a lot, and I mean a LOT, of neat stuff to buy from soooo many different amazing stalls.
AAAAAANNNDDD there are also a lot in store for you guys, like fashion wars, special segments, and --oh, oh----a fashion show that we're gonna be a part of. So make sure to stay and you just might spot us modelling clothes sponsored by different stores ahahahaha
 (guys sige na, supportahan niyo na kami dalii na please. </3  HAHAHA) !!

See you all there, yes? :) Yay yay yay.

From the makers of the most successful bazaars in DLSU! The Business Management Society proudly presents its 4th annual bazaar,

Times Square Fashion Bazaar

The biggest and grandest fashion adventure hits Metro Manila on February 9 (Saturday) and 10 (Sunday) at the SMX Convention Center Hall 4 along Pasay City! It is the grandest fashion bazaar brining over 100+ concessionaires to cater to you luxury list enticing all fashionistas and shopping addicts!

What's in it for you?
and our very own..

Bazaar opens at 12 nn to 10 pm for you to shop tip you drop!
Tickets are only priced at Php 50.00! A part of the proceeds will go the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation (tag this).

All your favorite brands all under one bazaar for the entire weekend!
Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime event! JOIN NOW! :)

Visit our website, tsbazaar.tk!

RSVP: http://tinyurl.com/tsbazaar

Like our Facebook page: http://www.fb.com/TimesSquareBazaar


Visit www.tsbazaar.tk for more info! 


The Teenage Queen

Back to layers! Thank you, AZTA URBAN Salon!

I've been hearing comments from my very own mother saying that I looked like a "manang" with my super long and thick hair-- and yup! Though it was hard to gulp it all in, I do believe that mother really does know best. 

So last Sunday, I headed down to Eastwood to have my hairstyle changed. I immediately looked for Sir Jo, since he was the one who cut my hair the last time. I specifically told him that I just wanted the length of my hair trimmed 2-3 inches, and that I wanted him to cut my hair in such a way that natural waves would form. I was really aiming for the "looong, sexy, bed hair" peg. 

While my hair was being cut into several layers, Sir Jo and I had a little chit chat, and I happened to mention to him that I was planning to have my hair permed (as what I've written in THIS blog post). He said that it was perfect that I was having my hair cut into layers, since he recommended that hair style for permed hair. He showed me samples of his works, and to be honest,  I really was impressed. But even though I'm really convinced to have my hair curled permanently by them, I'm still a little scared. I'm not really sure if I should go for it. Should I, or should I not? :)

If anyone of you has tried the perming services at Azta, please do tell me all about your experience! I'm dying to know all about it. 

Anyway, since I did make kulit to Sir Jo about wanting to have curls, he asked his assistant stylist to give me some! LOL! 

This much hair has been taken away from my head, guys.

I love my new look! Thank you so much, Sir Jo!

Me: Kaasar naman. Kung kailan pauwi na ako sa bahay, dun pa umayos buhok ko! HAHA!

Sir Jo: HINDE! HINDI AKO PAPAYAG! Bumaba ka jan sa may city walk. Maraming pwedeng pag-party-han jan! Pumarty ka muna! Sayang kulot mo.


I love you, Sir Jo! You're my favorite hair stylist ever <3

AAAND Thank you, Azta Urban Salon! Everyone made me feel so welcomed and special. :)
Til next time, yes? :)

And if you're wondering how my hair turned out to be the following day, Ta-duuhh!
Yay for natural waves! :) 

BEFORE                                      AFTER

Now back to the question:

To perm or not to perm?

The Teenage Queen

In the streets of Cubao Expo.

Before I continue on with this post, allow me to first start with an OOTD.


Top: Feroce Shop
Denim shorts: bazaar 
Tights: department store
Flats: Mario D' Boro
Accessories: Forever 21 + bazaar 
Nails by: Posh and Glam 

Last Saturday, I was invited by an online magazine to go on a shoot with them at Cubao Expo.
After the tiring (but super fun! ) gig was done, I decided to take a short stroll around the place. Yep. Tourist lang ang peg. Haha!

Cubao Expo is a really great hideout for artists, collectors, fashion junkies and the like. They have the most unique, the weirdest, and the most artistic shops! It's so sad that I didn't get to take more photos of the shops around. There were actually plenty other cool stores like antique shops, novelty shops, bars, book stores, and ukay-ukays.
Don't worry! When I visit the place again, I'll make sure to share with you all the quirkiest stores around!

Here are some stores that I was able to take photos of:

  •   KARMA:   This cool shop offers neat clothes and accessories! I love the weird feel of this shop.

The owner of the shop is so cute! Haha! I immediately thought of Alice in Wonderland when I first saw her, I don't even know why.

If you're a sucker for cheap and sturdy leather shoes, this place is for you.

Society of painters in watercolor

The super duper beautiful Bellini's ! I've eaten here twice already. They offer AUTHENTIC Italian food (it is run by an Italian family)- very pricey, but totally worth it. If you're in for some Italian fine dining, I recommend you try this restaurant out.

HEIMA:  It's a super cute shop that sells adorable furniture, stationary stuff, bags, etc! We had the shoot at their super duper cute studio located at the second floor.

You should totally check out Cubao Expo! :)

The Teenage Queen

Gearing up for the rainy season!

Lately, the weather's been totally bipolar here in the Philippines. I hate how one day could start really sunny and bright, but then the next thing you know, BAM, rain starts to pour down like cats and dogs.
Typhoon Helen started to hit the Philippines yesterday.
And since the university thinks that us college students are "waterproof", I decided to gear up on durable stuff for the rain.

One of those was my newly bought waterproof overshoes from SOLED. They work like rainboots, actually- but they're cuter. Haha. The best part about these lovelies is that you could actually wear your shoes inside, thus they're also called "shoes for your shoes" !

Do you like them? I LOVE THEM. I really wanted the dark brown one though, but since they don't have one in my size yet, I decided to get a purple pair instead. No worries, purple is actually my favorite color.

                           I MEAN, C'MON! ISN'T IT OBVIOUS??
                         Shirt: Zara Men , Jacket: Solo, Pants: Forever 21, Boots: SOLED Overshoes,
                                   Pochi purse: Bagellia Filipinas, umbrella: ESPIRT

*Special thanks to Florence and Chesca for taking my photos. Haha, lol. Love you guys! 

I was completely overjoyed when I found out that I could actually step on puddles now without that eeky feeling of getting wet! Wahahaha. I was like "I AM FREAKING INVISIBLE, YOU DARN PUDDLES YOU". 

My friend Micah, who commented about how purple I was , asked me "Are you a Justin Bieber fan?" 
and I was like "uhm.... no... not really."
But then in my mind I was like, "But I was seriously a hardcore Barney fan back then."

Haha!So how are you gearing up for the rainy season? :)

The Teenage Queen 

With the lovely co-owners of Sole'd Overshoes. :)

Featured! MY NEWEST SPONSOR: Arteh (Art to Wear)

Hi, ladies! I apologize for not being able to blog for a week now. It's just that, stress has gotten the best of me. But I'm trying my best to cope up, okay?:) I promise, I am so going to fix my sched so I can have enough time to write again.

Heehee.  I must admit though, I found it really sweet when people started tweeting / sending me messages <asking whether I was still alive or not, lol, jk> .
Anyhoo, I just got home from packing relief goods for the flood victims. I am going to blog about the relief distribution project real soon, but for now, let me introduce to y'all my NEWEST SPONSOR, ARTEH!

Arteh is an online shop owned by UP student Marie Altiche.
What I love about this shop is that they sell handmade accessories for VERY AFFORDABLE PRICES! As in, the stuff they sell are waaaaay cheaper compared to other stores, but they're just as pretty. :)

I was really touched when they emailed me for sponsorship :) Oh gosh, it such a huge honor to be sharing this lovely shop to you girls!! I

Here, let me share you the items that Arteh sent me. Do you have any bets?

I love this neon braided necklace! <3 Definitely my favorite out of the bunch!

Crochet earrings are soooo in. <3


More florescent colors <3

Candy skulls!! 

BAM! Check out how intense the colors are! I loooove neons, I swear.

Trying out the necklace for the first time. Haha forgive me for my sabog-ness. 

Check out the shop, maybe? :)

Contact 0927 346 2552

Thank you so much for the beautiful gifts, Arteh! More power to you and your lovely shop! <3

The Teenage Queen

My Newest Sponsor: THE BEAD DIARY

"Every once in a while, I feel like making beads. This is my bead diary."

THE BEAD DIARY is a cute and dainty shop that sells unique handmade accessories.
It is run by Miss Francesca Monroy, who makes sure to give every piece all the love and care before having them "adopted".


The great thing about buying from this shop is that you're sure that you won't be seeing another person wear the same item you have, because stocks are limited :) Plus, you're sure to be getting quality products over here, because, as I said before, everything is handmade with love.

Let me share you some of my picks from this very cute and dainty shop! :)

Oh my goodness. This bow is perfect! <3 It will give even the laziest outfit THE extra girly oomph, don't you agree?


Cute bookmarks for fashionista bookworms out there! :)

Cute owl rings for adoption! 
Every owl has her own name and character :) Choose who you want to take home with you!
"Hello there my name is Chloe. When I grown up I want to be a scientist!" :)

"Hello my name is Sky! My skin looks blue but its really purple."


You can even have your own piece customized! Here are some of The Bead Diary's MTOs:

I really fell in love with this shop the first time I saw their lovely items---and that is why I squealed with so much excitement when I found out that The Bead Diary wanted to sponsor my blog, The DIARY of a Teenage Queen! Haha!  I sooo can't wait to share to you the items I'm going to receive. :) I bet you're going to love The Bead Diary the same way I'm in love with it!

Thank you so much, Miss Francesca! This is such a huge honor. More power to you and your amazing shop!


The Teenage Queen

My haircut by Azta Urban Salon (Eastwood)


Thick. Long. Boring.

Yep, those are three words to describe my hair over the summer. I decided to change my look a bit , you know, for college. 

That's why last Friday, I went to Eastwood to avail of my complimentary haircut at Azta Urban Salon!

My Senior Stylist, Sir Jo, knew just the haircut I wanted.
I told him that I didn't want him to cut my hair's length, but I just wanted it to look thinner and "livelier", but I also didn't want him to experiment much on my hair. 

Thank you, Sir Jo! I love my hair. It's now less heavy and easier to manage/maintain!

Oh, and can I just say that they give the best back massages ever?!
 Oh, and their shampoo smells so nice. HAHA, RANDOM.

Thank you, Sir Jo and AZTA URBAN SALON!
I am definitely going back to have my hair maintained. :)

Meet my blog sponsor, Accessoire!

I literally squealed with delight when Accessoire messaged me last night regarding sponsorship.

Thank you,  Accessoire ! I am very much honored to share your lovely shop to my readers.

To all chicks out there, go check out this shop! It offers fashionable pieces for very affordable prices!

Here, let me share to you some of the stuff I fancy.

* Statement necklaces are so "in" today. These could spice up and add life to any boring outfit in a zap, I swear. :)


I bet you're DROOLING over them right now, huh?
The best thing about them is that they are very affordable. Price range is only from Php190 to Php220! WHAT A STEAL!

If you want to buy a statement necklace of your own, go visit 
Accessoire on Facebook! 

Check out my newest sponsor, HighFive Brands ! :)

The first time I saw this shop was when I visited a bazaar last summer.  And I must tell you the truth: I went inside their booth because a lot of girls were in it, fitting and buying clothes. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so I went inside, too. And all I'm gonna say is that I totally fell in love (yes, love) with the stuff they were selling, like mullet skirts, cute shorts, dainty dresses and colorful tops! And what surprised me the most was that the price range of their stuff is very REASONABLE and AFFORDABLE.

I was really honored when I heard that HighFive Brands wanted to sponsor my blog. Thank you so much! I will forever be a fan of your shop.

HighFive Brands offers fashionable, comfortable AND affordable clothing to both women and men!

Here are my top three bets for their newest collection! 

What's yours? 

Go see their collection HERE. I'm sure you'll drool over their stuff, too!

 * I super like this sheer aztec top. It looks classy and imagine how great it will look if you paired it up with statement necklaces!

* Cute jumpsuits! How effortlessly cute!

* This outfit is sooo " Baby Doll ala Tricia Gosingtian", don't you think so?:)

June 6, 2012