Impermanence: some people aren't meant to stay in our lives forever

January 2, 2015
4:20 AM

by H.N.

Some people aren't meant to stay in our lives forever.

they were meant to help us forget; 
to help our hearts heal
faster, easier.

They were meant to pick us up,
dust off our knees,
and remind us of everything we are and could possibly be.
A note. A promise of a brighter future.
Our own secret little metaphor of hope and better days; 
sunshine and warmth; happiness, even. 

They were meant to help us see the silver lining of things. To view the world from a different perspective. To love our scars.

They were meant to touch our lives through little things we'd often take for granted;
Like through good music. Or through books by authors you've never heard of before. 
Or through conversations on life, on passion, on questions like where-do-you-see-yourself-in-ten-years; on politics, on ice cream flavors, on stories of how we got our pets or the stupid things we did back when we were children.

You see, the thing is, some people will bring happiness after what may seem too long since.
Some will make us believe again. In the world. In humanity. In ourselves. Sometimes, maybe even in love,


we have to remember

that some people will make us hope for things, wonderful things, we'd never even imagine ourselves hoping for

but they weren't meant to stay in our lives forever.

#Nuan Week: I am Proud to be a Nuan.

I can't believe I forgot to blog about this months ago. Last July, our sorority, the UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Manila, celebrated its 26th year of unparalleled excellence! <3 

To kick start the celebration, we had a photoshoot with some of the resident sisses :)

Big thanks to my highschool bff, Bria Cardenas, for these amazing shots!

Like her page on Facebook, please.



Before I share with you guys our photos, allow me to leave my "1st Anniversary post" here :)) HAHA!

June 26, 2014

Growing up, there has always been this stigma that sororities are violent, and that all sorority girls underwent physicals and humiliation. Media says that sorority girls do nothing but party and live messed up lives. Upon entering college, I've been warned to stay away from people involved in Greek organizations, and to avoid any form of interaction with them. I didn't understand why, though. I've never even met a Sorority girl! But , being the sheltered girl I was, I just 

simply followed what I've been told to do.

Not until I met the Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority.

Every. Single. Stigma I've had on sororities was proven wrong, and was completely erased from my system.

Greeks are pretty cool people, after all. Through the Sorority, I found different avenues for me to serve others and for me to grow as well. I've been able to reach out to more people and be a blessing to them. I've been taught things that we wouldn't normally be able to learn within the four walls of the classroom; I've been given opportunities to use my talents, to step out of my comfort zone, to meet new people, and to learn how to work with others; I was even able to take part in creating and holding different events, not only for the UP Manila student body, but for my fellow countrymen as well! From the 2012 Bar Ops, Juvenile visits, Outreach programs, Children's Booth in the Villamor Airbase for the Typhoon survivors, to Captivate, Rose giving celebrations, tambayan parties, and empowering programs like Ambassadress of Beauty---- I'm just really happy and blessed to be part of all of these!

And today, I'm proud to say that I've officially been a Nuan for a year now. June 26 will always be special to me 

heart emoticon

 It was the start of something life-changing, and I'm just really excited for what more is in store for the next years to come!

To my sisters, thank you for everything! You are all blessings to me, and I thank God for giving me each one of you. I've been through a LOT downs last year (dramas and all that, haha) but thank you for always keeping up and for loving and understanding me. Thank you for always being by my side. You girls are some of the few people I know would always remain genuine and true. Thank you for the friendship, and most importantly, thank you for our beautiful sisterhood 

smile emoticon

 Love you all!

Here's to a lifetime of sisterhood!

In Truth, Reason, and Justice,

Hershey Cristabel Manguray Neri, 2013-B 



Hershey 2013-B 

People see me as opinionated and loud; I was told to act more lady-like and "appropriate". But ΣΑN taught me that I should not be limited or oppressed. And you know what? 

I may be loud, crazy, clumsy- and everything else in between, but I choose to be me.

I am a Nuan. 

Lili Alonday 2009-D 

Marga Dendiego 2014-A

An empowered woman knows what she wants. ΣΑN taught me that I should not be limited or oppressed. 

I am a strong, independent woman. 

Proud to be a NUAN!

Nat Dabuet 2013-D

People see me as liberated and adamant. I've been frequently advised to be more reserved and to occasionally silence my inner voice. But ΣΑN, taught me that I should not be limited or oppressed. I may be overbearing, unyielding, stubborn and several other adjectives that society decidedly imposes upon my identity. Nonetheless, I choose to be me.

I am a Nuan.

LC Bekai Tuparan 2009-C

Society has a crude way of dictating what is right from wrong. Forcing people to hide under masks and live their life according to certain 'standards'. 

But ΣΑN has taught me otherwise, it has taught me that I should not be limited or oppressed. I choose to be empowered, I choose to be me.

I am a proud Nuan.

Kyle Sagulili 2013-E

People tell me I'm stubborn, boyish, and hotheaded. I've always been pushed to be a little more demure and to shut my mouth. But ΣΑN, taught me that I should not let society's standards cover up my personality. I may be straightforward, loud, bossy, and every other word you could think of to label me as society says. Nonetheless, I choose to be me.

I am a Nuan.

Mara Magsanoc 2013-A

Classes haven't started yet when we went on this shoot, so some of our sisses were still in their provinces then!! We missed you, girls!

With Bria Cardenas, our amazing photographer! <3

Anyway, enough of the throwback photos!

I can't wait to spill the beans on what's in store for UP Manila this March 2015. One clue: It's all about empowering women. :)

Thanks to everyone (Numans and Friends of EAN! lol) who continues to support our sorority and our goals, Nationalism, Academic Excellence, Leadership, and Uplift of Women! :) 

In Truth, Reason, and Justice,

Hershey 2013-B

A Classy Vintage Hollywood Costume Party: Christmas Eve

It has been a tradition of ours to play dress-up every Christmas Eve. Last year, we had a Disney-themed costume party (see post HERE). This year, we had a classy vintage Hollywood night!! <3


We originally planned on holding a rockstar party, but at the last minute, we decided to change the theme to this. Haha! 

My costume!
I went as a 1950s girl in a pleated dress!

Dress: MANGO (A Christmas gift from my momma!! yay!!)
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Headdress: Girl Shoppe

Rings: H&M

Ken's costume
Ken went as the guy from Grease! Haha!

Dad's costume
Dad went us a classic 1950s gentleman!

Mom's costume
Mom went as a beautiful, elegant lady from the 20s!

James' costume
Well, he pulled off a Grease costume too hahaha!

Ate Yas' costume

My sister went as a Hollywood glam girl from the 60s!

                  My sister putting make-up on James! Lol why hello there, awesome fake beard!

Group shots!! <3

 Polaroid time!!

#TeamInstaxPh !!! Thanks for my cute dalmatian films, Fujifilm!!

My mom and her awesome Christmas village!

Noche Buena!! <3

How did you guys spend Christmas Eve?:) Comment below! :)
Oh, and happy holidays, everyone!! :* Enjoy quality time with the people you love, and don't forget the reason for this season!! :)

 The Teenage Queen

Something Old & Something Borrowed

My mother is a fashionista. That's something my sisters and I definitely got from her. I'm not even kidding when I say that her closet is a wonderland. Whenever we would go to parties or events, my sisters and I would usually raid her wardrobe to borrow pretty, timeless pieces. 

Mom always tells us that it makes her happy every time we use the clothes she gives/passes on to us. And that is why last Sunday, for Mother's Day, Ate Yas and I wore the skirts Mom had back when she was a teenager. Amazingly, they were still in perfect condition. They were as good as new, actually! This inspired me to keep and store my favorite clothes as well, so that when the time comes, I, too, could give them to my future daughters.

Top: Forever 21| Necklace: Forever 21| Blogger bracelet: The Bead Shop (a gift from my friend Gia! hehe thanks bebe) | Rings: online shop and Cotton On| Bracelet with stones: A present Mom got me from Nepal

Ate Yas' #ootd

Mom was actually all smiles when she saw us in her clothes. Dad thought what we did was cute, too. Hehe. We went to church and had lunch together. Mother's Day was really fun, because the whole family was able to spend quality time with each other; most importantly, we were able to give mom flowers and handmade letters, and show her how much she is appreciated and loved!

The Teenage Queen

Today's the big day!! #TheTeenageQueenAt18

                  Hey, guys! I'm sorry I've been missing in action for the past month.
 You see, I've been really busy with debut preparation and all. I had a couple of sleepless nights, of meetings here and there, of rehearsals, andof spontaneous trips to Divisoria, Makati, and what not----but you guys!!!!  It's over now!! 
 Today's the big day!! :)
 (well, technically, we have t minus 5 hours til the party starts)
((I'm actually getting my hair and makeup done as I type this HAHAHA))

Anyway, I can't say 
enough to God, my family, and my friends enough for all the support. 

To my guests, I want to say thank you for coming all the way here. As cliche as this may sound, your presence is truly the best present I could get!! And because you're here, 
I have something special for y'all!!!! yaaaay!

 This post is actually for a raffle contest , where one lucky person gets to win a -BIG- prize (ehe ehe ee). To join the raffle, just comment your birthday greeting below!! :) Don't forget to include your name, okay?

Thanks guys, and I hope you enjoy the night as well! I love each and one of you!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

CAPTIVATE 2013 : Are You Ready To Surrender?

Captivate 2013, a sem-ender party organized by the UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Manila, was the first ever event that I was official project coordinator of. Having been one of my milestones this 2013, I have to admit that this was such a beautiful learning experience . Not only did I get to learn about stuff like logistics, finances, sponsorships, collaborations and x-deals; I also learned that I can't really get anything done without help from the people around me. And that is why I want to thank EVERYONE who made this HAPPEN.

To the sponsors, thank you so much for everything. Ms. Ferge of Cabana Events, thank you for always answering my every.single. text.message and late night calls. I'm sure we definitely shared a bond over the past 5 weeks. Lol. To the lovely ladies of Green Lens Photo Studio, thank you for your support and for your trust. To Browhaus, Whisked Pastry Kitchen, and 103.5 KLITE FM, thank you for making this benefit party possible.

Sinag, Indayog and SHOOT UPM, thank you for your participation. You guys are more than awesome.

To my sisses, thank you for trusting in me. I've only been a sis for 4 months and yet you have trusted me to be the OPC of this traditional event. I can't thank you girls enough for this amazing learning experience. Thank you to my "mommy", LC Jam Reyes, for always listening and reminding me to breathe. Thank you also for reminding me why I love the Sorority and why I'm doing all of these. Thank you to my ever-so-beautiful (hahaha) batchmates for the never-ending support, and for being the ones I could run to whenever I needed a hand (or hands and feet and mouth and eyes and everything else, for the matter). I'm so happy I have you both. The 13s rock!! Thank you to the rest of my girls for helping out, especially to my "pseudo batchmate" Bekai Tuparan for getting drinks sponsors and for always being bibbo in this project. We were all so stressed with the preparations and everything, but I'm so happy we have each other. I can't even imagine college life without you all.

Brods, thank you for your support. Thanks for always making me laugh at the tambayan whenever I feel like giving up. I swear, you guys never fail to cheer me up. I've always wanted to have a brother, and I'm thankful I was given more than what I've asked for,Than you also or coming to the party! It means a whole lot to us.

LC Jan Baybay thank you for being my inspiration. You have always been my alumni crush  I still remember the night we met up at Fort. You were so fierce, so powerful. You were the epitome of what an OrCom graduate should be like. I was just there sitting across the sofa, and telling myself that I want to be just like you. Than you for all the help with the event , and for conceptualizing the campaign for responsible partying.

To the ambassadors of responsible partying ( Jana Liwanag , Phylicia Marie Pineda, Owen Domingo , Vian Carlyn Dela CruzCarl Benjamin Abesames and Miko Pascual), thank you for your time and support! (And for your charm and face value!! haha joke, but seriousy. Thank YOU SO MUCH for being so game!) And thank you to the beautiful MUA April Baldovino and the awesome photographer @Gerard Del Mundo for helping make this campaign possible.

Thank you to my supportive family for believing in me and for understanding me even when I go home late or for the times I had to go to Fort or to Pasay in the middle of the night for meetings and such. Mom, dad, thanks for believing in my passion for this. You both know how this is my dream job, and thank you for letting me grow and learn. Thank you, I love you both. To my best friend and sister, @Hiyasmin Neri , thanks for all the lessons you've taught me- from making project proposals, to MOAs to locking in partnerships. Thank you also for hosting the event with the super amazing DJ Electric (@EJ Alonso)! You guys gave life to the party. And dang EJ, you are good in what you're doing. Keep it up. You inspire me, love!  I know you're so big in the industry now, but thanks for always having time for ate and me. You are the best huggble host/DJ ever ugh I lovee you. To my ate's boyfriend/ the Kuya I never had, @james soyangco, thank you for helping me out with the logistics and the financial matters shizz. I did't know there was a lot more toparty planning than I thought. Thank you for helping me out with picking the drinks in the menu. Thank you also for the crash tutorial on financing and marketing. Oh gahd you're such a banker. HAHA. But most of all, thank you for teaching me how to use MS Excel LOL.

Thank you to my best friend ever Ken Reyes for being the most supportive person out there. Thank you for accompanying me to Divisoria, for helping me carry bagloads of stuff, for pushing away the gigantic manongs who tried to crush me at the LRT, for feeding me ice cream when I'm having a breakdown, for setting up the tech stuff during the party, for making the decorations, for taking photos, for helping me sell tickets, for everything. Everything. Than you for listening to my squeals and cries and rants and everything in between. And most of all, thank you for your presence in this milestone in my life.

And finally, thank you to the Big Guy up there for making all of this happen. This won't ever be as successful as it was without Him. Lord, you are amazing. I have no words. 


EAN (Sigma Alpha Nu) celebrates its silver anniversary this year!! :)

Funny story.

So while I was at Divisoria to buy glowsticks for this event.

Me: Ate, saan po nakakabili ng glow sticks?

Tindera: Ah, dito. 3 pesos isa.

Me: Sige po ate, bibili ako.

Tindera: sige wait lang kunin ko pa...

-Pagbalik ni aling tindera after 2-3 minutes-

Tindera: eto oh.

Me: .....ate, glow sticks po.. hindi glue stick. -_____-

=)))))))))) huhuhu only in the Philippines!!!!!! lol

With my mommy, LC Jam :)

sisses and brods haha!

Special guest performance

Hosts of the nights: Hiyasmin Neri of ABSCBN and EJ Alonso of 103.5FM

And to cap this post off, here's an AWESOME event highlights video that Shoot UPM did!

Captivate 2013 was definitely one of the coolest stuff that I was part of this year. Heehee..

The Teenage Queen

*Check out my next post to see photos of preparations :))
* Check out CAPTIVATE 2013 on Facebook!

A Review On Etude House's Bubble Hair Color In Natural Brown

Hershey dyes..... her hair brown. =))

Lol. Two weeks ago, before the second semester started, I promised myself that I was going to give myself a much-deserved makeover. You see, I've totally forgotten to take care of myself the past 6 months. Not only was I a wreck emotionally; I also looked like one, too. I let my problems get the best of me, and so, I forgot to properly present and carry myself. I went to school looking like a mess. A mistreated, stressed out, sad-looking mess. 

And now that I'm finally learning to move on, to appreciate whatever I have now, I promised to treat myself better; to love myself more than anyone could. Some people may come and go; some may make you feel like you're the worst person in the world; but at the end of the day, the only one you've got's yourself.  We should never forget to love and take care of ourselves.

 And so, here's to a better, happier me!

Other than the many bullets on my checklist like:

  • "Hoy Neri, change your study habits plz lang"
  • "Update-update din ng wardrobe pag may time ok"
  • "Mag-exercise ka na jusko!!!
  • "Diet. That is all."

another item I have just recently (and proudly) ticked off was 

  • "Color your hair!! :)"

I have always been afraid of drastic changes ( hashtag hugot!!!! ), but I guess I'm really thankful I had the guts to go through this one.


I didn't think it was practical to pay 1K plus for a hair coloring treatment. And so, I followed my sister's advice: Try out

Etude House's bubble hair color. 

I bought a pack for 375 pesos. Its shade was in


. I also found out that it was ammonia-free so yay!! :)

The box included:

  • Hair coloring
  • Oxidizer in pumping bottle
  • Hair treatment
  • A pair of gloves
  • A plastic cape thingy to protect your clothes from staining

(clockwise: plastic cape, plastic gloves, oxidizer in pumped bottle, hair treatment, hair coloring, instructions manual)

So basically, what you do first is mix the solution by transferring the hair coloring into the oxidizer in the pumping bottle. Close the lid and gently shake from side to side. 

Pump the bottle. Apply the bubble/foam onto your hair..Leave for 45 minutes. Rinse. 

Apply the hair treatment on all parts of your hair. Leave for 5 minutes. Rinse.

(I super like the hair treatment because it really turned my hair magically smooth and silky LOL haha but seriously tho; I thought my hair died from all the coloring because it suddenly turned dry and brittle, but after using the Silky Hair Treatment, my hair became silky smooth--like magic!)



the instructions manual..................................that was, unfortunately for me, written in Korean

Letting the solution work on my hair teeheeeeeee. Oh the wonders of chemicals.


I had to admit: I didn't color my own hair; I had someone else do it for me. =))))



(and yes, my 6-year-old self lacked two front teeth HAHAHA)

Oops but wait HAHAHA nasobrahan ata sa pagka before. =))))

Here you go. =))

BEFORE (really) (I had dark hair)

Obligatory "AFTER" photos:

Under the light:

Under daylight:

My critique:

I'll give it a 9/10!!! Super easy to use and it was totally not disappointing! :) Yippeeee. 375 pesos is so worth it. However, make sure you know how to color your own hair when you do this at home. =)) I had to go to a salon nearby to do touch-ups here and there, because I had no experience beforehand with hair coloring and such. But yeah. I'm very happy with the outcome :)


Just a quick  jeje outfit post of what I wore to school on a sunny day:


("No Guts, No Glory; No Guts, No Story") for recruitment week (big shout out to my aiesec family woot woot!!)

Blue shorts- bazaar

Red flats- bazaar

Cute, floral umbrella- Forever 21

(and yes, yung umbrella lang talaga yung purpose kung bakit ako nagpapicture HAHAHAHAHA)

Say hello to the sprain-that-I-am-so-not-proud-of-acquiring =)))))

(short backstory: I was running around the CAS Oblation garden when BAM! I tripped over a few pots here and there. And the rest is history.)

Some other random photos that I grabbed from random people  (hi dad, Bekai , Jana, and Jean HAHA):

I am a very happy brown-haired dork yes,


Porcelain Doll

Porcelain (n):
Light, fragile and beautiful;
extremely sensitive, but can be extremely vain.

White Dress- Department Store
Gold heels- Sole Desire (People Are People)
Vintage purse- borrowed from my mom
Gold bangle- Forever 21

* thank you to Boodie Lastimosa and to RJ Nitura for taking these shots! :)

Just a back story. I was supposed to attend a friend's party that night,
but I didn't have a dress to wear to the occasion. All of a sudden,  my mom came knocking on my door and said she wanted to take me shopping-- now that doesn't just happen normally. Whooppiiee! Thanks, mom!

The moment I saw the details of this dress, I knew I just had to buy it!  Oh, and beeteedums, I  can't believe I just found this hanging on one random rack at a department store. Also, you won't believe how much I got this, too :P Any guesses?

Sparkling ombre nails by Pamper Me Pink ! :)
(located at the Don Antonio Sports Center)
Nail polish used: Orly

I love the shoe line of People Are People! I got this pair for just about 800 bucks. 
What a steal, right?!

It's also nice to invest in classy purses. They never go out of style.  :)

Props to The Buffet, Commonwealth for the beautiful interiors!

Other than owning an LBD, 
I believe that every girl must also have at least one dainty white dress in her closet. 
Don't you think so, too?

The Teenage Queen

Lazy, Laidback, Layered

Boohoo, it's the rainy season once again. 
The thing about the weather here is that one day, it's like you're being baked in an oven like you were a pan of lasagna, and then the next thing you know, it rains like crazy and then you start to wonder whether you should start building an ark as well.
Am I the only one who misses the January 2013 sweater weather, where it was the perfectly cloudy, and it was neither too cold nor too hot? (C'mon, I can't be the only one!)

Anyway, allow me to share y'all a bunch of photos I took three weeks ago at Tagaytay Highlands, when my family decided to eat lunch at the steak house! (I'll blog all about that part next time. Teehee.)

It was sort of sunny that day, but it wasn't hot either. And because I was reaaallly lazy to dress up that time, I decided to get through the day wearing an old shirt and a trusty pair of shorts. To add the finishing touches, I just wore a nice pair of sunnies and wrapped a scarf around my neck-- and voila!! That's what  I call lazy, laidback and layered. :P

Black oversized shirt
something random that I just found lurking in my old closet ||
Dark blue shorts- redhead||
Sneakers- Mossimo||
Bag- Michale Kors ( a gift from my mom!)||
Sunnies: Charlotte Russe||
Black bracelet- a random ponytail I bought
 along the streets of Padre Faura. HAHAHA.

Selfie invasion! :P

Lovin' this awesome statement scarf that my Mom got me from a bazaar at Portugal! 

Oh, say hi to my sister, Hiyasmin! :)

Sister love :)

I guess I have tah end it right here, guys. Will blog again tonight, I promise.
Ta ta for now!

Wishing that everyday was sweater weather,
The Teenage Queen

BTS: Blogged Magazine

Last August 22, Blogged Magazine went on a collaboration shoot with Arnie Villanueva, Kelly Medina, Denise Heredia and me for their year-ender issue. 

Venue: Heima (Cubao Expo)
This was my OOTD 
More photos on this blog post

With the make-up artist, Adanna Bautista!

They are such a cute couple, I swear. Heehee.

Look at the pile of clooottthhheeesss!!! :)
 The fun part was that we were free to pick anything we wanted to wear. So yay!
Thank you so so much for sponsoring the shoot, TNC Manila, Fashion Dime, Lunachic and Luxe Mode! :)

Felt so giddy seeing all of these pretty stuff! <3

Top and shorts: Fashion Dime x Shortcuts
Shoes: Luxe Mode

With one of the girls who influenced me to blog, Miss Arnie Villanueva!
 I love you, girl! :*

Say hello to Kelly Medina! :)

Top and shorts: Fashion Dime
Shoes: Luxe Mode

While they were still shooting upstairs, Ate Arnie and I went down to have our own mini photoshoot. Heehee.

Kelly Medina and Arnie Villanueva

Lorraine and Laureen of Fashion Dime x Shortcuts
Such pretty siblings! :)

Thank you to Margaret Gomez for pulling out all of these beautiful pieces!

With the talented photographer, Miss Kat Santos

With Sir Kelly Medina!

Representatives of Luxe Mode ! :) Thank you for being such sweet hearts, girls! :*

With the beautiful Denise Heredia ! :)

It was such an honor to go on a shoot with all these amazing bloggers ! Thank you so so much for the opportunity, Blogged Magazine Ph! 

Hershey Neri (
Denise Heredia (
Kelly Medina (
Arnie Villanueva (


Thank you again for this opportunity, Blogged Magazine!
More power to you guys! :)