#The20FirstsProject: Cut 5 inches off your hair! {Azta Urban Salon, Eastwood}

"But when was the last time you did something for the first time?" asked my friend, 7 months back. Speechless, I didn't get to answer him then, but I have to admit, his question just stuck with me. I admit it, I was done with routine. I was tired of sheltered. I'm done with just comfortable

   We meet around 80,000 people in our whole lives. And a lot of us do not realize that our words and actions, how small of an act we think they may be, could create a huge impact in the lives of others. And you know what? That holds true. Every day since my friend threw me The Question, I would always wake up in the morning and ask, "What new thing can I do and learn and experience today? What new lesson can I share and pass on to others today?"



     10 years from now, I'd remember the year 2016 as The Year I Turned 20. Aka The Year I Made Sure I Lived Out the Teenage Dream Before It was Too Late. (Jeez. I'm a walking cliche, huh?) Hence, on one quiet night at the backseat of my dad's car, this little life journey of a project was born.

     There is always this unexplainable, exhilarating feeling you get from A First. We may not remember it then, but our First Walk, for example. Or fast forward to high school and our memories flash back to our First Kiss. A few years after, and BAM. We meet our First Love. And then experience our First Heartache. And our First

Uno and our First Singko and our First Road Trip Adventure and our First Solo Flight and our First Job and our First Pay Day Family Dinner and everything in between.

     Our Firsts, either blessings or lessons, would always

hold a special place in our hearts. Our Firsts help keep us going; they help us get up from bed and look forward to what adventures await us.

     So here's to experiencing new things every day. 

     And most of all, here's to enjoying our own personal journeys, and learning the lessons from the Best Teacher Out There—Life.


     2015 was one hell of a year: had my heart broken three times, had my first job, had so much realizations on life (and on what to do, or rather, what not to do, after graduation), had been physically, mentally, and emotionally hurt by someone who I least expected to. Long story short, I just badly needed a fresh start. 

     You know how cutting your hair short is the kind of thing that girls-moving-on-from-a-bad-breakup do in the movies? Well yeah, I needed some moving on, all right. Not just from my previous relationship, but just from the negativities in general. I needed to move on from a dark and heavy past, and if cutting your hair is one way to make you feel lighter (literally AND figuratively), then why not give it a go, right?

     So here goes my First Number 1 on my #The20FirstsProject bucketlist!



Of course, I had it done at Azta Urban Salon in Eastwoord, by the only hair stylist I trust when it comes to cutting my hair- Sir Jo Tubato.

(Really cool how they shampoo your hair while you sit on your chair lol)


Bye-bye, 5 inches!

Just in case you're wondering, these are Azta Urban Salon's rates. 

I feel so fresh!! Wahaha. Thank you, Sir Jo! And thank you, as always, for the excellent service, Azta Urban Salon :)

The Sentimental Freak inside of me decided to bring this home for safekeeping. 

(Is this what you would call "normal"?)

(Am i still ur friend lol)

"Just chop it off already. It'll grow back anyway."

Join the movement! Create your own #The20FirstsProject, too! :)