Cop the 90s Look With Maybelline Nude Brown Lipsticks!

Not gonna lie, I was a hundred percent giddy when Maybelline Philppineschallenged us to re-create OOTDs back in the 90s. For the Cop the 90s Look challenge, I wore the Maybelline Nude Brown lipsticks, since brown lips were all the rage back then.

Of course, the 90s look wouldn't be complete without this hairstyle! Who remembers wearing her hair like this? Half-pony with two strands of hair in the front! Lol. 

Bright off-shoulder top: Trippy Swag | Choker: Borrowed from my officemate, Audrey |Pants: Forever 21

I love, love, love the 90s! From the toys we grew up playing, to the (oftentimes crazy) fashion trends we wore, and down to the music (I had a Britney Spears phase—I mean, who didn't?!).

And there you have it! Look number one! :) Stay tuned for the second look. ;)

PS. These were shot during our break at work. Lol. The perks of working with photographers and having a studio right inside the office. Hahaha!



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Breathe in, let go, and be free.

"In the process of letting go you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself."

Deepak Chopra

The first weeks of October was a huge burn out. In an attempt to distract myself from the hurt and betrayal, I allowed work to drown me. I signed up for so many things, committed to different projects, and attempted to finish a long list of tasks, only to be left feeling insecure and unaccomplished in the end, just because I couldn't deliver. My flames of passion were slowly extinguishing. I was looking for an escape; I was searching for happiness and inspiration in all the wrong places. I was lost. Worse, empty. 

But just when I was about to give up one night (the millennial inside me decided to take a break from everything by deactivating all her social media accounts and not showing up to people for days),  I'm thankful to have found a ray of sunshine during an inconvenient 2AM phone call, my own tiny little secret metaphor of hope and better days, that made long nights a whole lot tolerable, and sometimes, better.

So I choose to get back up.  To relax. To take a deep breath, a break, and a cup of tea this beautiful Sunday afternoon. There is so much beauty in this life and it is a waste to let bitterness and hurt get in the way of appreciating the now. And even though it hurts to think that I will never get the apology I've long been waiting for, I choose to let go. And in the process, find happiness, inner peace, and eventually, myself.

As the old saying goes, it is when you let go that you are finally free.

All photos were taken by April Baldovino (IG: @aprilbaldovinoo)



It's All Okay.

Pause by Jamie Delos Reyes (White Wall Poetry)


"Baby, I don't have to be the happy ending you're looking for.

I could be the pause.

I could be the deep breath you take before the blue dive.

I could be the feeling you get when there's enough time to linger over coffee.

The dreamdust that leaves your eyes in the morning.

The fading echo of a good day.

Maybe I'm just another chapter.

And that's okay.

Things don't have to last forever to be beautiful."

Jamie Delos Reyes


Black top: unknown brand

Black skater skirt: Wet Seal

Flats: Michael Kors 

All these photos were taken at Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar, Bataan. 

My mind's a mess right now. But everything's gonna be okay.


The Teenage Queen

Ripped Jeans Appreciation Post

“And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles.” 
― Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Secret Garden

Goodbye, skinny jeans. There are new kids on the block now: ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans, and even mom jeans.

I was never a pants person, but after joining in the ripped jeans bandwagon, I am definitely a fan now! They're so comfortable and effortlessly stylish! 

Cropped top: Topshop
Pants: bazaar
Sandals: Primadonna

All these photos were taken at Las Casas Filipinas, Bataan, last Holy Week. If you guys are looking for a beautiful resort to spend time with family and friends, Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar is the place for you! I'm gonna blog about that place really soon, so please please stay tuned for that?:)

The Teenage Queen

NYE 2014: Baguio Adventure, Floral on Florals, Fake Snow, and My Sorority Necklace :)

My family and I travelled all the way to Baguio for New Year's Eve. :)
We first went to EASTERN WEAVING, where we watched amazing women work on their looms and weave beautiful and intricate masterpieces.

They also had a store inside where they sold shoes, cloths, necklaces, bracelets, and all sorts of native stuff. My dad bought me and Ate Yas friendship bracelets for only 60 pesos each! :)

Then, we went to The Country Club to have a scrumptious lunch! :)

Right outside The Country Club was this big, fun children's activity ground where, apparently, (fake) snow fell.

We got out of the car and quickly ran up to the entrance where we were greeted by the lady guard who asked us "Ilan adults?" =)))) (yes, this was a children's place kasi HAHA)
I shyly and awkwardly replied "uhm... four."

After playing around with snow to a winter wonderland-themed Christmas music playlist, we headed over to Sky Cafe and La Presa. It was quite a long ride going there. We literally were so up high, we were already above the clouds!

After that, we had a mini picnic in the woods of Camp John Hay. 
Here's a quick OOTD :)

Top: Forever 21
Bottom: Forever 21
Cardigan: Forever 21
Watch: Aldo
Boots: H&M
Socks: Forever 21

I just can't help but fall in love with my pretty sorority necklace! Proud Sigma Alpha Nuan right here. Hehe. :)

After our mini picnic, we went back to The Country Club to play with snow. Again. :P

And that was how we spend New Year's Eve :)

How did you guys spend the last day of 2014? Tell me all about it below! :)

The Teenage Queen

A Classy Vintage Hollywood Costume Party: Christmas Eve

It has been a tradition of ours to play dress-up every Christmas Eve. Last year, we had a Disney-themed costume party (see post HERE). This year, we had a classy vintage Hollywood night!! <3


We originally planned on holding a rockstar party, but at the last minute, we decided to change the theme to this. Haha! 

My costume!
I went as a 1950s girl in a pleated dress!

Dress: MANGO (A Christmas gift from my momma!! yay!!)
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Headdress: Girl Shoppe

Rings: H&M

Ken's costume
Ken went as the guy from Grease! Haha!

Dad's costume
Dad went us a classic 1950s gentleman!

Mom's costume
Mom went as a beautiful, elegant lady from the 20s!

James' costume
Well, he pulled off a Grease costume too hahaha!

Ate Yas' costume

My sister went as a Hollywood glam girl from the 60s!

                  My sister putting make-up on James! Lol why hello there, awesome fake beard!

Group shots!! <3

 Polaroid time!!

#TeamInstaxPh !!! Thanks for my cute dalmatian films, Fujifilm!!

My mom and her awesome Christmas village!

Noche Buena!! <3

How did you guys spend Christmas Eve?:) Comment below! :)
Oh, and happy holidays, everyone!! :* Enjoy quality time with the people you love, and don't forget the reason for this season!! :)

 The Teenage Queen

Sugar & Spice

I'm a sucker for all things pastel, and I swear I can never get enough of them.

All photos were taken by Ben Bigalbal of

This was what I wore to the  Fujifilm "Hello Kitty Instax" Wanderlaunch (you can read about it HERE). The event was held at one of the girliest and daintiest cupcakes store I know of, and that was why I decided to go all pastel and matchy-matchy. To even out the "girliness" of this outfit, I added touches of black to add a little spice to it.  

(A big shout out to my best friend Ji Young Lee for coming up with the title of this post. Haha!)

Jacket: H&M Kids' Section
Black top: Forever 21
Skirt: bazaar
Boots: H&M
Watch: Aldo

The matching pieces and happy colors of this outfit remind me so much of the 80's--and I LOVE IT!

Oh, and congratulations to Merielle Roelle, Brianna Cardenas, and Stacey Lee for winning my Browhaus giveaway! :) I'll be announcing the winners of the Nourriture giveaway soon.

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Summer Nails---in December?!

I attended a "sparty" with my sorority sisters last Thursday, and discovered this cute nail place along Taft called "Nailfinity". The best part about that nail salon was that their rates were so affordable-- their manipedi costs only 250 bucks, not bad a price at all, considering that the nail polish they use were premium brands like Orly, Essie, OPI, etc. 

Photo taken by April Baldovino
Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Manila Christmas party | December 11, 2014

Next to pink, bubblegum blue is my favorite color; it's playful, girly, cute, and carefree! 
So happy Orly has this shade! <3 I think this shade is called Gumdrop? Correct me if I'm wrong, please! :P
Bracelet: DIY
Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Nail polish: Orly

Oh, I'm gonna tell you girls a secret!  On lazy days when I'm not really in the mood to think of what to wear, I simply slip on a pretty dress, and let it do all the magic. 

Dress: Ultra Flirt
Shoes: Primadonna
Belt: Cache Cache

 A dress in a playful cut and color will definitely save you on lazy days. The best part? You don't even have to stress yourself on what accessories to wear! Just let the dress speak for itself.

The Teenage Queen

Rapunzel of TANGLED-themed Costume!

Say hi to Uriel aka Flynn Rider! 

Next to Belle, Rapunzel is my favorite Disney princess. I could relate to her character very much, because, well, duh, she's so gawky (!), awkward, childish, strong, and determined-- all at the same time. 

And that was why when UP Manila Dramatista, a theatre organization I joined in school just this semester, asked us to dress as Disney characters for a day, without even thinking twice, I decided to be Rapunzel.

(Below are some photos from the movie Tangled that I just got from the Internet)

Outfit details:

White blouse (used as inner top): Bayo

Purple skirt: an old purple dress that I just found in the closet

Pink corset: a random corset in our house lol

Flowers: borrowed from my bff, Ji! Which reminds me.... lol I haven't even returned this to her yet =)) HAHAHA hi Ji, if you're reading this, I love you. =)) I'll give this back to you next week.

Frying pan (choz! This pan is actually teflon lol #sosyal) : borrowed from Ji..again. =))

Nude flats: payless

We had to stay in character the WHOLE DAY, so imagine me running around school acting scared and holding a frying pan. Haha. 

My fellow applicants were amazing; they did such a great job in portraying their roles! Hands down! One person even went us a frog (from the movie "Princess and the Frog"), so he had to hop around the College of Arts and Sciences bending down.

Can you spot Hades? What about Captain Jack Sparrow? Snow White, anyone?
(photo by Darcy de Asis)

Maverick as Captain Hook

Yesha as Minnie Mouse

Say hi to my forever supportive OrCom barkada! Hey Tricia and Jana :)

This photo was taken in class. HAHA! Hey, pretty seat mate Micol! :)

Ending this post with an appreciation photo for Ji Young Lee, the best and most supportive friend ever! :) <3

The Teenage Queen

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PPS.  Wala lang. Just wanted to plug this here. HAHA! Support UP Manila Dramatista next year! Coming sooooonnn<3

Ways on How to Style a Simple Shirt

Wearing shirts to school is the most comfortable thing ever. If you're a t-shirt person and you want to wear them without ever compromising style, then here's a quick guide for you :)

Watch: Aldo Accessories | Bracelets: bazaars/ tiangge | Rings: gifts from my Ninang

1. Don't be afraid to experiment. 
Styling shirts is fun because you get to do a lot with it! You can:

  • Fold the bottom part up and tie it at the back to make it look like a mid rib (just like what I did in this OOTD post)
  • Roll up your sleeves to give off that relaxed vibe (see THIS)
  • Play with how you tuck in your shirt. You can opt to tuck it in completely, or you may tuck only the front portion of your top, leaving the rest untucked and loose.  (see THIS)
  • Gather the ends and tie a knot in the front
  •  If you're feeling brave, you can play with scissors and cut your shirt into a muscle tee, a fringed top, an off-shouldered top, or even a cropped top! (see THIS)

2. Play with colors.
Whether you're going for black-and-white minimalist, girly-girl pastel, colorful, or whatnot-- playing with colors is totally up to you! Feel free to experiment :)

3. Mix and match.
While you can never go wrong with a nice shirt and denim combo, it doesn't mean you shouldn't step out of your comfort zone. Mix and match whatever you have in your closet- you'll actually be surprised on how endless your options are!

You can wear your shirt with a skirt, over a dress, with a jumpsuit, with a romper, etc. FEEL FREE TO EXPLORE! :)  If you ask me, my rule of thumb is that you follow a color palette  and that your pieces won't give off a heavy, "there's-just-too-much-going-on" vibe to it.

Shirt: Shortcuts Apparel by Laureen and Lorraine| Pastel romper (used as shorts): Forever 21| Blue sneakers: Forever 21| Floral backpack: Roxy | Blue sneakers: Forever 21

All of these photos were taken by my sorority sis, Alyssa Lorenzo, at school. Thanks so much for this, sis! :)

Hope you girls learned a thing or two from this post! Thank you so much for reading :) Please do comment below more of your tips and suggestions on how to style a shirt ! :) I'd love to see your OOTDs, too!

The Teenage Queen

Red Lip Classic Thing

Heart-shaped glasses? Red lipstick? White top?

Just in case it still isn't obvious, the whole peg of this outfit was " Taylor Swift- 22 meets 1989". Yep, because, no matter how hard I try to hide it, the Swiftie inside me still hasn't died down yet. Lol.

Anyway, this was what I wore to school last Friday. I don't normally dress like this for class because ~duh, laziness~  and no one really cares how people dress up in UP hahaha~ but I had an event to attend later that evening, which explains everything. Haha! Check out my post on Tacobell's Food tasting event, please?:) 

White top: Bayo | Leather shorts: borrowed from my sorority sister, Cess Panganiban. Thanks, sis! Hahaha :) | Bag: Bagellia Filipinas  | Birks-inspired sandals: Payless

Black watch: Aldo | Tattoo bracelet: A special gift from my friend Michiko Kaimoto. She sells these cuties at such an affordable price! PM her on Facebook to order.  | Rings: a Christmas gift from my sorority sisses, Bekai and Lili <3 

A big shoutout to my friends Gian Nicdao and Tricia Quintero for helping me out on this spontaneous shoot at school! Haha. 

Gian took all of these artsy fartsy shots. He's a photography blogger, and he's just amazing at what he does. Check out his awesome work at :)

Tricia directed this shoot. She's part of Candy Magazine's council of cool, and that explains why she's so knowledgable on fashion, photo shoots, and all that.

Ugh. Thankful for such artsy friends lol. What will the world be without you guys? Hahahaha. :P

If you're wondering why I'm still awake at half past midnight, it's because our 8AM class tomorrow /I mean later/ got cancelled and what better way to celebrate that than to blog and download stuff on the internet HAHAHAHA. 

Okay brb for now guys, I'm already *really* thirsty and it's pitch black downstairs so Imma figure out a way to get to the kitchen fridge without getting caught by monsters in the dark.

Leaving you guys with this cute shot. Hihi. Heart Heart.

The Teenage Queen

Photos by Gian Nicdao
Photoshoot directed by Tricia Quintero


Don't these colors remind you so much of Snow White? :)

Watch: Style & Co
Bracelet: Bazaar
Purple bracelet (other wrist): A gift from my friend
Blue and gold bracelet (other wrist): Guess

Can you believe I bought almost every item I'm wearing now on bargain?
I bought the top at Divisoria (150 pesos), the jacket at an online thrift store (180 pesos), and the skirt at the tiangge area at the Gateway LRT station (180 pesos). Yep, everything for only 510 pesos! See, you don't have to buy expensive stuff all the time, girls. Thrift shopping is actually really fun, and it's very rewarding when you finally find something you like from all the treasure hunting ;)

I wasn't able to take a picture with my bag though, but here's a photo!
I'm so proud of my sister for designing this. She and her friend used to have an online shop called Bagellia Filipinas, and this was one of her store's bestsellers. :) It's called a bucket bag.

 Now, for the post that everyone's been waiting for. Remember my azta ombre hair makeover giveaway HERE?

Nako ha! You girls gave Ms. Meg of Azta Urban Salon a really hard time cause all your entries were so heart-warming daw! Bwahahaha. And because she can't just pick just 1 entry, here are the TWO winners of the Instagram contest!!!

Congratulations to
*drum rolls please!!*

@adaphobic and @saiiramos!!!! <3

1st place:

2nd place:

Thank you so much for your beautiful entries :) 

@saiiramos and @adaphobic will win an OMBRE HAIR MAKEOVER! Please email me at so I can get in touch with both of you :) You girls only have until SEPTEMBER 30 to claim your makeover :) 

Don't worry girls! Azta Urban Salon has more in store for you!

The following runner-ups will receive a FREE HAIRCUT from Azta Urban Salon SM JAZZ MAKATI branch! Yaaay! :)

 3rd place: Janica Sale
4th place: Bea Malabanan

Congrats girls! Please email me at to claim your prize:)


Maria Christina Gumatay 
Congratulations!! You won an ombre makeover :)

Runner up: Kaye Onate, you win a free haircut at Azta Urban Salon SM Jazz Makati branch!!

Congratulations, girls!!! And thank you so much to everyone who joined. 
Watch out for my next giveaway!! 

The Teenage Queen

Tuesdays with April

Hey girlies! How are you all doing? Hope everything's been fine with y'all!

The school year had just begun in UP three weeks ago, and we're already so busy with acads and org stuff altogether. Thankfully, #NuanWeek (my sorority's week-long event) just ended last Friday and it was such a huge success-- all thanks to UP Manila, of course. And because I had just crossed out one line off my "To Do List", I'm now only left with acads, blogging and OrComSoc duties to work on. Push!  (HAHAHA feeling madaming time, nakakainis!!!!)

Anyway, here's a quick #OOTD taken at school, weeks ago. It was a Tuesday then, and I had no one to be with after class (huhu loner!). Good thing April, one of my college girl friends, was free (and bored) then . We went on a date and spent 4+ hours just talking to each other HAHAHA (na-paos ako after, I swear).

One thing April and I have in common is that we like stalking bloggers' Instagram feeds. I might (weh, might lang daw HAHA ) have mentioned to her that I wanted a new #OOTD post, and she was very supportive of my....choices. Hahha. She's the incumbent president of Shoot UPM anyway (haha, in-announce!), so she wanted to unleash her creativity (naks) and go on a mini shoot, too (Pero sa totoo lang, dinedefend ko ka-artehan ko HAHAHA). We traveled all the way from the CAS building to the White Colleges just to look for a "nice spot"; hindi kasi photogenic ang UPM eh HAHA.

Plaid shirt: a hand-me-down from my sister
White sleeveless top: Cache Cache
Skirt: bazaar

Bracelets: Divisoria + a gift from my HS bestie, Angeline <3
Watch: Aldo
Turquoise ring: Forever 21
Gold peace sign ring: A gift from my sorority sisses, LC Bekai and Lili :)

Just a tip: Plaid shirts are such an essential. They're super easy to be paired with, and they're perfect for achieving that laidback, "I'm-too-lazy-to-dress-up-but-BAM" look. Lol, did I make sense? HAHA probably not. But yeah, I really encourage you girls to find a plaid shirt too, because they're a classic and they never go out of style. Wear them over shirts, tank tops, and dresses and you'll be surprised how a simple plaid top can transform your outfit!

Anyway, April took me to Vito Cruz for lunch. Can you believe that, in my 2 years stay in UP, it was the first time I actually went on a Taft adventure?? And I'm addicted already! I go there at least every week now to eat HAHA . So far I've tried Tori Box, Starrs, and Zark's. I know they're so "mainstream" already, but I haven't really explored much of Vito Cruz! So guys, if you know of student-friendly places to eat along Taft, PLEASE PLEASE comment them below!!! It will be lovely to hear from you <3

I'm ending this post with a screen cap of April's IG post :) We're almost always together nowadays since we're classmates lol. And because we're good friends lie that, we always help each other out in our orgs' projects. =)) Just recently, she covered my sorority's event last week ; I  helped her out too, on this mini film/project she has. Watch out for this, guys!! Can't wait for the #KF team to release this. *wink wink*

Talk to you soon!

The Teenage Queen

Fiercer Days Ahead

I don't know exactly how it came to this point, but I think it all started a week ago during one of my self-pity sessions. I was feeling low and insecure because of so/many/personal/reasons that I decided not to mention here anymore lol..

But I got tired, eventually. I got tired of pinning my spirits down to the floor. I got tired of living inside an imaginary box and feeding my thoughts more negativity. I got tired of feeling inferior to others, and thinking that I deserved to feel insecure. I just got tired.

I didn't have to feel that way, anyway. I didn't have to feel sorry for myself. I realized, if I just cut off my habit of always comparing myself to others and putting myself down-- if I just stop it with all the whining and complaining-- then maybe I could finally start to get up, move, and actually do something. 

I got a piece of paper and folded it into half. The left side said "Strengths", and the right said "Weaknesses". I filled each column with traits and characteristics, and reflected on them. It was pretty therapeutic, actually. After my self-reflection, I promised myself a couple of things. Like, I will accept myself for who I am;  I will stop trying to always please others, and start finally doing things for my self , in achieving my dreams; I will focus on my own strengths and I will stop comparing myself to other people, because we are all different from each other; and finally, I will stop trying to be someone else.  

As for my weaknesses, I decided that this year, I will start working on the stuff that I could change/improve on. For instance, I feel like I'm a weak, gawky girl and this year, I promise to workout regularly so that I could be stronger.  And during times that I feel inferior and I feel like I'm never going to get rid of my writer's block, I'm going to find inspiration or perhaps enroll in a workshop to learn and improve on my writing skills. 

I promised myself to do things as early as now. I didn't want to live life with regrets and what ifs, anyway, so starting that day, I wanted to change and work on with what I already could. 

And so, just as promised, I started working out. I'm taking baby steps for now, but I'm very happy for myself because it's something I've never really done before. Because of personal reasons, I've always complained and felt insecure about my body (especially my legs and tummy), but now that I'm trying to do something about it, I can't help but feel lighter inside. True enough, working out made me feel more confident and comfortable with myself, because I knew I was actually doing something about my insecurity. 

Yesterday was my first time (ever!!) to wear a cropped top. As I said earlier, my tummy has always been my insecurity (again, because of personal reasons hehe),  so wearing this required a lot of confidence for me.  I may not have a body like that of a VS Angel's, but at least now, I'm finally confident in my own skin, and that's what's important, right? :) 

Hey, don't get me wrong. I'm not telling everyone to get up and start working out today! What I'm saying is that if you're feeling insecure about something (whether it be career-related,  relationship-related, or whatnot), don't let it pull you down. Because guess what? You can do something about it. You can get rid of it by finding a way that you think would work best for you. Do whatever makes you feel beautiful, strong, and powerful inside. Focus on your strengths. If you think you need improvement on a certain aspect, do what you could to change it. Never give up without a fight. If you really can't change it, then at least you know for yourself that you fought a good fight; focus on your strengths and don't close doors just yet! Make room for discovery. Make room for more good things coming your way. When you're feeling insecure, don't give up-- fight! Fight the negativity and find ways to bring out your inner sunshine! :)
You can do it! We all can do it!

Anyway, enough of the serious stuff. HAHA! Yesterday, somebody got to try out something new. Two words: Red Streaks.

With all the confidence and courage (lol) I gathered over the week, I knew I had to release my inner spunk somewhere. And if you've already read my post on ,it was mentioned there that we should always try to look for a hair style that says a lot about us. And in my case, I hadn't felt more of myself in months until last week, with an added bit of free-spirited and a dash of adventurous; so I told my artist over at Azta Urban Salon, "Hey, why not give me a hint of red streaks?"

Bracelets: a pasalubong from Australia! Hey, Angeline! Thank you so much for this!
Watch: Aldo
Earrings: Claire's

Top: Paradise Treats (@paradisetreats on IG)
Skirt: Forever 21
Nude kitten heels: Charles and Keith

(Outfit shots taken by Ken)
A big shout out to Azta Urban Salon for giving me a roots retouch (finally!! after 3 months LOL) and a touch of red! Yaaay!

But hey, I wasn't the only one who enjoyed my Azta experience! Check out Ken who had his haircut too!

 Thank you to my forever stylist, Sir Jo for everything! And thank you too, Ms. April! :)

To all the girls out there who need some confidence boosting, too, we're in this together. I'm praying for all of you! We can do this. 
Here's to happier (and fiercer) days ahead!

The Teenage Queen

San Francisco #OOTD

I only have two things to say about San Francisco: 1) It is a freezer  and 2) It is a giant freakin freezer. 

Kidding aside (not really), I must admit that it's actually one of the most fashionable cities I've ever been to. We enjoyed observing what the locals wore everyday, and from what we've noticed, San Fran fashion is often a combination of top+shorts+leggings+coat, or dress+leggings+coat, or fashionable top+pants+scarf+ coat, or... You know what I mean. They're into layers. Layers and layers and layers.

Now, hold your horses there. I'm no expert when it comes to layering and all, since duh.. I live in a tropical country(!!!), but hey, I still did my best to "fit in" with the San Fran crowd. This was my take on San Francisco fashion:

Cropped top: H&M| Jacket: H&M| Shorts: Greenhills| Bag: Korean Brand

The idea was to create a palette of colors and stick to that, so the pieces won't clash and outdo each other.

What do you think? I really wanted to wear boots that time. However, I forgot my pair at home, so I was only stuck with 3 choices that time: my black flats, my sandals, and my heels--- and for the love of all things good, I opted not to walk around the city all day in heels. 

Say hello to 2/3 of the Neri sisters! lol This was what my sister wore that day. I loveee her pants! I'm planning to invest on a nice printed pair too. Anyone here who could suggest where to buy one?



So yeah. I'm on a writer's block right now, so whatever. I'm ending this post with a photo of the steepest and weirdest bridge we've ever laid our eyes upon. lol.

thanks for reading my blog, you guys!
talk to ya next time!

The Teenage Queen

Los Angeles #OOTD

Greetings from the gigantic freezer that is San Francisco! We're off somewhere in a few, but let me leave you  another outfit post before we leave.

This was what I wore to Los Angeles last week. We went to Getty Museum, a really cool and contemporary place so I thought I should wear something modern yet chill and laid back. If you've noticed, I've actually worn the same romper two months ago in this blog post. Yep ladies, it's not wrong to reuse/ wear the same item again and again (and again!!!). Doing so will actually let you exercise your creativity! Just style it differently each time, and you're good to go. Your options are unlimited when you mix and match! :)

Romper: Forever 21| Jacket: H&M| Shoes: Cotton On| Belt: Steve Madden| Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

After the Getty Museum, we also went to the famous Lacma Urban Lights to meet up with some friends. :)

Then we headed to The Grove. It's a chill hang out place, and near it is the Farmers Market- a hipster place that reminded me so much of the Philippines. It's a big venue with different food stalls that you can order food from, sort of like our food night bazaars. I'm going to blog about it next time, so stay tuned for that one!

Hey guys, I heard the storm's mad crazy there in the Philippines. Please do stay safe and dry over there, okay? Charge your phones, stock up on batteries, food, etc! Most importantly, pray. Love you all!

The Teenage Queen

All White and Chic

This was what I wore to an important meeting with my Sorority sisters last Saturday.

White romper: Forever 21
Blazer: Forever 21
All accessories: Forever 21
Shoes: Charles & Keith

Rompers are my current addiction. They're very comfortable yet very fashionable; they can even appear casual or sophisticated, depending on the way you style them! 

Forever 21 offers lots of unique accessories that you'll easily fall in love with. I especially have a thing for stackable rings as of the moment because they're really fun to wear !

Thank you to my sis Marga for taking my outfit shots! Heehee. I decided to take her OOTD as well, because she looked incredibly hot in her skirt and cropped top! 

With some of my Sorority sisters, LC Bekai and Lili <3 
I love how our outfits coordinated that day! lol

Can't wait for what's in store this year! So stoked! 

The Teenage Queen