LAZADA SHOP TIL YOU BLOG: Blogging Tips from Top Blogger Kryz Uy

Hey, guys!

How have y'all been enjoying the coziness of today's cuddle weather? Hope everyone's safe and dry!


Last June, Lazada Philippines invited us to a fun and intimate event entitled "SHOP TIL YOU BLOG". Esteemed speakers, including top Filipina fashion blogger Kryz Uy, were there to inspire bloggers to keep on doing what they love.

In a time where anyone could call himself/herself to be a blogger, it's easy for people to underestimate the industry. Thankfully, Kryz Uy, who never fails to inspire me with her passion for the craft, reminded us to keep on doing and working hard for what we love. After all, we blog to share ideas, and not for its perks.

The last time I heard Kryz give a talk was last March when my sorority invited her for "Ambassadress of Beauty". 3 months later, she's still as amazing and as humble!

Anyway, back to the talk.

Here were a couple of tips that we learned from her that day:

1. Post on searchable content
2. Find a need and fill it
3. Do something new and own it
4. Be relevant. Be current.
5. Use hashtags and geo tags.
5. Be yourself cause no one can do that better than you

For more, visit her blog at

Kryz Uy also gave us tips on how to make our Instagram feeds look nicer! For inspiration, you may follow her at @kryzzzie on IG.

To make sure that we learned from her #flatlay tips,  we had a quick contest, too. The bloggers in the house were encouraged to take a flatlay of the freebies they got that day. Here was my entry:

Thank you for these cool giveaways, LAZADA PH! Your sponsors are awesome. Lol.

Here was my favorite takeaway from Kryz Uy's talk.
"If you are real, genuine, and unapologetically yourself, the right people will respect you. And the wrong people--- well, they're irrelevant."

Keep on doing you! As long as you're not stepping over somebody else, you're on the right track. :)

Thanks for the talk, Kryz! Can't wait to hear more from you soon!


Here are some other photos I took that day

With my IG friend, Chesca De Mesa!

Buffet by Discovery Primea Hotel, Makati City

With my former high school buddy, now famous Instagrammer and blogger, Bea Marin

With tablemates, Patty Villegas and Tonette Nicolas! :)

I'll be ending this post with a bag I bought from Lazada a few weeks ago :) Can't believe I was able to get this original Mango saffiano satchel for only 55 pesos (its original price was 3,999). Talk about super sale!! Shop now over at

Again, thank you for having us LAZADA PHILIPPINES. Thank you for taking well care of us, I am so proud to be a Lazada affiliate! More power to you!


Fujifilm INSTAX DIY Year 2!

Fujifilm Philippines held the second instalment of their Instax DIY event last week at a cute camera shop in QC called "Shutter Master Pro". If you're a fan of photography/videography, this place is perfect for you because it literally has everything you need.  Shutter Master Pro, the Philippines' first professional online photo-video store, is located at 118 Sct. Dr. Lazcano St., Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City, Philippines.

Anyway, just a quick back story. I arrived an hour late for the event because, as you may have seen from my posts on Facebook and Twitter, it was also elections season in UP Manila then. In fact, it was the last day of campaign period when this event happened. I finished my campaign duties first --from accompanying our candidate in room-to-rooms to giving away fliers--  before coming to the event, all the way from school. 

Fortunately, I came in just in time for a fun  DIY game! 
I was such a #lostgirl in the first five minutes cause I didn't have groupmates (LOL), but super duper thank you to these people for adopting me! <3 I'm so lucky to have been grouped with them too cause they're so artsy and all that. HAHAHA.

Melissa Gatchalian of, Michael Macalos of, Ana Gonzales of, and Ava Te - Zabat of 

The whole point of the game was to create an instax project in 15 minutes. We were provided with instax cameras, beads, ribbons, stickers, and all sorts of scrapbooking materials. 

Me to them: Bakit ung sainyo ang effortlessly artsy?? I give up.


Our baby-mobile inspired project!! 

Ana and Michael explaining our Instax DIY to the judges :)

Reunited with these girlies!!
 Stephanie Lee of and Patty Villegas of

I'm a huge fan of anything floral and girly, so you could guess just how in love I was with the event set-up! Ang lakas maka-Secret Garden! Haha!

It rained cupcakes that day!! yipee!

Another kilig moment! Haha. When I started blogging in 2011, these girls were my inspiration-- they're the first Filipino bloggers I religiously followed.  I'm just so humbled to be able to attend this event with them. 

Ava Te-Zabat of 
Ana Gonzales of
Aisa Ipac of
Tracy Ayson of

With Reese Lansangan of

With my favorite girl Phylica Pineda of and the ever-gwapo Sef Tiburcio of !!1

Huhu Camie Juan is sooo cuute! Peg! Haha! 

Camie Juan of

Ang lakas maka-family portrait!! Hahahaha!
Thank you for the great time, you two!! It's always a fun time with you guys. Again, thank you for all the tips and advice you gave!! Mwah!

With Phya and Michael!

For more photos, follow me on Instagram! :) @theteenagequeen

Thanks for the invite, Fujifilm Philippines! 

The Teenage Queen

Flaura and Fauna: A collab shoot with UST Advertising Students

February 2015

My highschool bestie, Bria, invited me to a photoshoot with her team for their Photography class project. The theme of the shoot was Flaura and Fauna, hence my very hipster antlers (and fyi, they made that head dress from scratch!! cool beans!!) 

It was my first time working with Bria's college classmates and I was very impressed with how talented their bunch was! UST Advertising is overflowing with creative people, and I'm truly honored to have been given the opportunity to work with them. 

Please allow me to share with you all their beautiful shots!! :)

Photo by Agatha Imbao

Photos by Bria Cardenas

Photos by Greg Aquino

Photos by Miguel Aquino

Photo by Alyana Arguelles

Thank you for these beautiful photos, guys! I've always dreamt of being an enchanted woodland fairy, so thank you for making this happen. Lol. 


Hit me up for shoots / collabs! :) I'm always G for fun shoots! Email me at 

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NYE 2014: Baguio Adventure, Floral on Florals, Fake Snow, and My Sorority Necklace :)

My family and I travelled all the way to Baguio for New Year's Eve. :)
We first went to EASTERN WEAVING, where we watched amazing women work on their looms and weave beautiful and intricate masterpieces.

They also had a store inside where they sold shoes, cloths, necklaces, bracelets, and all sorts of native stuff. My dad bought me and Ate Yas friendship bracelets for only 60 pesos each! :)

Then, we went to The Country Club to have a scrumptious lunch! :)

Right outside The Country Club was this big, fun children's activity ground where, apparently, (fake) snow fell.

We got out of the car and quickly ran up to the entrance where we were greeted by the lady guard who asked us "Ilan adults?" =)))) (yes, this was a children's place kasi HAHA)
I shyly and awkwardly replied "uhm... four."

After playing around with snow to a winter wonderland-themed Christmas music playlist, we headed over to Sky Cafe and La Presa. It was quite a long ride going there. We literally were so up high, we were already above the clouds!

After that, we had a mini picnic in the woods of Camp John Hay. 
Here's a quick OOTD :)

Top: Forever 21
Bottom: Forever 21
Cardigan: Forever 21
Watch: Aldo
Boots: H&M
Socks: Forever 21

I just can't help but fall in love with my pretty sorority necklace! Proud Sigma Alpha Nuan right here. Hehe. :)

After our mini picnic, we went back to The Country Club to play with snow. Again. :P

And that was how we spend New Year's Eve :)

How did you guys spend the last day of 2014? Tell me all about it below! :)

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A Classy Vintage Hollywood Costume Party: Christmas Eve

It has been a tradition of ours to play dress-up every Christmas Eve. Last year, we had a Disney-themed costume party (see post HERE). This year, we had a classy vintage Hollywood night!! <3


We originally planned on holding a rockstar party, but at the last minute, we decided to change the theme to this. Haha! 

My costume!
I went as a 1950s girl in a pleated dress!

Dress: MANGO (A Christmas gift from my momma!! yay!!)
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Headdress: Girl Shoppe

Rings: H&M

Ken's costume
Ken went as the guy from Grease! Haha!

Dad's costume
Dad went us a classic 1950s gentleman!

Mom's costume
Mom went as a beautiful, elegant lady from the 20s!

James' costume
Well, he pulled off a Grease costume too hahaha!

Ate Yas' costume

My sister went as a Hollywood glam girl from the 60s!

                  My sister putting make-up on James! Lol why hello there, awesome fake beard!

Group shots!! <3

 Polaroid time!!

#TeamInstaxPh !!! Thanks for my cute dalmatian films, Fujifilm!!

My mom and her awesome Christmas village!

Noche Buena!! <3

How did you guys spend Christmas Eve?:) Comment below! :)
Oh, and happy holidays, everyone!! :* Enjoy quality time with the people you love, and don't forget the reason for this season!! :)

 The Teenage Queen

Fujifilm Instax Wanderlaunch : Check out the NEW Hello Kitty Instax Mini , the Instax wide 300, and more!

Fujifilm recently launched their newest instax mini cameras: the Grape-colored and the Raspberry-colored Instax mini 8, the brown Instax mini 90, the Instax wide 300, and the crowd favorite, the new HELLO KITTY INSTAX!

The wanderlaunch took place at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery , Trinoma last Saturday (December 6, 2014). It was my first time going to this particular branch, and I was surprised to see how big the place was! Vanilla Cupcake Bakery branches are all consistently cute and dainty; I love how they pay attention to even the smallest details. Everything is pastel, floral, and girly-- just the way I like it. I seriously don't mind spending the whole day there just munching on their yummy cupcakes! :)

Upon arriving at the event, we were asked to proceed to their instax photo booth. We sat on this cute couch and were given cute Instax sign boards for us to pose with! An Instax representative used her black instax mini 90 to take our polaroid shots. We were given two shots-- one for us to keep, and another one to drop into the raffle box (because they were giving away Hello Kitty instax cameras huhu!!). 

Say hi to my pretty blogger friend, Patty of :)

Thanks for taking these shots, Patty babe!

With my blogger friend and fellow Iskolar ng Bayan, Phylicia Pineda of (left)
and with the woman who inspired me to blog in the first place, Arnie Villanueva of ! :) (right)

Look guys! I belong! HAHA! 

Gotta love mintgreen and pink!

For the love of vanilla milkshakes & mason jars! 

Paul the PR Guy and my girl crush Nikita Conwi hosted the event!

And now, for the moment we've all been waiting for-- the wanderlaunch of the newest Instax cameras!

The new GRAPE and RASPBERRY colored Instax Mini 8! 

These cuties were sold for 4,199 pesos before, but now they're at 3,699 pesos!!!

The new Brown Instax Mini 90! 

Before: 8,990 pesos
NOW: 7,999 pesos! 

The new Instax Wide 300! 
6,999 pesos

The cool thing about this camera is that you can attach it to a tripod! 

And now, for everyone's favorite!

IT IS SO ADORABLE, OMG. But here's the catch: THEY ONLY HAVE 200 PIECES OF IT IN THE PHILIPPINES. So hurry, guys! Stocks are so limited!!!

When you avail of a Hello Kitty Instax mini, you get a special Hello Kitty film that they don't even sell in the market!

Mr. Takuya Maeda also shared a story on how Fujifilm Instax started. 

In 1988, instax was produced as a camera for Japanese high school girls. This was so because at that time, Japanese high school girls were trend-setters of Japanese culture (like, they once made weird-looking socks trend in Japan!!)

And because Japanese high school girls then kept tiny school notebooks where they write random notes like school dress codes, etc. on, Instax built a camera that instantly provided girls with small pictures so they can insert them in their notebooks!

Instax ambassador Verniece Enciso 

Photo grabbed from RODEL FLORDELIZ of

Say hi to Team Young, Wild, Free! The most bibbo table of the night. HAHA! We were so noisy lol 
L-R ( bloggers Jhanzey, Camie Juan, Michael Macalos, Patty Villegas, Phylicia Pineda, and Rodel Flordeliz)

Ended the event by taking so many selfies with bloggers and friends! lol.

With Nikita Conwe, my super girl crush from RX 93.1!

With one of my first friends on Facebook (lol!) Kyla Zuniga, owner of It's All About Hue and the Ilustrados.

With Verniece!

With Paul of

With Camie Juan of

Say hi to Phylicia!

With Ana of

With Michael of

With Seph Cham of!

Of course, a photo with Mr. Takuya Maeda himself! He is just such a cute and adorable person! I bet he's such an AWESOME boss. <3

We each got to bring home a package from Instax! It rained films that day. Yay! 

Included in the package were films, washi tape, a leather cover for the camera, and a small notebook! :) I can't wait to do all sorts of DIYs with the cute instax films!!!

Films in Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Dalmatian, Alice in Wonderland, and Stained Glass designs!

I had my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 on my 18th birthday. It was a surprise gift from Ken and my sorority sisses, who all pitched in just because they knew how much I've dreamt of owning a polaroid--and that's why this camera is so special to me. 

Thank you, Instax, for this cute pink leather cover! Now, I can take better care of this camera. Not only do I take extra good care of my Instax because it's cute, but because it's a special gift from very important people in my life :)

I'm ending this post with photos of a very memorable moment that happened 10 months ago!

The "I CRYYYY" face =))

The Teenage Queen

New York: The City of Dreams #OOTD

No city has ever touched my heart like how New York touched mine. And, in the spirit of being cliche and all, let me add that I've also never been in love with a city until I met New York.  It was my first time to actually immerse myself in this beautiful place; our previous visits back when I was younger were only half a day long and usually, we'd just primarily go to the Statue of Liberty,  then visit Times Square for an hour, and then head home. 

But this year's visit was different. 

Our friend Lea, who's been living in NYC for a long time now, toured us around places we've never even been before. We watched a Broadway show. We walked (and walked and walked!!!) everywhere, rode subways, ate food New Yorkers ate, did more walking, and so much more.

Here, let me share you some pictures of our adventure:

A selfie with my main girl, Leighton Meester. Lol. We waited for her to exit Longacre theatre after her show, "Of Mice and Men". We also got a playbill signed by THE James Franco himself. Woot woot!

The original Shake Shack! Their burgers were okay, but their milk shakes were pure heaven! 

My Times Square OOTD!
Black top: Forever 21| Black shorts: Forever 21| Stockings: SM Dept Store| Shoes: Payless| Coat: Bayo| Bag: Michael Kors| Necklace: brand unknown

Times Square at day

... and at night!

On our second day, we walked the famous Brooklyn Bridge. It's a bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn, and it's quite long, too, but we didn't mind--- in fact, crossing a bridge has never been this fun! The view was wonderful!
Romper: Forever 21| Scarf: borrowed from my sister| leggings: department store| Shoes: Payless

The view from above

Welcome to Brooklyn! 

We also ate at Grimaldi's , the first ever oven brick pizzeria in Brooklyn.  It was one of the B E S T pizzas we've ever had, I swear! When you plan to visit Brooklyn, make sure to add this to your to-do list, okay? It's located under the bridge so it's easy to find.

Watch out, though. Because we experienced intense racism here. The white guy at the entrance who was maintaining the line treated us so poorly, just because we're Asians, but he treated white people so well. He even said something disrespectful to my sister. My eldest sister, being the strong woman she is, got very upset, and fought back. She asked him to apologize to him, but he didn't. So of course, my sister approached the owner of the restaurant and told him about the incident. The owner apologized to us and also mentioned that he's actually been receiving lots of complaints about the guy over at the entrance. He got really mad at the guy and felt so sorry. Later that night, we read reviews about Grimaldi's and a lot of people had been complaining about that same racist, short-tempered guy, too! Sigh. We just hope they do something about that racist guy.

But anyway, haha, yes, the food in Grimaldi's is GREAT. PERFECT PIZZA.

We also got introduced to the BEST soda ever! Stewart's Orange n Cream soda tastes like soda topped with creamy ice cream! Ahhh it's perfect <3 Really hope to find this particular brand again. I'm on a search to find some so I can take them home with me! lol

Check out the elevator buttons! hehe.

I could just walk around this city all day..

Empire State <3

                   I'm ending this post with a promise to go back here one day. To be honest, I  really can't imagine myself settling down in another country, because I do love Manila so so much. But I just can't help it; I left my heart in New York, and that's why one day, I'm coming back.Not for good though-- just for a little while. For internship, or for studies, or maybe even for work. I'd like to pursue a career here, maybe in one of the top PR firms or so. One day. I know it's a big risk to take-- there will be competitions, racism, failures, and what nots along the way-- but I just have a strong gut that it's a risk worth taking. I just pray that an opportunity knocks on my door so that one day, I could finally check this off my bucket list. 

I've never felt so inspired and determined. Just writing all about my "dream city" gives me the chills. What about you? Have you found your "dream city"?:)

(If you have the time, you could watch the 15-second video I made, which is a recap of our stay in New York!)

The Teenage Queen

Kiddie Moustache Party!: An Outfit Post

Hey, ho! Greetings from Virginia.
In case you didn't know, my family and I are on vacation right now, and well, to cut things short, I basically did nothing the past three weeks but shop and gain weight.  But new blog posts about cool stuff to try out in the USA await , so stay tuned for that, please? :)

Speaking of shopping, can I just say that the Fourth of July deals here are C R A Z Y?! Talk about big big big discounts!!!! And I must say, I LIVE for Buy 1 Take 1 promos. 

There was this one time when we went to H&M and ended up buying clothes from the Kids' Section.
(Yep, my sister and I can still pass as kids! hahaha!) Which was perfect, because just recently, my family and I celebrated my sister's birthday in advance. The theme of the party, you ask? A KIDDIE MOUSTACHE PARTY. 

I thought it was brilliant, really, to wear kids clothes to a kiddie party. HAHA!

Jacket: H&M (kids)
Top: Cache Cache
Shorts: bazaar
Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

Love the print of this jacket!!

Here are some photos from the party. We originally planned to go on a picnic that day, but then a thunderstorm decided to ruin our plans, so we ended up staying inside, and bringing the picnic home. It was a blessing in disguise, actually, because things turned out 20x better than what we planned. Hehe! We had a picnic mat (or in Filipino, "banig") and all sorts of decorations to make the place really cozy.


                  On the menu: pinoy style spaghetti, pinoy bbq, chicken wings, and ginataan!

We ordered these pinoy style bbq from "Kababayan", a Filipino restaurant near our place. If you're around Lakeridge in Virginia, it's just a 10-minute drive to get there! Make sure to try out their food, especially their lechon kawali! yum yum yum

A wine especially bought for my ate! Hehe #middlechild

The tres marias <3

With our aunt, uncle, and cousins who drove all the way from Canada just to see us! <3

Siyempre dapat may Filipino flag din! Hehe

Ending this post with a screenshot of my snapchat! Heehee add me! It's heyitshersheyy

For more photos, check out the hashtag #partyintheusa2014 on Instagram!

Talk to you all soon!
The Teenage Queen

Feaured: Steveston Pizza at the UP Town Center

I have this undying love and passion-- and everything else in between-- for this thing called pizza. I mean, who doesn't?? But let me tell you, my standards for what makes a good pizza has taken on a whole new level after we tried Steveston Pizza at the UP Town Center! 

I went with my mom and my aunts from Australia. We actually went there for a food trip (yes, the love for food and for eating actually runs in the family haha), you know, where we could just enjoy meals and dine in where our hearts would take us. For our first stop, we wanted to try out something unusual, and with what we saw from outside this restaurant-- pictures of different kinds of pizza (some of which I haven't even heard of before!) posted on the wall for everyone to see-- , we knew right away that this was the sort of ice breaker we were looking for. 

 (here are some creepy stalker photos that I took of the guy in charge of all the magic he he he)

Oh yeah, cheese!

More and more and more cheese! 

And voila! The pizza we ordered was called "Blue". It consisted of rosemary, mushrooms, bacon, cheese, etc!!! And can I tell you one thing about it?? It was pure heaven! We finished eating this baby in less than 10 minutes HAHAHA! It was THAT good. The best part? We didn't feel bloated afterwards (eek, I hate getting bloated). It was probably because the pizza wasn't oily/greasy. The dough was perfect, too! And the cheese was excellent (ultra mega cheese lover over here!!! :P)

Me likes mah pizza hot.

Happy customers!! ;)

Up until now, my mouth still waters for pizza at Steveston. 
(I honestly think I haven't had any pizza better than the one I had here lol nope im not over reacting). 
I can't wait to go back there and try out their other flavors! :)

PS. Check out my next blog posts this week to find out where else in UP Town Center we went on a food trip to HAHAHA. 

The Teenage Queen

Polka Dots to Welcome the New Year

Happy New Year , folks! I know, I know. I'm three days late for this post, but hey, it's not my fault I've been deprived of internet access for 5 days (#hersheyproblemz). But look! Since internet is in my hands now, I can finally ~talk to friends~ and ~stalk their lives~ now HAHAHAHA (ok that just sounded creepy).

Anyway, lemme share you a few photos we took at our Manguray family reunion. 
The fam bam and I were supposed to hit Eastwood for our New Year countdown, but then, all thanks to my psychic powers (not), I figured out that we might as well be getting ourselves tripped over by hundreds of people in a stampede if we still decided to push through with it  ((((Ok im kidding. But still.))))(just in case ya'll didn't know, Jessica Sanchez was going to perform in Eastwood; hence.... PEOPLE. Lots and lots of 'em).
And because my family thought that my prediction was 99.9% true and possible, in the last minute, we called our relatives and said something like "Hey, mind if you adopt us for tonight??"

[outfit segment lolol. Three hundred sixty five days ago, I wore super bright colors for New Year's Eve. For this year, I decided to tame it down a bit and go for dark colors this time.]

And because feel na feel ko yung pagka vintage ng outfit na to, I decided to wear a super vintage belt I saw in my eldest sister's closet. =))) (hello, 1990s HAHA)

Anyway. Back to the family reunion.
Here are photos of us playing with explosives jk HAHAHA

Aaaaand a collage of our family! :) Yay! 

Here's to a greater year ahead,
The Teenage Queen

Captivate 2013: Behind-the-scenes!! :)

Remember Captivate 2013, the sem-ender party my sorority sisters and I organized? 

Well, since it was a movement to practice responsible partying, we made posters online to spread awareness. Big thanks to GREEN LENS PHOTO STUDIO, one of our sponsors, and to our photographer Gerard Del Mundo for making this happen. We would also like to thank our make-up artist, April Baldovino, for being such  a lovely person and our awesome models, Jana Liwanag, Owen Domingo, Jammon Abesames, Vian Dela Cuz, Pia Pineda and Miko Pascual .

Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures of that extra fun day!
(October 2013):

Our models, Miko, Vian, Jana and my beautiful sis, Bekai :)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the face of a kid who hasn't eaten THE WHOLE. FREAKIN. DAY.
(thanks nga pala sa skyflakes and choco spread, Ken Reyes haha)

The very pretty Ate Vian!! <3

With our model Jana and make-up artist April :)

Hi Owen!! :)

Checking out his shots :P

Green Lens Photo Studio calling cards!:)
Looking for a studio to rent somewhere along Taft?:) Check out their FB page HERE
Not only do they offer studio rental, but they also do studio portraiture too!! 

Hey Jammon !
(super nice niya since he modeled for us (studio was located at Taft) tapos he went back to UP Manila pa since he had classes after. Awwwwww :D )

Of course, hinding-hindi ako papatalo!! Haha went on a quick shoot rin just because// feelingera =))
Thanks for this shot, Gerard!! HAHAHA
(and ew, my hair's so dark here. I've finally realized that light hair does suit me better. I think I'm maintaining my light brown hair. )

With the very pretty and sweet owners of the studio! Thank you so much, GREEN LENS PHOTO STUDIO for sponsoring our event! :)

With the photographer, Gerard Del Mundo! :)

With the sisses, the models, and the boyfie :P

Official posters:

Check out CAPTIVATE 2013's PAGE !! 

CAPTIVATE 2013 : Are You Ready To Surrender?

Captivate 2013, a sem-ender party organized by the UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Manila, was the first ever event that I was official project coordinator of. Having been one of my milestones this 2013, I have to admit that this was such a beautiful learning experience . Not only did I get to learn about stuff like logistics, finances, sponsorships, collaborations and x-deals; I also learned that I can't really get anything done without help from the people around me. And that is why I want to thank EVERYONE who made this HAPPEN.

To the sponsors, thank you so much for everything. Ms. Ferge of Cabana Events, thank you for always answering my every.single. text.message and late night calls. I'm sure we definitely shared a bond over the past 5 weeks. Lol. To the lovely ladies of Green Lens Photo Studio, thank you for your support and for your trust. To Browhaus, Whisked Pastry Kitchen, and 103.5 KLITE FM, thank you for making this benefit party possible.

Sinag, Indayog and SHOOT UPM, thank you for your participation. You guys are more than awesome.

To my sisses, thank you for trusting in me. I've only been a sis for 4 months and yet you have trusted me to be the OPC of this traditional event. I can't thank you girls enough for this amazing learning experience. Thank you to my "mommy", LC Jam Reyes, for always listening and reminding me to breathe. Thank you also for reminding me why I love the Sorority and why I'm doing all of these. Thank you to my ever-so-beautiful (hahaha) batchmates for the never-ending support, and for being the ones I could run to whenever I needed a hand (or hands and feet and mouth and eyes and everything else, for the matter). I'm so happy I have you both. The 13s rock!! Thank you to the rest of my girls for helping out, especially to my "pseudo batchmate" Bekai Tuparan for getting drinks sponsors and for always being bibbo in this project. We were all so stressed with the preparations and everything, but I'm so happy we have each other. I can't even imagine college life without you all.

Brods, thank you for your support. Thanks for always making me laugh at the tambayan whenever I feel like giving up. I swear, you guys never fail to cheer me up. I've always wanted to have a brother, and I'm thankful I was given more than what I've asked for,Than you also or coming to the party! It means a whole lot to us.

LC Jan Baybay thank you for being my inspiration. You have always been my alumni crush  I still remember the night we met up at Fort. You were so fierce, so powerful. You were the epitome of what an OrCom graduate should be like. I was just there sitting across the sofa, and telling myself that I want to be just like you. Than you for all the help with the event , and for conceptualizing the campaign for responsible partying.

To the ambassadors of responsible partying ( Jana Liwanag , Phylicia Marie Pineda, Owen Domingo , Vian Carlyn Dela CruzCarl Benjamin Abesames and Miko Pascual), thank you for your time and support! (And for your charm and face value!! haha joke, but seriousy. Thank YOU SO MUCH for being so game!) And thank you to the beautiful MUA April Baldovino and the awesome photographer @Gerard Del Mundo for helping make this campaign possible.

Thank you to my supportive family for believing in me and for understanding me even when I go home late or for the times I had to go to Fort or to Pasay in the middle of the night for meetings and such. Mom, dad, thanks for believing in my passion for this. You both know how this is my dream job, and thank you for letting me grow and learn. Thank you, I love you both. To my best friend and sister, @Hiyasmin Neri , thanks for all the lessons you've taught me- from making project proposals, to MOAs to locking in partnerships. Thank you also for hosting the event with the super amazing DJ Electric (@EJ Alonso)! You guys gave life to the party. And dang EJ, you are good in what you're doing. Keep it up. You inspire me, love!  I know you're so big in the industry now, but thanks for always having time for ate and me. You are the best huggble host/DJ ever ugh I lovee you. To my ate's boyfriend/ the Kuya I never had, @james soyangco, thank you for helping me out with the logistics and the financial matters shizz. I did't know there was a lot more toparty planning than I thought. Thank you for helping me out with picking the drinks in the menu. Thank you also for the crash tutorial on financing and marketing. Oh gahd you're such a banker. HAHA. But most of all, thank you for teaching me how to use MS Excel LOL.

Thank you to my best friend ever Ken Reyes for being the most supportive person out there. Thank you for accompanying me to Divisoria, for helping me carry bagloads of stuff, for pushing away the gigantic manongs who tried to crush me at the LRT, for feeding me ice cream when I'm having a breakdown, for setting up the tech stuff during the party, for making the decorations, for taking photos, for helping me sell tickets, for everything. Everything. Than you for listening to my squeals and cries and rants and everything in between. And most of all, thank you for your presence in this milestone in my life.

And finally, thank you to the Big Guy up there for making all of this happen. This won't ever be as successful as it was without Him. Lord, you are amazing. I have no words. 


EAN (Sigma Alpha Nu) celebrates its silver anniversary this year!! :)

Funny story.

So while I was at Divisoria to buy glowsticks for this event.

Me: Ate, saan po nakakabili ng glow sticks?

Tindera: Ah, dito. 3 pesos isa.

Me: Sige po ate, bibili ako.

Tindera: sige wait lang kunin ko pa...

-Pagbalik ni aling tindera after 2-3 minutes-

Tindera: eto oh.

Me: .....ate, glow sticks po.. hindi glue stick. -_____-

=)))))))))) huhuhu only in the Philippines!!!!!! lol

With my mommy, LC Jam :)

sisses and brods haha!

Special guest performance

Hosts of the nights: Hiyasmin Neri of ABSCBN and EJ Alonso of 103.5FM

And to cap this post off, here's an AWESOME event highlights video that Shoot UPM did!

Captivate 2013 was definitely one of the coolest stuff that I was part of this year. Heehee..

The Teenage Queen

*Check out my next post to see photos of preparations :))
* Check out CAPTIVATE 2013 on Facebook!

Of spontaneous night outs and attempts to watch Frozen

December 2013

Not surprisingly, being the clingy bunch that we are, (some of ) my sorority sisters and I spent the first week of Christmas vacation together. 

 Last Wednesday, we (together with the boyfie) watched the lantern parade in Diliman... (tho we spent about 2/3 of the time catching up with each other haha). Afterwards, we ended up in Techno Hub to have dinner,---wherein I had to blurt out, "I haven't seen Frozen!!!" halfway through finishing our meals-- which eventually lead to a chorus of "Me Too's" which eventually lead to us spontaneously going all the way to Eastwood 
just. to. see. it.

But lo and behold, after enduring the city traffic and whatnot, this was what we saw:


(these are our, "PLS TELL ME THAT THIS IS
 NOT HAPPENING TO US.........................." faces)

So we decided to just buy ourselves some sundaes instead.

Two days later, one of us decided to give it another chance. 
And so began the second installment of our quest to watch the Disney movie.
And just our luck, it seemed as if it wasn't being shown anywhere we had to commute ALL THE WAY TO SM MASINAG (of all places please lang HAHAHAHA) just to see it. 
Thankfully, our second attempt was very much successful. And guess what? WE LOVED IT.

Frozen was the perfect movie for us to watch since, you know, 
it was a story of love between two sisters. heehee. 
As the credits flashed on the screen, our eyes sort of teared up a bit (weh, sort of lang daw HAHA) and then we started giving each other a tight hug that came with a squeal + an "I love you so much, sister!!!" drama effect . #sobrangkeso But yeah, Frozen is such a beautiful movie (aaand I'll give it plus points since it's not the typical prince-charming-saves-the-princess type of story).


Spontaneous, chill night outs are the best!!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward for more feel-good nights like these ones,
The Teenage Queen

(all photos were grabbed from kyra and bekai)

A Hosting Gig: EPIC FAIL (Filipino Altruism In Leadership)

In an attempt to give off a young and chill vibe to the usual smart casual attire, I wore tights under my skirt instead of the conventional silk stockings. :P

And yep, this was what I wore when I co-hosted a youth leadership summit by UP SANDIGAN last August 26, 2013.

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Wet Seal
Tights: Department Store
Sneakers: Mossimo

Mehehe. now uhm, please allow me to share you a short story:
When I was informed about the upcoming leadership summit and the 250 people coming from different colleges and universities in Manila, I must admit, I really felt pressured. You see, I haven't hosted events outside of my high school before. I mean, in certain times that I did emcee parties outside school (like baptisms, get-togethers, mini parties and the like), usually half of the audience was actually people I knew. This event was definitely bigger than the ones I used to host, obviously. But I still pushed through with this gig anyway, because I believed that it will be a great learning experience. It's always good to grab every opportunity you could! Never let chances be put into waste. :)

The night before the event, I wasn't able to help but feel all sorts of butterflies inside my stomach. I knew I was unprepared, but then again, I also knew that I could not just let this opportunity pass by .After watching about 7 Youtube videos on "How to Host Events" (lol), I finally mustered enough courage to send a personal message to Sarah Carlos. Sarah has always been one of the girls I look up to the most. She's incredibly pretty and smart, she's an accountancy student, a model, a singer, aaaand a radio jock! Talk about an overachiever! Lol so I told her about how nervous and clueless I was, and how much I needed tips from her. She, being the sweet girl that she totally is, replied and gave me tips. Some of which were these

1. Treat your audience as if they were just 1 person.

"250 people isn't really a lot. Once they're all there, you wouldn't even notice them. Just treat all of them as one person with split personalities. That's what what I always think of whenever I host something- it's like I'm talking to just one person with split personalities!

2. Speak with confidence. 

"Make sure you pronounce the words properly. If ever you get tongue tied, just move on. Pretend you didn't make a mistake.. but if it was THAT obvious, then just playfully say it again! Sometimes, I say things like "SORRY! I got too excited I forgot what I was gonna say! =))" 

3. Pray.

Because God is in control, and as long as you are doing it for Him, I'm sure you'll do great.

Sarah, thank you so much for everything! I kept all of these tips in my heart.
You are a very wonderful young woman. Keep on inspiring girls like me, Ms. Beauty, Brains and Heart. <3
Can I just say that I feel really blessed because God surrounded me with amazing people. Not only did He give me Sarah, my inspirational mentor, but He also let me meet Jethro, the awesomest co-host ever!
The moment I met him for the first time on the day of the event, we instantly just clicked.

 I told him that I wasn't that experienced and trained as he was, but he told me that everything will be all right, as long as we'd have each others' backs. :) True enough, he was an AMAZING co-host. We definitely had chemistry, and hosting with him really turned out to be more fun than I thought! I learned a lot from him that day. He taught me how to go about things, and he was also very encouraging. Jethro, if you're reading this, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart :) I am very blessed to have met you!

UP Sandigan
College of Pharmacy
EPIC FAIL (Filipino Altruism in Leadership)
8 am to 5pm

We were very honored to have learned from the talks of such amazing, esteemed speakers. Not a single person left the ballroom uninspired, I tell you. Check out Epic Fail's Twitter Account HERE to catch some inspirational lines said that day. 

He's Francis Kong. Need I say more? 
Jk. But seriously. Wow. <3 Mr. Kong, you the man!!

Pastor Ru was a very energetic and witty speaker! :)

Celina La Neindre
She is one of the Filipino participants of AXN's The Apprentice Asia. Woot talk about big time!! HAHAHA Her story was super inspiring, and she is just an amaaazing woman! Hay <3 Another name has been added to my list of girl crushes. lol.

"You set your own standards, and that way, you never disappoint yourself."- Le Neindre

Chantelle Batac
At the core of a great society are great leaders. At the heart of a great leader is someone who has found his unique VOICE." - Chantelle Batac

Click THIS to view  more of the official photos of the event.

Just some random photos from my camera:

A photo with Ate Marielle, the beautiful woman with a beautiful heart! Thank you so much for inviting us, ate! And most specially for believing in us. And congrats to you and your bibbo orgmates!! UP Sandigan definitely put up one AWESOME event! woohoo! 

With Ate Roselle of UP Sandigan who gave us Krispy Kreme doughnuts after the event. Super sweet <3 Thank you, ate!! :) I know super mababaw lang kaligayahan ko, but super nakakatouch lang talaga. :) 

Congratulations, UP Sandigan!!
All of your hardwork and sleepless nights had finally paid off! Y'all make such a great team.
The leadership summit was a huge success. The event went out smoothly and organized; everyone had a blast and the speakers were a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! We can't wait to attend more of your events! More power to you guys! 

One line I heard that day and  brought with me as I left the room was this:

As long as you inspire others, you are a leader. 

keep on burning with passion in your hearts,
The Teenage Queen

Rush Hour || Aubrey's black-and-white-themed debut!

Last Friday, right after school, I found myself rushing to the sardine can that is the LRT  
(I swear, the train system in the Philippines makes me sooo disappointed. They should really do something about this hayyy!). 
And after a couple of brisk walks, of tricycle rides and of waiting for empty cabs, I finally got my tired ass home. 

It was Aubrey, my highschool kabarkada's 18th birthday celebration that night, and I promised her that I wouldn't miss it for the world, even if it meant battling sweaty manongs 3x heavier than me and pushing away annoying people who blocked my way out of the train. HAHAHAHA. 

Anyhoo, upon arriving home, I managed to gift wrap and write a birthday letter in 30 minutes. Afterwards, I took a quick shower, dressed up and did my hair and make-up in 40 minutes, too.
 I got to arrive at the event at around 9pm. Hmm.. Not bad!! I give myself a pat on the back for this. Ehehehehe.

Outfit shots taken by Klyde Tiberio

Bodycon dress (used as top): Oxygen
Skater skirt: Wet Seal
Black heels: Zara
Silver bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Vintage bag: Rosette (a hand-me-down from my sister)

Since I was in such a rush, I tried to keep my outfit real simple. The skater skirt and the sling bag gave such a 90s feel to the outfit, methinks. 

The back details


Just some random snapshots of the intimate, black-and-white-themed debut!

Venue: Relish, Tomas Morato
(Two thumbs up for Relish! The venue was so cute and dainty, and the food was superb, too!)

The beautiful girl with a beautiful heart, Aubrey! :)

I was honored to be part of Aubrey's 18 Treasures :)
I gave her a gift that I'd like to call "The Little Box of Positive Vibes".
I filled it with little, cute stuff that reminded me of her and of her bubbliness.
(eg. colorful socks from Cotton On because she used to wear pink socks to school even though that wasn't allowed; a moleskin journal because she's just entered adulthood and it's gonna be one heck of a journey; glow-in-the-dark stars and planets because she's the biggest astronomy geek I know; lots of bookmarks because she LOVES books; etc.)

We had a mini reunion with our highschool friends, too!! :) <3

I squealed with delight when she gave away cupcakes to everyone! <3  Weeeee!!

That night was filled with happy times and of happy thoughts, all because we were celebrating the special night of the happy girl who makes us all smile from ear to ear :)

Happy birthday, Aubrey! Thanks for always being a bubble of sunshine and joy. You're one of the funniest, craziest people I know. Thanks for being chill with everything and for making everyone around you happy with your presence! We love you! 

The Teenage Queen

I'm tired of the rain and of being unproductive.

"The amount of rainfall is indirectly proportional to the amount of work accomplished, and directly proportional to the amount of food taken."
-a tweet I saw last Sunday, just before the typhoon started getting serious with its business

Well, it's Day 5 of confinement for most of us.  And I'm tired of leaks, of being unproductive, of suspended classes, and of the kind of weather that just won't let me bathe. 
Okay, I was kidding.

 But to be completely honest, 
I've grown sick of the rain.
 Seeing tragic news on TV breaks my heart. 
My prayers go to each and every one of my countrymen who got affected by the typhoon, especially to those who lost their homes and loved ones. 

I just hope the sun comes out and radiates on every one of us, as soon as possible.
 The Philippines definitely needs some warmth and some cheering up at a time like this.

Hot chocolate for breakfast

So far, today started out pretty sunny- if you exclude the few instances when the sky started to act all bipolar and berserk by violently pouring down rain for a good two minutes and then all of a sudden, by stopping and acting as if nothing had happened.

But yeah. Today's a good start. I could see the clear skies and I could hear the birds chirping once again.
Our pets outside seem happy, too. 

This should give us hope, right?
After all, the Filipinos are known to have such joyful hearts and hopeful spirits. 
Stay safe and dry, my friends. 

Now on to study for my exam this Saturday 
(because I am hopeful that classes will resume this week),

The Teenage Queen

Of soft denim and pink

August 19, 2013

I'd have to say that this has been the sixth time I have awoken from my bed. Lol, I blame this horrible rain for hindering me from being productive and making me eat thrice as much of my average daily intake.
 But hey, in all seriousness, I really do hope that everyone out there is safe! Let's all pray for good weather, okay?

Denim jumpsuit: thrifted

Sandals: Forever 21
Pink cardigan: Forever 21
Bag: Bagellia Filipinas
Sun glasses and other accessories: Cotton On

Anyhoo, these photos were taken last June on the very sunshine-y Day 3 of our trip to Singapore. Our agenda that day? To visit the Sky Park at the Marina Bay Sands.

Sky Park at Marina Bay Sands:

A replica of Marina Bay Sands welcomed us as we entered the place. The Sky Park, as you could see, is located on the very top of the world-class structure. Kudos to its architect/s & interior designer/s for its amazing design! 

Random pictures taken while at the Sky Park (viewing deck)

From high up the 56th floor, the Sky Park offered a very different view of the beautiful city. 

It was around noon when we went there, and the heat of the sun was almost unbearable!
 (I honestly think that the amazing experience would have been 5x better if we went there at night, with the city lights of Charming Singapore flashing around us, but hey, we had a great time nonetheless!)
But good thing there was a cozy lounge located at the center of the deck where we could order ourselves some refreshments! :) The place had wifi and good music, too! lol.

To have an amazing top view of the beautiful city of Singapore, make sure to visit the Sky Park! :)
Big congratulations to the city for their amazing tourism! :)


Huhu. Now back to reality.
Just remembering how happy and full of sunshine and warmth that day was makes me miss Mr. Sun even more. And guess what? Classes tomorrow are suspended yet again, which screams out "5-week Vacation" to all of us students in Manila. I have mixed feelings about this, actually. I mean, I'm for extended vacation and rest but....I really miss school, my friends, and my polluted-and-over-populated-but-beautiful-and-charming-nonetheless Manila. I also miss waking up to the heat of the sun's rays that hit against my room's window and hearing the birds chirp above the lit up sky. I miss my happy, sunny country.


Let's just pray that this typhoon leaves already, and that everyone won't be anything but safe, dry and happy!
Remember the old saying, nothing can ever dampen the Filipino spirit, so never stop hoping, my fellow Pinoys! 

Keeping faith,

The Teenage Queen

A Virtual Tour Around Universal Studios Sentosa

Guess what? This post took me two months to publish- yes, I am that lazy.
 But hey, better late than never, right? :P
Anyhoo, I went to Singapore for the first time last June. My family and I stayed there for  three days, but I guess I can't emphasize much further that my favorite part of the trip was when we stayed at Universal Studios for a good 12+ hours on Day 2.

And because that day was definitely for the books, I'm posting this photo blog for safe keeps.

Now enough of the chitchat. On to the virtual tour!

Here are some shots of  our cliche-tourists-photo-op-in-front-of-the-globe-before-getting-in-the-theme-park. lol.

I wanted to take photos with the helium-filled stars, but Mr. Balloon Guy didn't let me :<

Hershey everywhere. 
[a step closer to world domination jk]

First stop: Far Far Away

I wasn't able to help but act like a child running around with her backpack on once we got in. I don't know, I guess it's the distinct smell of amusement park snacks? or the theme park music? or the giant castle right in front of us? Or the mascots walking around? Or the fact that everything I saw in every corner I went to reminded me so much of my..... innocent childhood (yehesss) ???  =))))

Shrek's Swamp! 

Pinocchio! :)

With fairy godmother! :)

Awesome novelty shops!!

Warning: there are wet rides here
Tip: If I were you, go on the wet ride at the end of the day so you won't have to hassle yourself dry afterwards. =)) That's what we did :P

Cool raptor!!

It got pretty darn hot and humid at around noon (and I'm not even overreacting),  but good thing they were selling these cute misting fans around the park!
I had mine in neon pink. :)

The flying canopy! 



I grew up watching Sesame Street, so you can just imagine how much giddy-er I became once I saw this street sign!! :) *sigh* I feel bad for the kids nowadays. They're definitely missing out on a whole lot of educational-tv-show-fun!!

My favourite ride in the theme park was actually this one! Lol im such a child at heart! :)

Aaaaand we were able to catch the street show!! yay!

And yes guys, I sang a long with them...... =)) *fun childhood is fun*

He's so fluffy !!!!!! >:D<


Oh , wow! You guys just have to try the Revenge of the Mummy- the main attraction in this area! It's a super high speed roller coaster and ASDGFSADASFAAAF grabe lang, the adrenaline rush !! 

The two men on stilts deserve an award for being sooooo in-character :P
And I think they're Filipino! :O

Refreshment time!! :)


Awesome high-speed roller coaster!! :D

Aw yeah!

The restaurant inside sci-fi city :)

And lastly, HOLLYWOOD

Okay, so I didn't get to upload everything because . hello. I'm lazy. =))
But I hope I was able to give you even a short glimpse of Universal Studios Sentosa :)
It's a really fun place! Kudos to Singapore for having great tourism! :)

Hoping that she'd be able to muster enough energy (lol whut) to write about Day 3,

The Teenage Queen

My Sister's Engish Tea Party- Inspired Wedding

                            Last July 27, we attended my sister's very beautiful and intimate wedding.

We are all sooooo happy for her, because (omg!!) she finally gets to live happily ever after with her college sweetheart and boyfriend of more than 10 years. ahihihi.
 Hearts. Butterflies. Cheese. Meh.
 English tea party

Anyway, now on to the wedding. It was held at the Glass Garden, a very dainty place :)

It sucks that I wasn't able to take photos of the wedding itself because, being the best bridesmaid in the world (lol jk who are we kidding, i think i wasnt much help to my sister nga while she was busy with the wedding preparations and all  huhu), I didn't have the camera with me all throughout the day.
But I hope you all get to bear with these few photos that I was able to take/steal. Mehehe. I'm still waiting for the official photos to be released, so we don't have to just settle with these few shots. lol.

Anyhoo, I particularly loved how, knowing my very OC teacher of a sister, every detail of the event- down to the table decorations and flower arrangements- went along with the theme, "English garden tea party".

The flower arrangements

Mah girly, pastel nails by Chic Nails salon :)

Took a quick OOTD shots with my cousin, Tim Cruz, while waiting for the ceremony to start :) 
thanks for the shots, Tim!

Outfit details: 
Flower crown: Charlotte Russe (but real flowers were also attached to it)
Pink pastel  tulle dress: designed by Kitty Caragay
Pearl white vintage purse: borrowed from mom

My sister-in-law, Monique, and my sister's best friend, Kitty Caragay 
(shout out to ate Kitty for doing a GREAT job designing the bride's and the entourage's dresses! :D)

More random photos courtesy of Facebook tags haha:

At the hotel room!

entourage march 

With Christel, my favourite cousin :)


Oo, dapat talaga may selfie. =))

With my mom and other sister lol

LOL. Funny story. 
Our cousin Tim got cut off   in. every. freakin. frame.
LOL. Sorry about that, tim =))

But here's another take to make it up to you! lol.
I looove the Vogue shot HAHA.

And yes. 
The cake they served was very goooooood.

A big congratulations to Dr. Paolo Granada and Mrs. Hannah Granada! :) 
It was a GRAN wedding indeed! ;)

We are all soooo happy for you both! 

the Teenage Queen

Featured! Vikings Luxury Buffet: A Feast From the Sea

Y'all know how serious I can get when it comes to my food. 
I mean, c'mon! Eating is like, one of my best talents---and apparently, gaining weight, too. hihihihi. 

Anyway, I just want to share you one new buffet place I discovered just last February. It's called Vikings, and it's located near Mall of Asia. The best part? It's eat-all-you-can AND drink-all-you-can! Haha!

Vikings, which is open for 7 days a week, offers a lot of variety, from Japanese cuisine, to Chinese, to Western, to Filipino, to Italian, and to Korean as well. Its spacious venue has a capacity of 600 guests.  
They charge P688 for lunch on weekdays and P888 for dinner on both weekdays and  weekends. However, kids below three feet eat for free, and senior citizens 75 years old and above get a fifty percent discount! 

My photos don't do any justice at all, I'm sorry. HAHAHAHA!
 I wasn't able to take photos of every corner of the place just because  IT. IS. JUST. SUPER. DARN. HUGE--- and plus, I was too busy stuffing myself fat. Hihihi. Sooooo, I hope you could bear with these ones: 



The super star of the night: 
Yup, I'm a girl who takes her meat a whole lot seriously.


I just found this too cute, okay. HAHA!

Do you see what I see?
Yep. SEAFOOD. <3

My favorite <3

IDK what caught my attention first.

Deep-fried, anyone?

And for my favorite course of every meal:


This is heaven, I am not even kidding.

I will always be a sucker for putobumbong. <3

Taho! :)

Fun fun fun!

Oh darn. I did not just see that plate of red velvet cake............................... 
oh gahd i am craving for some right now =)))

Drink-all-you-can includes unlimited soda, beer, coffee, and fruit shakes!! woot woot! 

There's also a shabu-shabu pot on every table :D

We are happy customers with even happier bellies! woot woot!

Vikings is undoubtedly THE best buffet place in Manila!
They have great service and they serve such superb food! 
 I want to go back there again some time so I can take better photos and write a better review. Lol. Forgive me for this super lazy post. 
I'm just lazy as lazy cold possibly be, as of the moment. Oh, and school starts tomorrow, so... yippeee. :|

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post

Check their website HERE

Building B, By The Bay, Seaside Blvd. SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Manila. 

The Teenage Queen