#InstaHershey: 2AM, Still Alive And Hanging On to Dear Life

It's official-- I am a zombie.

My life these past few weeks has been nothing but a never-ending cycle of acads > part-time work > soro work > Dramatista work > errands >online shop business > and more acads >

It's so sad that I don't even have time to blog anymore. Huhu. But the funny thing is, my 8AM professor just informed us tonight that she will cancel class tomorrow--err, later-- so that we could attend this 10-AM film showing at school.

That means, more sleep for me!!!!!! wooohooo----

but not really.

It's 2AM and I just thought of squeezing in this super duper quick post just to let y'all know what's been up the past weeks.

*photos are in random order because im lazy

1. I had an awful cough 2 weeks ago and I literally couldn't smell a thing. We were in Resorts World that night and there was a toilet leakage at the mall and everyone was complaining how it literally smelled like shit there, and I was like "wait....what? what's going on?" *sniffs around*

Here's a photo of our fam bam tea party that Sunday night lol

Oh, right. And I forgot to mention I regularly wear glasses now. Haha. 

2. On a melancholic note, we also mourned for the death of our country's heroes. Here is a tribute to the #Fallen44. We salute you, our heroes.


3. Random tambay days with the sisses and brods 

Photo from Norman King

Speaking of sis, the tall girl at my right is Maolin Yalung, #Binibini09 of this year's Bb. Pilipinas 2015 pageant (Ms. Philippines pageant). We're really, really proud of her!!! Please like her page on


, guys!

 #MaolinForTheWin !!!

4. Finally got to organize my stuff and look!!!!! my sorority pendant is so cute hihi

5. Because Guylian is my favorite. Seashell chocolates rock.

6. Shooting day for Dramalaya 2015. I met my friend Aky's cat Matrix. I wanted to pet her and all, but she hates me. So, so much.

I crei.

7. Our prof in Orcom 143 required us to start businesses of our own. Here's me supporting my friends' desserts business, The Cookie Company. They have the best smores chocolate chip cookie, im not even kidding.

And in case you're asking, our group is selling hipster totebags. Follow us on IG @tote.catalog or like us on FB, Tote Catalog . 

8. I hate morning, really. #8AMClassesAreNotCool

9. UP Manila Dramatista brings you Dramalaya!! <3 Catch us on these dates, guys! And watch the movie I'm in, Three Words. HAHAHHA! I play the role of the cliche supportive best friend in every movie. 

Tickets are sold for 100 bucks (for all 3 movies na to! sulit diba).

Speaking of Dramatista, I also had my first stage play in years. Thank you for the opportunity, Ds <3

UP College of Medicine 

Mediscene 2015

PGH-Science Hall

"Ang Mahiwagang Kahon" directed by Ji Young Lee

10. Valentine's day

Thanks for the chocolates, dad!

V-day date with Ken at Gateway and we stumbled upon Maolin Yalung #Binibini09 HAHAHA <3

11. Also shoutout to Simone's Closet and Wrecker's PH of IG for sending me these cuties!!!

Handmade with love accessories - Simone's Closet

Pacsun bikini- WreckersPH

Also I just want to thank God for giving me a part-time job. I pray that He gives me strength to give my 100% in accomplishing my tasks. Through Him, nothing is impossible, really :)

OK guys as much as i want to stay a bit longer

im so sorry i cant stay awake

this post is so tamad and poorly written and bleh blhe badsfgresd im sleepy ok


good night

i hav school tmrw lelz i mean later

love u all, hope everythings fine w everyone


the teenage queen ZZZzzzZ i sleep now ok bye~

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Featured! MY NEWEST SPONSOR: Arteh (Art to Wear)

Hi, ladies! I apologize for not being able to blog for a week now. It's just that, stress has gotten the best of me. But I'm trying my best to cope up, okay?:) I promise, I am so going to fix my sched so I can have enough time to write again.

Heehee.  I must admit though, I found it really sweet when people started tweeting / sending me messages <asking whether I was still alive or not, lol, jk> .
Anyhoo, I just got home from packing relief goods for the flood victims. I am going to blog about the relief distribution project real soon, but for now, let me introduce to y'all my NEWEST SPONSOR, ARTEH!

Arteh is an online shop owned by UP student Marie Altiche.
What I love about this shop is that they sell handmade accessories for VERY AFFORDABLE PRICES! As in, the stuff they sell are waaaaay cheaper compared to other stores, but they're just as pretty. :)

I was really touched when they emailed me for sponsorship :) Oh gosh, it such a huge honor to be sharing this lovely shop to you girls!! I

Here, let me share you the items that Arteh sent me. Do you have any bets?

I love this neon braided necklace! <3 Definitely my favorite out of the bunch!

Crochet earrings are soooo in. <3


More florescent colors <3

Candy skulls!! 

BAM! Check out how intense the colors are! I loooove neons, I swear.

Trying out the necklace for the first time. Haha forgive me for my sabog-ness. 

Check out the shop, maybe? :)

Contact 0927 346 2552

Thank you so much for the beautiful gifts, Arteh! More power to you and your lovely shop! <3

The Teenage Queen

Compilation of the best THOR , LOKI and HAWKEYE memes I've seen.

July 3 marked the night when Thor jokes was all over Facebook. It was raining really hard that night (that our classes even got suspended), and people joked about the situation saying "Ginagalit niyo si Thor."
After a day,  Loki and Hawkeye memes were all over Facebook, too.

These jokes were (and are still) such a hit to us Filipinos, that they even got to be aired on our local news! LOL!

Here are some of the memes I find the funniest. I just got these from Facebook shares and Google Images. If ever you own one of these photos, feel free to contact me so that I could give proper credits. :)

Filipino jokes are the best, don't you agree? :)


Get 10 percent off your next purchase at Bagellia Filipinas!

Bagellia Filipinas will be joining the last ever bazaar at the Big Tent Don Antonio branch! Yep, you heard it right. After this event, the Big Tent will officially move out. :( 

I know that everyone in the Don Antonio area is sad right now. But because Bagellia Filipinas wants to cheer y'all up, they're giving away 10% discounts to anyone who would go straight to their booth and say my blog url.

Yep. You just go to their booth,  say "www.thediaryofateenagequeen.blogspot.com", and avail of a 10% off discount on the bag you want to purchase!

Promo ends on July 1, 2012, and could only be availed at the Big Tent Bazaar.

Catch me there tomorrow from 10am til late in the afternoon. :)

The Teenage Queen

Quick post: Nails from Posh and Glam + A Package from HighFive Brands

So earlier today, my sisters and I went to Posh and Glam to have ourselves pampered!

It's like I painted my nails with highlighter--- and that's a good thing! Haha, I love the bright color!
Purple Crush by Orly

I also got a package today from HIGHFIVE BRANDS. I love this shop so much! Thank you for the love, miss Tina!

Boy, I can't wait to wear this on Saturday. :) So guys, stay tuned for my outfit post, okay?

The Teenage Queen

178th sheep and counting.

I just want to share to y'all what I received as a "pasalubong" tonight.
Thank you to my relatives from Guam! Boy, I can't wait to use them!!
New make-up never fails to make me all giddy inside.

Oh, and it's actually 1:14 am as of the moment, and I've to wake up by 5.
Boo college orientations!! JK, but really. It sucks that summer just had to be over just LIKE THAT.
I was having the best 2 months of my life! Oh well, gotta move on. That's just how life is.

Now, I should shut the laptop down already and get some sleep........

but I just can't.

Darn this body clock. Ugh.

Oh well. I'm down to my 178th sheep already.
 Must. count. more. sheep.

See you in dreamland!! xx

The Teenage Queen

Quick Outfit Post: Little Miss School Girl

Trying on a pair of heart-shaped glasses at Eastwood's PB&J

top: forever 21/shorts:forever 21/shoes:bazaar/bag:BAGELLIA FILIPINAS/necklace: Accessoire

Just a quick outfit post before I sleep.

I was really tired and sleepy earlier afternoon, so I decided to wear something laid back and comfy.
My necklace is an outfit-saver. Imagine how plain (ala "pambahay", lol) my outfit would have looked like if it weren't for my statement piece. 
Good thing Accessoire sent it to me as a gift today. Talk about perfect timing!

Oh, and don't you just love my sparkly, glittering purple bucket bag? How cute and girly!!
I got it from my sponsor, Bagellia Filipinas. 

  • Lesson learned: Bags and accessories could add up spice to any "lazy outfit". 

The Teenage Queen

Quick Post: What a way to end my last Friday of summer!

Today was a really tiring yet fulfilling day. Yep, way to spend my last Friday of summer!

  • 11 am - went to UP Diliman with my sister to shoot a video for *something* (you'll know soon! It's a surprise, hehe)
  • We are late lunch at Techno Hub with my sister and her boyfie.
  • Got home around 3pm. When I got to the kitchen, I saw a package on the long table. I got all giddy when I opened it and saw these lovelies! Thanks so much to my beautiful sponsor, Miss Patrizia of ACCESSOIRE, for all these dainty stuff! I can't wait to use them all! x Go like Accessoire on Facebook!  It's http://www.facebook.com/MyAccessoire . I swear, their accessories are all really fashionable yet very affordable! :)
  • Only got to rest for about 30 minutes. *huhu* 
  • Changed my outfit, and then went immediately to St. Lukes (where my parents' clinic is). After that,  we headed to Eastwood where mom and I had our haircut *cant wait to blog about my experience at Azta Salon! :D *
Oh and yeah, my back-to-school giveaway ends in about 2 hours, so make sure you've joined already!!
If you haven't yet,click THIS .

So I guess my quick post ends here. 

The Teenage Queen

The Magic of Colored Socks

Top: bazaar, shorts: Forever 21, socks: Forever 21, Boots: Zara, bag: Impulse Co, accessories: bazaar

Hi, everyone!
Here's a quick post before I head into the station booth of 99.5 fm. Make sure to tune in at around 7pm, okay? DJ Logan, Kim Castillo, co-owner of Bagellia Filipinas, EJ Alonso of Click productions and I are going to promote the Bagellia x Aid For Joyce Fashion show this May 30 (read THIS )

Anyway, this was the outfit that I wore yesterday as I helped my sister, Hiyasmin Neri, style some models. I can't spill the beans just yet, so make sure to stay tuned, okay?? It's for a campaign for a big company. Heehee. <3 I enjoyed meeting new people and getting exposed to those kind of stuff. 

Okay, now on to my outfit. Haha sorry for babbling a lot. Imagine how plain my get up would be if I didn't wear socks! Just look at how they made the outfit look interesting, and how it added a pop of color!

I swear, I have this new thing for colored socks. I actually bought this pair from Forever 21. FYI, they're actually knee high socks, but I just folded them down :)

And guess how much I got these babies? 125 pesos! What a steal!! x

Can't wait to buy more socks! Haha, I'm such a geek.

The Teenage Queen


Hi, girls! 

I can't wait to tell you all what I've been doing the past few weeks, but I just cant spill the beans just yet!
Im just really happy that my first week of summer turned out to be extra productive (that's a good sign, right?!)

I just want to thank God for helping me take baby steps in fulfilling my dreams.
2012 is definitely my year!
Lord, thank you for your abundant support and overflowing blessings!!

So here are three clues on three different projects I'm doing:  
a sponsor
a Dream Team
a campaign
ACKH i can't wait to tell you guys all bout it!

As of now, im busy doing some errands and stuff for a campaign Im helping out with.

Will def be blogging soon, okay?

Love you all! And thanks for your continuous support!

The Teenage queen