Clean & Clear: Certified #madeforteens !! (GIVEAWAY ALERT)

I got the loveliest surprise when Clean and Clear sent me this super cute package!! 

I got really giddy when I received the newest line of Clean and Clear products. These babies come in uber cute colors and they're specially #madeforteens like you and me!

Here are 5 teen-tastic reasons why Clean and Clear is certified #madeforteens:

1. #TeenSkinFriendly

When Filipino teens start to get pimples, they start using the same facial wash that their moms, titas, or ates use. But did you know that they facial wash may be dry and irritating for young skin?? That's because they're formulated for older skin so they may actually do more harm than good. Clean & Clear understands that teen skin needs a different kind of caring, which is why it is #teenskinfriendly !

It uses a unique gel formula that effectively fights teen skin problems such as pimples, blackheads, and oil without drying your skin-- even if you use it every day! These gel cleansers are also oil-free-- perfect for our warm and humid weather! ;)

2. #SoftNSmooth

Clean & Clear's Foaming Facial Wash has unique anti-bacterial ingredients that effectively fight your skincare scares (pimple, oil, and blackheads) while keeping your face #softnsmooth.

3 and 4. #Skinergizing and #SkinSoBright Variants

Don't just wash away the oil and dirt that causes pimples and blackheads, add fun to your daily face washing routine with Clean & Clear's new fruity gel cleansers, too!

Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials in Energizing Berry with bursting beads give your tired skin a much-needed boost with its sweet scent and quirky #skinergizing beads. Have a delightful time also as you try the Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials in Brightening Lemon with bursting beads! It pops to reveal a lemony scent and beads that make your #skinsobright and improve your overall skin tone.

#5. MadeforTeens

Because it's made for you, you can easily find Clean & Clear in top supermarkets and drugstores near you. Plus, it's affordable and definitely won't hurt your allowance!!! :)

Like for more info! 

Cute polaroid cut-outs! <3

(L-R): Foaming Facial Wash for #softandsmooth, Brightening Lemon for #skinsobright, and Energizing Berry  #skinergize

I've tried the Brightening Lemon facial wash myself and I LOVED IT! It was really refreshing. I'm happy I finally found the perfect facial wash for me. 

And because I love you girls so much, guess what? I'm giving away bottles of Clean & Clear for you to try out yourself! 

The winner of this giveaway gets a Clean & Clear gift pack and a SPECIAL GIFT from me <3

How to join?
1. Tweet about my giveaway:
"OMG! @theteenagequeen is giving away #cleanandclear prodcuts that are certified #madeforteens <3 "

2. Comment below your name, twitter username, and email address. 

Contest ends on May 30, 2014 at 11:59 PM. Winner will be picked via randomizer and will be announced on June 1. :)

Good luck, girls!

The Teenage Queen

Sticking to mah Stelly Bows til away the hell week goes!

One thing about myself , that I unfortunately just realized yesterday , is that I have a very bad habit of cramming.
Reflecting on my actions right now, it's no wonder why I haven't been acing my subjects. 
And I realized that now that I'm in college, I shouldn't be practicing the same habits I've had back in high school.
College, unlike high school, is a jungle, where everyday is a fight for survival.
 Slacking off and saying "maybe next time" won't get you anywhere.

So here I am, promising myself that I would work harder and fight a better fight. I guess it's really sad that I just realized these things now that the semester is almost over. But anyway, I still promise to end October with a BANG. Second sem, I'm going to conquer you, so watch out.


To help put me in a studying mood, I posted these on my window to give me some motivation. 
By the end of the school year, I hope to fill the whole window with sticky notes of my favorite bible verses and inspirational quotes.

I find it sort of annoying that THIS is what I see first thing in the morning.
Yup, I'm referring to my school campus, UP Manila.
It's as if it's screaming "Good morning! Now get your ass over here!" right at me every time I stare out the window and daydream .

And if those just don't motivate me enough, I'll just stare at this photo I found on 9gag. Yup.

       Oh, and the thing about me when I study is that I can't concentrate when
       1. I don't have music to listen to
       2. I don't have snacks to nibble on
      and 3. my hair is all over the place.

 Good thing THE BEAD DIARY, my super generous sponsor, sent me some Stelly Bows to keep my hair away from my face. I swear, they are very convenient to have in hand. I love how they're already cute on their own. I use these headbands whenever I'm too lazy to dress up , and when I just want to go out and look simple. I mean, I can just imagine myself rocking a messy bun with these bows. Watch out for an outfit post with me wearing these cuties next time (cause, I cant now....Im drowning in a pool of stuff to do! haha)!

                                                             Stelly bows!

                                                                      Owl clip

Forgive my stressed + worn out face. This was taken during my break time from studying. 

Sucks that I have to end my post right here, guys. I've to finish reading my History book by 2pm, because I have an event to attend to on 6.

Anyway, please do pray for me for my upcoming final exams! thank you! :)

Featured! MY NEWEST SPONSOR: Arteh (Art to Wear)

Hi, ladies! I apologize for not being able to blog for a week now. It's just that, stress has gotten the best of me. But I'm trying my best to cope up, okay?:) I promise, I am so going to fix my sched so I can have enough time to write again.

Heehee.  I must admit though, I found it really sweet when people started tweeting / sending me messages <asking whether I was still alive or not, lol, jk> .
Anyhoo, I just got home from packing relief goods for the flood victims. I am going to blog about the relief distribution project real soon, but for now, let me introduce to y'all my NEWEST SPONSOR, ARTEH!

Arteh is an online shop owned by UP student Marie Altiche.
What I love about this shop is that they sell handmade accessories for VERY AFFORDABLE PRICES! As in, the stuff they sell are waaaaay cheaper compared to other stores, but they're just as pretty. :)

I was really touched when they emailed me for sponsorship :) Oh gosh, it such a huge honor to be sharing this lovely shop to you girls!! I

Here, let me share you the items that Arteh sent me. Do you have any bets?

I love this neon braided necklace! <3 Definitely my favorite out of the bunch!

Crochet earrings are soooo in. <3


More florescent colors <3

Candy skulls!! 

BAM! Check out how intense the colors are! I loooove neons, I swear.

Trying out the necklace for the first time. Haha forgive me for my sabog-ness. 

Check out the shop, maybe? :)
Contact 0927 346 2552

Thank you so much for the beautiful gifts, Arteh! More power to you and your lovely shop! <3

The Teenage Queen

My Newest Sponsor: THE BEAD DIARY

"Every once in a while, I feel like making beads. This is my bead diary."

THE BEAD DIARY is a cute and dainty shop that sells unique handmade accessories.
It is run by Miss Francesca Monroy, who makes sure to give every piece all the love and care before having them "adopted".


The great thing about buying from this shop is that you're sure that you won't be seeing another person wear the same item you have, because stocks are limited :) Plus, you're sure to be getting quality products over here, because, as I said before, everything is handmade with love.

Let me share you some of my picks from this very cute and dainty shop! :)

Oh my goodness. This bow is perfect! <3 It will give even the laziest outfit THE extra girly oomph, don't you agree?


Cute bookmarks for fashionista bookworms out there! :)

Cute owl rings for adoption! 
Every owl has her own name and character :) Choose who you want to take home with you!
"Hello there my name is Chloe. When I grown up I want to be a scientist!" :)

"Hello my name is Sky! My skin looks blue but its really purple."


You can even have your own piece customized! Here are some of The Bead Diary's MTOs:

I really fell in love with this shop the first time I saw their lovely items---and that is why I squealed with so much excitement when I found out that The Bead Diary wanted to sponsor my blog, The DIARY of a Teenage Queen! Haha!  I sooo can't wait to share to you the items I'm going to receive. :) I bet you're going to love The Bead Diary the same way I'm in love with it!

Thank you so much, Miss Francesca! This is such a huge honor. More power to you and your amazing shop!


The Teenage Queen

Quaint and Dainty

I was so excited to wear the pair of shorts my lovely sponsor, HighFive Brands, sent me (SEE THIS). Good thing Sunday came along, and I was able to "dress up" for some fun family bonding! 

I decided to wear something vintage-inspired that day, so I paired my polka dots shorts with my lacey mint green top from Gin Fasyon . To top it all off, I used my vintage 1980s Liz Claiborne bag that Mom handed down to me two summers ago. It was actually meant to be a sling bag, but the strap sort of....detached by itself (haha, because it's too old, I guess).. so I used it as a big purse instead. 

Top: Gin's Fasyon / Shorts: HighFive Brands/ Shoes: Asianvogue Shop/ Bag: Liz Claiborne

bracelets from XOXO and Nepal / ring from Accessoire 

What do you guys think of my outfit? :) I think the shorts made the whole outfit just stand out! Super thanks to HighFive Brands for sending it to me! Go check out their page on Facebook, guys. They sell the cutest clothes at very affordable prices, I SWEAR! 

The Teenage Queen

* Super thanks to Rone for giving me the top! Hehe
* Special thanks to Yaya Susan for taking my shots and being so patient with me!

Get 10 percent off your next purchase at Bagellia Filipinas!

Bagellia Filipinas will be joining the last ever bazaar at the Big Tent Don Antonio branch! Yep, you heard it right. After this event, the Big Tent will officially move out. :( 

I know that everyone in the Don Antonio area is sad right now. But because Bagellia Filipinas wants to cheer y'all up, they're giving away 10% discounts to anyone who would go straight to their booth and say my blog url.

Yep. You just go to their booth,  say "", and avail of a 10% off discount on the bag you want to purchase!

Promo ends on July 1, 2012, and could only be availed at the Big Tent Bazaar.

Catch me there tomorrow from 10am til late in the afternoon. :)

The Teenage Queen

Quick post: Nails from Posh and Glam + A Package from HighFive Brands

So earlier today, my sisters and I went to Posh and Glam to have ourselves pampered!

It's like I painted my nails with highlighter--- and that's a good thing! Haha, I love the bright color!
Purple Crush by Orly

I also got a package today from HIGHFIVE BRANDS. I love this shop so much! Thank you for the love, miss Tina!

Boy, I can't wait to wear this on Saturday. :) So guys, stay tuned for my outfit post, okay?

The Teenage Queen

Meet my blog sponsor, Accessoire!

I literally squealed with delight when Accessoire messaged me last night regarding sponsorship.

Thank you,  Accessoire ! I am very much honored to share your lovely shop to my readers.

To all chicks out there, go check out this shop! It offers fashionable pieces for very affordable prices!

Here, let me share to you some of the stuff I fancy.

* Statement necklaces are so "in" today. These could spice up and add life to any boring outfit in a zap, I swear. :)


I bet you're DROOLING over them right now, huh?
The best thing about them is that they are very affordable. Price range is only from Php190 to Php220! WHAT A STEAL!

If you want to buy a statement necklace of your own, go visit 
Accessoire on Facebook! 

Check out my newest sponsor, HighFive Brands ! :)

The first time I saw this shop was when I visited a bazaar last summer.  And I must tell you the truth: I went inside their booth because a lot of girls were in it, fitting and buying clothes. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so I went inside, too. And all I'm gonna say is that I totally fell in love (yes, love) with the stuff they were selling, like mullet skirts, cute shorts, dainty dresses and colorful tops! And what surprised me the most was that the price range of their stuff is very REASONABLE and AFFORDABLE.

I was really honored when I heard that HighFive Brands wanted to sponsor my blog. Thank you so much! I will forever be a fan of your shop.

HighFive Brands offers fashionable, comfortable AND affordable clothing to both women and men!

Here are my top three bets for their newest collection! 

What's yours? 

Go see their collection HERE. I'm sure you'll drool over their stuff, too!

 * I super like this sheer aztec top. It looks classy and imagine how great it will look if you paired it up with statement necklaces!

* Cute jumpsuits! How effortlessly cute!

* This outfit is sooo " Baby Doll ala Tricia Gosingtian", don't you think so?:)

June 6, 2012