But loving you was red.

On our last meeting for Math 11 for the first semester, we , as a block, agreed to wear the color red. 
The funny thing was that I didn't have anything red in my closet! You see, red had never been my choice of color. I've always thought that it didn't suit morenas like me. 
But because I keep promises and because I love my blockmates, I went on a hunt for red shirts inside the house. Good thing I found this one in my sister's closet. :)

*Special thanks to my forever supportive friends, Micah and Marc,  for taking my outfit shots!

Sweater: Bayo/ floral shorts: bazaar/ cross necklace: Forever 21/ safety pin necklace: bazaar
rings: StyleHub Shop/ flats: Mario D Boro

Oh, and by the way, it's my blog's first birthday today!! And I thought of posting this today because I know that red is a very happy color. So, yay red! 

Thank you so much for supporting my blog, friends. :) >:D< 
The Teenage Queen