Rush Hour || Aubrey's black-and-white-themed debut!

Last Friday, right after school, I found myself rushing to the sardine can that is the LRT  
(I swear, the train system in the Philippines makes me sooo disappointed. They should really do something about this hayyy!). 
And after a couple of brisk walks, of tricycle rides and of waiting for empty cabs, I finally got my tired ass home. 

It was Aubrey, my highschool kabarkada's 18th birthday celebration that night, and I promised her that I wouldn't miss it for the world, even if it meant battling sweaty manongs 3x heavier than me and pushing away annoying people who blocked my way out of the train. HAHAHAHA. 

Anyhoo, upon arriving home, I managed to gift wrap and write a birthday letter in 30 minutes. Afterwards, I took a quick shower, dressed up and did my hair and make-up in 40 minutes, too.
 I got to arrive at the event at around 9pm. Hmm.. Not bad!! I give myself a pat on the back for this. Ehehehehe.

Outfit shots taken by Klyde Tiberio

Bodycon dress (used as top): Oxygen
Skater skirt: Wet Seal
Black heels: Zara
Silver bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Vintage bag: Rosette (a hand-me-down from my sister)

Since I was in such a rush, I tried to keep my outfit real simple. The skater skirt and the sling bag gave such a 90s feel to the outfit, methinks. 

The back details


Just some random snapshots of the intimate, black-and-white-themed debut!

Venue: Relish, Tomas Morato
(Two thumbs up for Relish! The venue was so cute and dainty, and the food was superb, too!)

The beautiful girl with a beautiful heart, Aubrey! :)

I was honored to be part of Aubrey's 18 Treasures :)
I gave her a gift that I'd like to call "The Little Box of Positive Vibes".
I filled it with little, cute stuff that reminded me of her and of her bubbliness.
(eg. colorful socks from Cotton On because she used to wear pink socks to school even though that wasn't allowed; a moleskin journal because she's just entered adulthood and it's gonna be one heck of a journey; glow-in-the-dark stars and planets because she's the biggest astronomy geek I know; lots of bookmarks because she LOVES books; etc.)

We had a mini reunion with our highschool friends, too!! :) <3

I squealed with delight when she gave away cupcakes to everyone! <3  Weeeee!!

That night was filled with happy times and of happy thoughts, all because we were celebrating the special night of the happy girl who makes us all smile from ear to ear :)

Happy birthday, Aubrey! Thanks for always being a bubble of sunshine and joy. You're one of the funniest, craziest people I know. Thanks for being chill with everything and for making everyone around you happy with your presence! We love you! 

The Teenage Queen